I am looking in to a ps3/pc Fightstick for around 50-120$ (more near 120)

Hello FGC!

I just started playing SSF4:AE (PC) about a month and a half ago (freaking awesome game) and have watched many tutorials. Almost everyone had a fighststick. I felt content with my Dualshock 3 until learned about option selects. Option select Mp+grab is virtually impossible on a DS3. Plinking is difficult also. I am super interested in a fightstick.

Are any of these good sticks?


Is there any kind of stick that is better (brand, octagonal gate or square gate)?

Is there any way to be notified about Madcatz and Hori sales?

Thanks in advance.

Any usb ps3 fightstick should work smoothly on PC with the 3rd party software I use.

Well, the Soul Calibur one is almost exactly the same as their Tournament Edition sticks, on the inside, and those seem to be the most recommended beginner sticks. So there’s that.

Also, there’s a sticky in Tech Talk about which sticks are good and it’s mostly up to date.

markman on this board is working for madcatz and posts sales

the ps3 versions generally work better on the PC
the SCV stick is a TE stick with a noir layout (bit different button layout, the 7th and 8th button are bit more “down-ish” than the standard viewlix), so keep that in mind. otherwise its great bang for your buck. it’s also easy to mod if you want to.
WWE stars brawl stick a mod project that you “need” to swap out everything AFAIK

out of the box, the SCV would be best i think. idk about the V3 stick, don’t think it’s full sanwa

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The SCV stick looks really good but I am not a big soul calibur fan… Is is easy to take of the sticker or whatever it is, or is it permanent without taking apart the stick?

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I’m sure whatever stick I’ll get I will get used to easily. Do you have experience with ps3 sticks on Pc? Do you use the motion joy software?

it looks like crap, i know, lol. i got mine a week ago or so and its awesome.

Art does art (hehe) and plexi covers that easily replaces the old one.


No worries man. I just want a good, working stick. Are the buttons good? Is it a square gate or an octagonal gate?

the SCV stick is a full sanwa (JLF joystick), dont know name uf bottons but they are standard sanwa who are considered the best (japanese parts) along with seimitsu.

it’s a square gate but it’s easy to buy an octagonal gate from one of the bigger stores, i think focusattack got them, not sure about others. they are also cheap, so not really a big deal

All the Madcatz sticks that are TEs use Sanwa parts so you are good there. They all come with Square gates too

Don’t the Japanese arcades use square gates?


Sanwa JLFs which is what are in MOST jap cabs, come with Square gates. They make circle and octo but you have to put them in yourself.

both paradisearcadeshop.com and focusattack.com got something about 8gates. im way too tired and just about to sleep, but i do know that you can buy them seperately for like $10? from some of the bigger arcade stores on here.

I don’t think that the Hori V3 linked above uses Sanwa parts, because Hori usually designates their sticks with an “SA” or “SE” tag, depending on whether they use Sanwa or Seimitsu parts, respectively. Because they are standard 30mm buttons, however, you shouldn’t have a problem replacing them with such. I can’t speak as to whether swapping the stick for a genuine JLF or LS-32 is possible though.

I know for a fact that the BrawlStick doesn’t use them, but it’s a popular mod to buy those sticks on the cheap and replace the parts with Sanwas. Customizing it with art is a pain though, because you have to use LamiLabel… No simple plexi and art solution due to the crease on the surface.

The SCV stick gives you the most bang for the buck: TE chassis, All Sanwa parts, easy to mod and customize. A great deal at $100, even better if MCZ puts it on sale for $80 during The Fall Classic in less than two weeks. Here’s a heads up - if you hear of a major tourney coming up, and MCZ sponsors it, chances are that the MadCatz store will have a sale. MarkMan is not always available to post a sale thread here (the man travels a lot!), but if you catch the stream, they always post the promo codes during the breaks. The codes are simple though… If the SCV goes on sale, the code will be something like “TFC20”, lol. BUT… Nothing is guaranteed. You’ll just have to wait for the TFC weekend to see if and what they offer as part of the sale.

http://store.gameshark.com/viewItem.asp?idProduct=5793&idCategory=253 Mad Catz Arcade FightStick™ PRO for PlayStation®3


http://stores.horiusa.com/-strse-102/PlayStation-3-Real-Arcade/Detail.bok PlayStation 3 Real Arcade Pro. V3 SA

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These sticks look awesome. Do you have a preference?

I hope they have a holiday sale because I don’t intend on buying one until around Christmas time. Ill look out for MCZ sponsored tournaments though.

That is like asking me If I want Pizza or Wings. Both of these sticks are good, but if I had a gun to my head I would say Madcatz, and that is just because I own Madcatz and have never owned a Hori.

Pads, Sticks, and Hitboxes are just tools, just like a boxers gloves. The gloves do not make the boxer good, it is the person wearing the gloves that needs to make the decisions in order to win. if you feel content with a ps3 pad then I would stick with the pad. Also as soon as you buy a stick you will naturally get worse until you feel you can use the controller effectively. There are a lot of people who play on pad that are really really good, a lot more than you think.

As I said in my main body above, I’m not content with the controller. I understand the risks and time investment.

The madcatz one looks better because the start button is really close on the Hori, and ultra mashing is sometimes necessary in street fighter lol.

i could be wrong but i think you can lock the start button on the hori.

Then I would go with the madcatz one. I would also recommend to stick with the square default gate, but again that is personal preference.