Hypothetical: Changing rapid attack input from 5 down to 4. What implications arise from this?

**Glossary: The RI in RI special stands for rapid-input. Therefore, an RI special is a quick way of referring to any rapid-input special ** (electricity, hundred hand slap, lightning legs, finger poke of a thousands deaths!!!)

So basically I’m one of those pathetic people who sucks at the piano method (I just bought a keyboard to learn piano so maybe that will help me get better). I gave up one of my mains Chun because of this. I recently got a surge of enthusiasm last night to try out Blanka. After tedious practice, my fingers continue to stay retarded. I have a nice optimized piano strategy, but I still can’t reliably get out electricity, or I often get out ex electricity. Even worse, my freakin hand starts aching after 10 minutes of this crap.

Now I feel like the RI special would be ten times easier if it were 4 RI’s instead of 5. I truly believe I and the rest of the world can handle this much better. I don’t think it makes it braindead easy either; it’s a good compromise. I know there are hardcore loyalists who say “Keep it at 5 and lrn 2 paly noob”. So I started this thread solely for the discussion of implications that could possibly arise from changing the RI requirement from 5 down to 4. What are people’s thoughts on this matter?

foreseen implications
*1) Entirely new 4-input piano methods and styles would be created. *
It is hard to say whether these styles would be unfairly too simple or not. Also, it may be unfair for experienced piano-method users to be forced to switch to a 4 input method when they have perfected their 5 input method already.

*2) RI specials may come out unwittingly. *
Lol, this may be a good thing. It exposes the mashers even more since there’s a 4 button input window for RI specials instead of 5. But still, this could piss off a lot of people if the window barrier is made too large and thus makes it very easy for a 4 button input to register and thus execute the RI special. Honestly though, I doubt this will be a problem and will most likely only cause implications for frantic mashers. They can tweak the acceptance window to be small enough to where it doesn’t affect non-frantic mashers.

*Please disregard this off-topic topic which I unfortunately introduced into my own thread. I have committed seppuku to reclaim my honor. *

** Turbo. Is it too cheap to be allowed?**

The polar opposite of the piano method is the turbo button. Where the piano method requires a complex and fluid finger input, the turbo method requires you push a button for a short amount of time that would simulate the 5 inputs being pressed in 1/60 of a second each. The perfect turbo button would therefore get a rapid-special move to come out with only need a 5 frame input window.

The main question that arises from this is if it is unfairly overpowered or not?

The creators of SF are very strict about inputs and for good reason, they literally take into account the limits of human reaction and the time to execute the special when they design special moves. Ex) It takes significantly more time to perform the dp motion rather than having a special button that simply does the dp for you. As such, it embodies Ryu somewhat preparing for his dragon punch after reacting to a jump-in. It’s not like Ryu sees a jump-in and just literally takes off into the air (he crouches to prepare for the dragon punch and then he initiates it).

With this in mind, would the turbo button break the intended limitations set in by Capcom for rapid-input special moves. It is very hard for me to say at this point.

Piano is easy to do, practice it without the stick. When you are watching TV, reading, etc, just tap the shit out of everything.
Implications? I don’t see how doing 4 reps is easier than five, so nothing would change i think…

Piano is easy to do, anyone can learn the muscle memory in a day or two. But I do know my hands are inconsistent with SPEED on different days. Had to drop Honda myself. Consistency would also change during the day too. Lol. I’d be 9/10 at the start of the session to 2/10 by the end.

I notice high level hondas miss their rapid inputs too, so if they did lower it might be almost too easy.

Blankas electricity is the hardest, where es gens cr.mp xx hands and hondas cr.lp xx hhs are muuuuuuuuuch easier.

It’d be a technical buff to rapid-fire characters by at least 1 frame. Unless you’re accounting for human error that’s all it would change.

I feel kinda guilty for starting this thread. It’s always been my own pride that has prevented me from using the turbo button to do rapid-fire specials. I hear how much the elitists players look down on turbo, so I feel guilty for using it. But I’m not gonna have that mindset and I’m not gonna feel guilty, because there’s no reason to take elitist players seriously. You can close this thread if you want. I got no reason complaining about the piano method when there’s already a much simpler method openly available to me.

It’s banned in most tournaments but I don’t see why people would care if you used turbo in a non-tournament setting.

Yeah it felt harder for me as well and I even thought you couldn’t connect HP Electricity from a cr. LP but then I noticed if I hold the HP button after the piano then the electricity comes out much easier. After this it felt as easy as Honda’s cr. LP hands. Still there’s not a piano input looser than Gen’s, if we’re not counting Chun EX Legs, thanks to HP Hands having a 3-frame start-up.

Wow, what a load of crap. If they ever ban that at a tournament I go to, they’ll have to get security to stop me from competing.

It’s a controller modified specifically to give you an advantage, why is that a load of crap?

Because it doesn’t give you any advantage that you couldn’t do on your own. It doesn’t break any game mechanics.

It sure does. Or you think execution isn’t a natural barrier players have to work on and something that define each individual skills ?
Damn why are we training rhythm of input to perform our combo when we can use a pre programmed button that will perform it every time. And why not just get rid or the controller and plug an automatic device that will automatically detect the opponent moves and react with the best solution. The next level or FG, robots. No cheat here, after all “we could have done it by ourself right ?”

You can’t do Blanka’s walking electricity with standard turbo settings on most controllers anyway. It’s too slow.

Fair enough. I wouldn’t want a button to do an auto-shoryuken for me so i see your point. Still, the piano method is retardedly hard. I’ll stick to turbo until that’s changed.

Edit: I’ve committed the cardinal sin of derailing my own thread. The topic of this thread was discussing changing the rapid input from 5 down to 4, and the implications. I have now introduced the topic of the fairness of the turbo button. I have shamed myself and shall have to cross out all my nonsense about turbo button that I put into this thread.

Lets just say in a perfect robotic world that the minimum window to execute a SF4 rapid input (RI) special is 5-frames. There’s 1 frame requirement for each input and 5 inputs are necessary. In this perfect robotic world if we lower the input requirements down to 4, the minimum window decreases to 4 frames.

Now… Back to the imperfect human world! A 4-input requirement makes piano-ing slightly simpler since there’s only 4 button presses instead of 5. Believe me, I’ve tried. I can do 4 rapid inputs much easier than 5, my brain and hands get retarded much easier at 5.

Honestly the most drastic implication I see is that entirely new 4-input piano methods and styles would be created.

Aren’t you the guy who posted on Unity saying that Capcom should remove piano inputs?

Stop making multiple bad threads and bad posts on here. I suggest you lurk first before you post anything else.

Yes, I am that guy. I now have a better formulation for what the thoughts and frustrations were that were going through my head, and I know ppl on SRK are slightly less retarded challenged than those on Capcom Unity. So I wanted to make a more “quality” post for this one.

If you have a problem with me, then pm me. Don’t retard derail my thread with your retardation off-topic jargon.

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Double Edit: I just realized you completely misrepresented me in your link title. I advocated in the Unity thread that there be a motion input option in ADDITION to the piano method. Although you completely misrepresented me, thank you for providing a link for others to see the train wreck that that thread turned into.

Seriously, if pianoing is so hard why don’t you just slide then? It’s a lot easier.

slide method for life

It’s uncomfortable on my fingers and very sloppy.

Edit: I only tried sliding a few times in the past. I will try it again just to give it another shot. I suppose there are ways to slide and end with an ex if you want?