Hypothetical: Changing rapid attack input from 5 down to 4. What implications arise from this?

I’m not too sure. With Chun you really don’t need piano or slide for EX Legs since it comes out with mashing but it’s harder to get EX moves with slide. It’s probably an inferior method due to this, but it’s a lot easier for Chun’s cr. HP xx Legs loops and the like. I’m not sure if you could just slide and then end by pressing multiple buttons to get the EX.

If it’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s mashing. The only thing I mash and will ever mash for in this game is a desperate reversal.

Well it’s not mashing really. Just do two or three crouching light kicks and then press LK+MK twice rapidly and EX Legs comes out. If you want to cancel cl. HK into EX Legs then you can just kind of roll every button down like HK-MK-LK twice but ending always with pressing every button twice. This should work and it’s they way I still do it even if I use the piano method when I’m usually doing EX Legs or other Legs-type moves.

Would make Blanka low short xx hp electricity os slide way easier.

thx, I’ll keep this in mind.

stop making threads dude

This is why competitive games get more and more dumbed down. “wahh I have to practice something to master it - REMOVE IT CAPCOM!”

What method of pianoing are you using? L H M L H is the easiest for me, as going inwards is something I can do naturally. (Too naturally for my own good, 90% of the time I piano, I get EX or multiple PP instead of a clean piano) Removing that 5th input would lower the time it takes for the move to come out, which could affect game balance, maybe? I don’t know.

  1. just practice
  2. using turbo is banned in tournaments, but since you don’t have a competitive mentality, I doubt you’ll be coming out any time soon and exposing yourself…so turbo all you want. You’re only hurting yourself and your credibility.

As for your request for 4 inputs, it’s yet another whiny request from a casual for the bar to be lowered so they can stand toe to toe with serious players. Stop trying to fuck up a competitive game with your lazy casual mentality. If it’s too hard, then find another game, instead of trying to change a game where inputs, commands and timing have already been simplified as much as possible just so you can feel good about having a skill that really isnt there.