"Hunting Mavricks, one combo at a time," The MvC3 Zero Combo Thread

Destin’s early Zero combos.

Dicking around with Zero combos
Hey, I have spent all my time on this game on zero, and alot of it in training mode, so I figure I should share what I learned.

I put up 6 or so combos on a shitty quality camera and am having tragic upload some other combos in better quality (although if that doesn’t pan out I will do it shitty camera style, or maybe record it at spooky’s). Either way, here are 6 or so fun/funny combos that should help the way you think about zero combos. In matches these days I find myself making up things on the fly, do I want to do a triple zero buster combo? How many hits have I done going into the first launch? When I get my initial hits I try to take stock if I have a z buster almost ready for an early launch or a late launch. Things like that, but they built off alot of ideas I put up in these combos I think (and the ones tragic will hopefully cap).

Combo 1: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMamation#p/u/11/7Rbz2fU_kBc
2B, 2C, 5S, jB, Release Z Buster (1 hit), land, 5B, 2C, 5S, jB, jB, 236 C, Wolverine Beserker Slash, 2367 C, (wolverines assist shoves them out of corner), 5S, jB, jB, Release Z Buster (now this hits them back into the corner despite zero facing the wrong way), 623 A back into the corner, 5C + Doom Rock Assist, 5S, 2367 C, Super.
781k Damage

1 super bar, 2 assists, this combo is definately more for fun than anything. Simply going up with them with 2 b’s, dive kicking down, putting out you assist, going back up with 2 b’s into a z buster ect, land, second assist dive kick launcher jump Z buster 623 A, dive kick, super will do around 900k. This one WAS fun though because if you get one hit off on your buster, you will reduce hit proration a decent amount, and you can land well in time to continue a combo without 623 A, neat! Also, if zero ends up on the other side of the opponent, he will autocorrect his z buster shot much of the time, letting you follow up the wrong way.

Combo 2: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMamation#p/u/8/msiFetcYZ7o
Any assist that can pick back up into launcher after otg dive kick will work. Use the one with less hits first to keep combo damage up. This is basically the strongest punisher you could hope for without XFC and still level 1. Somewhat boring, wolvie pushes them out, just happens to be who my friend uses, we actually use barrage at the moment, but I wanted to show maximum punish potential.

Notation is 2B, 2C, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, 236C, land, call wolvie beserker slash assist, 2367 C, assist hits, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, release Z buster, 623 A, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, j.C, j.S, call doom, 2367C, 5S, jump, release Z buster, 623 A, 2367 C, super.

Combo 3: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMamation#p/u/5/DLi8eHB2axo

This is just a fun loop off a charged Z buster. Funny to see it carry from midscreen. A more practical combo would be dash up 5B, 5C, 6C, 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, z buster, 263 A, land, (optional 5C), 5S, jump, j.B, j.B, j.C, j.D, land super. The loop in the video is z buster, 623 A, jump B, B, C, S, jump, B, B, C, S, land, S, jump j.B, z buster, 623 A, 5S, jump B, B, C, D, super.

Combo 4: There is no 4 loser.

Combo 5 http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMamation#p/u/3/JNmgiZIjres

Midscreen hit detect into XFC into killing sent with 1 Bar no assist mid screen. I actually use an alternate now very similar that kills sent with no bars. Obviously it is very easy to kill other characters. XFC helps people who do long combos, and zero’s are very long so he takes good advantage of it. Now in this video, I actually leave sent 1 hit shy of dying because I wanted to add in the fast fall after the z buster in the air because it looks cool. If you omit the last 6C and instead add in a 623 A after the z buster, it will kill sent. I will notate if anyone actually cares enough to ask.

Combo 6: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMamation#p/a/u/2/lmin2plz9fo

Zero can instant overhead sent with jump B even if he is duck blocking. Fuck Sentinel and people who play him. If you play him, I hope you die to this combo often. You can easily hit an XFC after the sweep and meld this and combo 5 to hit a touch of death combo on sentinel, and as far as I am concerned, it is always worth it to kill sent. Still, instant overhead, dead sent, good deal right? Again, will notate if anyone cares.

A few of the combos use assists, a few don’t, some use XFC. I suppose next I should show a general XFC kill combo with no meter (Very easy with assists, even sent, still possible without). If I do anymore, I might quit the game in a day or two. Either way, carry on Zero peoples, I will play now and then, here and there, maybe.

And for completion, I am adding the one’s trag capped combos here:

Destin’s Trag combo 1 - [media=youtube]Op0v1V9V5_0[/media]
Destin’s Trag combo 2 - http://www.youtube.com/user/trag13#p/u/4/IqERtwMczxM
Destin’s Trag combo 3 - [media=youtube]Cwf87-BYgHU[/media]
Destin’s Trag combo 4 - http://www.youtube.com/user/trag13#p/u/2/T_OiIyreMy8
Destin’s Trag combo 5 - http://www.youtube.com/user/trag13#p/u/1/4-Iy1KquomM
Destin’s Trag combo 6 - [media=youtube]NWw255iv10o[/media]

First one is just staple. Rest are coolio. Trag came up with part of 2 and 5. If you guys could call it the D-loop that would be rad, I think this is going to be my swan song for fighting games, so I would like to be remembered for something cool.

nice combos. i think my zero was lacking cuz i couldnt start with A since i was always charging it.

and, i care enough to ask for the notation on the last two. casuals is full of sents -__-"

im about to go to school soon so i cant really test it out right now, but do you know if ammy’s cold star works for the assists with the 2367C?

also trying to find highest damaging combo that ends in snapback. have you messed with this yet? id IMAGINE you can do any of these combos and replace last 5S with a snapback, but i will try that when i get home.

[quote=Typhon, post: ]
I havnt seen an official combo thread just the one that was in the sticky but it only had 2 combos. This thread will be dedicated to zero combos, including ones that require an assist, even if it a specific assist. So please experiment with different assist partners. Ill also reformat this post as soon as i get a chance to, but before i do anything i want to get the content itself up. So here it goes.

We could really use some good midscreen combos that use assists, as well as midscreen combos, i think zeros corner combos are gonna be pretty basic, involving z buster and :dp::l: in conjuction with assists and such. Where as his midscreen combos are gonna be interesting. So hit up that training mode!

Any combos that show something like :m: (:d::m:) means that you can do either move, in this case it would be vs one that his mid or one that hits low.

Any combo ending in a super can be DHCed in most cases depending on team.

Midscreen Combos:

with a charge building, :m: (:d::m:), :h:, :f::h:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, release charge, :dp::l:, land, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, (if close to corner, :qcf::atk::atk:) ~340k damage (530k with super)

:l:, :m:, :h:, :f::h:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, land, :qcf::atk::atk: **** (always works even out of corner)

:l: :d::m: :d::h: :f::h: :l: :m: :h: :f::h: :l: :m: :h: :f::h: :s: J.:m:J.:m: Release level 3 :f::d::df::l: :s: J.:m:J.:m:J.:h:J.:s: :qcf::2p:

Midscreen Assist Combos:

Corner Combos:

:d::l: (start charging) :d::m: :d::h: :f::h:, :l: :m: :h: :f::h:, :l: :m: :h: :f::h: :s: jump j:m: (release charge) :dp::l: land :s: jump j:m: j:m: j:h: j:s: land :qcf::atk::atk:

With :l: charging, Jump :s: :m: :h: :f::h: :s: J.:m: J.:m: release lvl 3 buster :qcb::l: :m: :h: :f::h: :s: J.:m: J.:m: J.:h: J.:s: :qcf: :2p: xfactor :dp::2p:

Corner Assist Combos:

If already charging, :m: (:d::m:) :d::h:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, release charge, :dp::l: keep charging, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :a1:, :qcf::uf::h:, assist hits, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :a2: (OTG Assist), release charge, :qcf::atk::atk: 744,500 damage (A1 must be a multi hit assist I.E. Zero’s gamma assist, A2 must hit OTG, I.E. Deadpool’s Beta assist)

starting with 0 charge, :d::l: start charging, :d::m:, :d::h:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, :qcf::h:, land, :a1:, :qcf::uf::h:, assist hits, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, release charge, :dp::l: keep charging, land, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :a2:, release charge, :qcf::atk::atk: 753,200 damage (A1 must be a multi hit assist I.E. Zero’s gamma assist, A2 must hit OTG, I.E. Deadpool’s Beta assist)


I know it has been a while since the last update but I’m almost done with a flowchart type system for different strings and how they can be combined together into a combo. Just be patient. It is worth the wait. Also I’ll update the post with some new combos. Thanks for your patience


Added 2 new combos,
New formatting changed

Coming Soon:

Will bold the new combos i add so that way people know what is new.
Will add a section for “loops” or sections of combos that are popular, for example, j:m:, j:m:, release charge, :dp::l: would be a "loop"
Will add a “flowchart” style section that explains possible “loops” and how they can be connected together to form a combo.

second reserved, just in case.

I’ll get to the notation then next time I have a free minute. I imagine cold star would work great as well for that. I find it is generally ok to be charging ahead of time. If you hit a 2b, 2c,6c with full charge, you can release, dash, 5b, 6c, 5a ect to air z buster to second relaunch to finish combo, does more damage than if you didn’t charge.

Personally now, (although I think I am done already), I charge differently depending on my location and opponent. For example full screen against sent I charge with b so I can do air fake dice kicks to avoid the sent force and build charge. Once you have level 3 he can’t laser or sent force you!

Here’s a corner combo I just found out:

charge :l:, c. :m:, c. :h:, :f: :h:, release :l:, as the enemy comes back down, follow up with regular (juggling) :l:, :m:, :h:, :f::h:, :s:, sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:h:, sj.:s:

EDIT: Ah apparently the charge needs to be lvl 3

Interesting to note also that you can change the charge button, so say you have C charged, and you connect something, you can hold that button and let go of C.

Severely off topic, but what do you mean with “I play now and then, here and there” and “think I’m done already”? Didn’t like the game Destin? You were coming up with some very interesting stuff for some the characters I’m most interested in (Doom and Zero).

This also means that you can do:

(in a corner) charge :l:, c. :m:, c. :h:, :f: :h:, release :l:

Then, CHARGE :l: while you hit the enemy, and follow up with regular Raikousen air combo.

Here’s the gif notation for combo 1, so I can make sense of it :slight_smile:

d. :m:, d. :h:, :s:, j. :m:, release Buster (1 hit), land, :m:, d. :h:, :s:, j. :m:, j. :m:, :d::df::f: :h:, Assist: Wolverine Berserker Slash, :d::df::f::uf: :h:, Wolverine’s assist shoves them out of corner, :s:, j. :m:, j. :m:, Release Z Buster (back in the corner, despite Zero facing the wrong way), :f::d::df: :l: (back in the corner again), :h: + Assist: Doom Rock, :s:, :d::df::f::uf: :h:, Super.

Something i’ve found with zero, not sure if its already listed somewhere. Combo assume you have 0 charge stored at start of combo but once you begin start charging.

:d::l: (start charging) :d::m: :d::h: :f::h:, :l: :m: :h: :f::h:, :l: :m: :h: :f::h: :s: jump j:m: (release charge) :dp::l: land :s: jump j:m: j:m: j:h: j:s: land :qcf::m:+:h: 600k 1 meter no assist.

It works in corner. The loop itself works im just not sure how the ending :m: j:m: j:h: j:s: land :qcf::m:+:h: will end up working. Some characters get crossed up mid combo by the loop, others get pushed from one corner to the other… ill edit after im done testing.

[edit] Loop works on the crossup people, but need to end it in corner in order to get the super. Ill upload some videos showing Corner / Normal midscreen / Crossup midscreen.

Corner: [media=youtube]Ht6GYeQJYcc[/media]
Normal Mid: [media=youtube]lzRmD9NxFVk[/media]
Crossup Mid: [media=youtube]8jFVpaOlI_I[/media]

How do you keep your charge over the ground part of the combo while still using all three buttons?

You have to switch charges during the combo, the way i do it is…

:l: (hold) :m: (hold, let go of :l:) :h: :f::h:

at this point i press :l: again and let go of :m:, then press :m: let go of :l:

At the launch parts you need medium in order to continue combo, so during the :h: and :f::h: animations i switch the charge hold to light, let go of medium by the time i press :s:

Hopefully that helps, if not i can try to do a full notation showing each point. There are other ways to do it, but this was the most comfortable to me. Only having to deal with 2 buttons to charge / switch made things feel more fluid.

Whoops, I have been writing 2367 instead of 2369! Thanks for the heads up kogster, although either will work, it is much easier with a 9! I will edit the combos.

otori: Quite the opposite, I think I liked the game too much, or zero at least. I still have lots of things going on and I can’t have zero combos and strategies floating around in my head all day while I try to do other things hahaha. So I have to cut myself off to keep getting things done. The doom combos are Mr. Mamation though, he is my roomate. We play together as a team online.

Can Dooms rock assist pick back up into launcher after Zero’s OTG dive kick?

Like in your combo 2, would it be possible to substitute the first assist (Wolvie) with Doom? Granted, I know that I wont be able to finish the entire Combo 2, but I’m trying to figure out practical punish combos with Zero/Doom assist.

Ceirnian: Yeah I was afraid of that :stuck_out_tongue: harder on the gamepad

I find doom’s rock assist to be fantastically easy to use with zero’s otg dive kick. Now, it is multiple hits which means it will reduce the overall damage of the combo (more hits means decreased damage on your next hit), but as far as I can tell, multihitting moves do not decrease hit stun any further. For this reason it works great at the end of the combo! I am not sure if it is worth it to go for it early in the combo (might be, haven’t tested). The reason combo two is so strong is all of the starting moves are single hit, including the assist I pull out. There isn’t a big multihitting move until say, the z buster. Doom’s rocks being 8 hits could force a large decrease on the overall damage of that combo. If you have a single or fewer hitting assist, it will net you more damage. I like to use doom’s rocks at the end of the combo, because it gives you a longer combo where you would otherwise be unable. For my combos, usually by the point of the BBCD, Hit stun decrease would make it very hard to continue the combo, you would usually end into super (even if you had a charge, you could skip say the CD, use the buster, 623 A, then what? Dive kick, slightly more damage I guess than the CD.) With doom’s assist you get an entire further loop, (dive kick, doom assist, launcher, fireball, 623A, dive kick, super). This especially helps when xfactor is activated, easily adding say 250k

On an xfactor note, when you have it running, feel free to lean more towards zero’s multihitting moves, as damage reduction per hit is decreased in xfactor mode, they are significantly stronger overall!

I recently found out that, if you time it perfectly, you can do “:l:, :m:, :h:, :f::h:, :s:, SJC, sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:h:, sj.:d::h:, :m:, :h:, :f::h:, :s:, SJC, sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:h:, sj.:s:, Rekkoha”.

It is also possible to extend it even further by going for the lvl.3 Charge Shot > Light Raikousen relaunch after the first relaunch, but the hitstun scaling might be to much to finish with “sj.:s: > Rekkoha” at that point.

i know that it invloves 2 assits but ohh well, ill share anyway
i found a nice 1bar combo for 602,000 damage in the corner. (i didnt do the loop at the begining, so it could be more damage or the hitstun might be to low to do it after that) any way here it is
:l: , :m: , :h: , :f: + :h: , :s: . sj :m: , sj :m: , sj :h: , sj :s: , trish hopskotch assist , heavy sentsuizan , :s: , sj :m: , sj :m: , sj :h: , sj :s: , doom rocks assist , heavy sentsuizan , Rekkoha (you use Genmu Zero instead to do 741,700)

this is my first doing a post like this so sorry if its formatted wrong or not even a worthy combo :shy:

Excellent stuff so far guys, ill update the first post and reformat it so its easier to read either tonight or tomorrow, first i gotta drag myself away from training mode and my experimenting!