"Hunting Mavricks, one combo at a time," The MvC3 Zero Combo Thread

gif notation:

Combo 2: YouTube - MrMamation’s Channel

:d::m:, :d::h:, :s:, jump, j.:m:, j.:m:, :d::df::f::h:, land, Assist: Wolverine Berserker Slash, :d::df::f::uf::h:, Assist hits, :s:, jump, j.:m:, j.:m:, Release Z buster, :f::d::df::l:, :s:, jump, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Assist: Doom, :d::df::f::uf::h:, :s:, jump, Release Z buster, :f::d::df::l:, :d::df::f::uf::h:, Super.

EDIT: thanks Individuals.

These combo are amazing. Esp the charging part. I played this game on xbox360 controller but is so much harder to switch buttons.

Anyway, it would be good if we could have the starter to edit the post and have all the combos posted within one post, so that everybody could have easier access to the combos.

add uf on the 2369H after wolf
first 623L is input as 626
and after doom 2369H instead of 239H.
small things, whatever.

im having trouble getting 2nd zbuster to connect. opp is higher than my release by the time i can get to it.
is it maaaaybe cuz doom assist’s last rock stopped the opp from launching too high too fast? or do i just need to practice?

and doing snapbacks after any 2369H>assist works fine. i steal yo red life, sentinel!

These combos are cool for a video but none of them a practical in a match or for team composition. Any combo that has you full charged lvl 3 buster before it starts is IMHO useless. All these corner combos, usless. I’d like someone to find me a combo that does 600,000+ without use of assists, the corner, multiple supers, or X-factor please. Right now Zero’s damage is stuck in 500 category for any reasonable combo.

Find me a better combo than AB2C6C ABC6CD BB Buster SRK A, D, BBCD Super.

Anyone found any 600K+ combos with one bar and no assists without the corner? Cause right now Zero is like the least damaging character in the game. I can’t get out of the 500K section with him without being unrealistic, wasting a spot of my team for a combo only assist, and or blowing more meter than necessary.

no one does it alone. why wouldnt you use an assist?

that said,
you can do lots of these combos midscreen, and it will carry into the corner. just for the first OTG set up, instead of ground bouncing with j.:s: do it with j.:d::df::f::h:. this way, your Assist > :d::df::f::uf::h: will connect. (if u used j.:s:, opponent will be too far.)
from there, continue a combo as normal, and by this time you should have a charge, so make the next air portion end in release lvl 3 > :f::d::df::l: > :s: > continue as normal. you should more or less be in the corner by now, and you still have another air section to complete. end in otg supaaa.

with zero, you can have like 3 launches, and you can more or less mix and match them (granted, lvl 3 busters will most likely not be first given you didnt charge prior to combo.)

I do alot of these combos in matches, and you can totally (and should) charge and play zero at times. You don’t need full charge to do most of his combos, half charge or so which I can build mid mixup. For example, air fake dive kick into jump B gives you enough charge time to do a triple z buster combos. Any crossup with an assist lets you charge on the teleport button used. His zero buster is one of the best projectiles in the game, I have plenty of setups that use it for frame advantage, hit, and whatnot. Hell, some of the combos start off level 3 zero buster in the air, if you can’t find a way to hit that, well I just don’t know.

And most assists work as substitutes for the characters in my combos that my friends happen to play, and zero’s combos push people to the corner like crazy. Most of the setups work from like 2/3 screen away. I end most of my combos in the corner, into doom rock assist + dive ect for 750k lag permitting. When I play my own team, dante’s jam session fills in fine for dooms assist, as does Iron man’s anything assist, still netting 750k off the simplest of combos.

If you need an improvement on your zero 101 combo, throw in a 2B at the first b (probably second as well), and use a 2c the second time around as well. You could also probably through a C, maybe even 5B5C after your srk A since before that the combo is relatively simple.

The point of most of these combos wasn’t to show the standard combos you will see in most zero matches, merely the potential he has from various situations, and neat ideas that maybe people will take further. Once you understand how to make the most out of charging his zbuster mid combo and using various delays, you will find yourself able to preform more interesting (and hopefully damaging, meter building, positioning and whathaveyou) combos.

Oh, and I looked at jchen’s ideas on hit stun deterioration and it confirmed many of my suspicions. Although I am not sure 623 A is the trigger, or if z-buster is the trigger. If it is 623 A, the corner will let you fast fall into more repetitions, needs testing…

I am going to post the highest damage I’ve achieved with one combo withing a specific situation so people can see if they can see if the combo they are doing can do more damage, or somebody found a more damaging combo then the ones below.

No assist + no j.attack + no pre-charge + no super + no xfactor
Max. Damage = 430 (reaches 470 with j.:s:)
With super does around 650k. Works mid-screen but it’s tricky to do because you have to delay some of the parts of the combo sometimes depending on the character (when you do it on wolvie you switch sides after each shippuga)

c.:l: > c.:m: > c.:h: > (Shippuga > s.:l: > s.:m: > s.:h: > Shippuga)x2 > launch > j.:m: > j.:m: > release buster > srk.:l: > land > launch > j.:m: > j.:m: > j.:h: > j.:s: > either TK GreenDive or super. We have to test with which character it switches sides, you have to delay something etc.

No assist + no j.attack + no pre charge + no super + pre xfactor lv.1 (Means it wasn’t implemented between the combo by xfc, instead it was activated before the combo started)
Max.Damage = 1036.100
(same combo above, but without super)

oh goodie, I have fans on youtube

Can you confirm this works on crouching chars? If this definitely works on crouching chars then this will be my BnB. Not home right now which is why I’m asking.

i understand what destin said to this, but charging in a neutral state isnt always bad, but with command dash M and H being very useful for crossing up, you would have to charge L, and c.L is important (at least to me) to start a combo. i like to charge sometimes too.

that said, i think combo 2 is practical enough that you can do it, although the hitstun deterioration makes it quite difficult after the 2nd assist, you can always just end it w/ super instead. you can tack on a c.L before the c.M so you can have a fast low hitting move to make it more useful in a match, no pre charge required, and like i said in the other thread, assist are a big part of this game, and it brings out the most of point characters.

It works on crouching characters. Just tried it on Ammy, Wolverine, and Hulk. It’s like Ceirnian said though, certain characters get carried to the corner while others just get crossed up making the second relaunch harder to hit.

i tried doing what you said for midscreen but it seems that it still has you too far away from your opponent to continue the combo, unless there is a specific timing on it that i am missing.

If you ever played Juri in SSFIV you know you’re meant to charge the projectile. I do agree, however, that Zero’s damage output is low compared to the difficulty of pulling his combos. A character like Wesker can easily dish 700k+ with one bar and no assists, whereas Zero has to work really hard and holding the charge mid combo is very difficult (why they gave 1,1kk hp and that damage output to a character is beyond me…you’d think they learned their lesson with vanilla Sagat).

So yeah, stop being lazy and put some effort into it. These combos are definetly possible.

I am not saying one should always be charging, but there are times where charging is very possible especially if premeditated. For example, say crouch A, B (or just A), 6C (hold A charge, (call in charging forwards assist 6C expecting the advancing guard), 214B. Now if the assist hits crossup, you can go into combo with 2B, you don’t really need the faster, damage reducing 2A in there. During rushdown, it takes alot of getting used too, but I really juggle around the button I am charging with all the time, during both normal rushdown and genei jin rushdown.

Uploaded 2 Combos I’ve been doing:


2 Zero Combos, No Assists, Started with no charge, Gets 1 Full Charge in Combo:

1st one:

Corner Only:
:l:(Hold and Charge),:m:,:h:(3hits),:f::h:(3hits),:s:,(Jump),:m:,:m:,:h:,(land),:m:,:h:,:s:,(Jump):m:,:m:,Charge Shot, Hiekyaku, :h:,:s:,(Jump) :m:,:h:,:s:,(Land),:qcf::atk::atk:
2nd Combo:**

:l:(Hold and Charge),:m:,:h:(3hits),:f::h:(3hits),:s:,(Jump),:m:,:m:,:h:,(land),:m:,:h:,:s:,(Jump):m:,:m:,Charge Shot,Raikousen, :h:, :dp::atk:atk:


This is the breakthrough I was looking for. Does this work on all characters? Looks like the hit stun from J. C is so much you can land and relaunch after it without using charge. VERY NICE.

Also I can name 10 characters off the top of my head that can break 650K with one bar, no assists, and no corner combos. Taskmaster, Sentinel, Hulk, Thor, Dante, Dormammu, Ironman, Magneto, Amaterasu, and Captain America. That’s nothing so don’t tell me Zero’s combo damage is average or ok. It’s BAD right now.

Zero with Dante and Morrigan: (use meter gain assist)

Zero 3 meter combo (corner only, need dante and morrigan alive)

:s:, :m:, :h:, ->:h:, cross over combination, hold :l:, when dante charges up his pistols for last hit, jump, release fully charged buster, L Raikousen, :s:, jump, :m:, :h:, aerial exchange down, bring in morrigan, :m:, :h:, aerial exchange down, bring in dante, :m:, :h:, H sky dance, Million Dollars, Shoryudan Reppuujin (if you have the meter)


:s:, :m:, :h:, ->:h:, cross over combination, hold :l:, when dante charges up his pistols for last hit, jump, release fully charged buster, L Raikousen, :s:, jump, :m:, :h:, :s:, Rekkoha (if you have the meter)

or if ur lazy and have 4 meters

:s:, :m:, :h:, ->:h:, cross over combination, hold :l:, when dante charges up his pistols for last hit, Rekkoha

This combo is fun to do online and not hard to get people cornered or get the meter needed.

Edit: you need morrigan for meter gain and her hyper keeps them still and they wont go up:

need dante hyper so you can follow up:

the timing on when u should j.:d::df::f::H: in the air is different. they land pretty far so just do it earlier in the air series. you may have to dash and use :m: version to catch them.
i guess you can still j.M M H S because it lands you closer to them (since j.H lets you descend a little) so you can dash :d::df::f::uf::h:/:m: easier.
in the end, it is not easy or practical. i was just trying to make a point :xeye: which is to use assists because it makes the whole world easier.