Human cloning possible, but deemed too unethical to ever practice. Do you agree?

It should also be noted that head transplant surgery is also a real thing that has been done with success (with monkeys in the 70s).

Video of them puttin’ the head of a monkey on a different body. Kinda graphic,

Bison definitely would approve.

Most of these “Ethical” discussions are defined by how you feel about God, since I don’t feel it wouldn’t be that big of a problem for me.

I know way too many people who work at HuffPo to know I can’t take that paper seriously.

Well, okay the politics side I can. Everything else? Pass.

God aint a factor in this for me, either. I think the ethical discussion comes more from how you feel about life. Would you consider your clone “alive” and could you bring yourself to remove organs and body parts from it?

Then there comes legal issues if such a practiced were legal and medical, in nature. If human clonin’ is privatised, it could be a bitch to regulate, since you could do a lot of underhanded shit with a baby version of yourself.

Can I fuck it?

SCOTUS ruled this last session that you cannot patent any human genome since it appears naturally. So if they’re going to try and patent life in order to clone they’re going to have a bitch of a time. I would be very uncomfortable creating a human being just to harvest organs. That’s just fucked up.

And that’s what the fuck I’m talkin’ about.

People having hard-gay sex with underage versions of themselves could be a bit of a problem?

Would sex with a minor, be more or less deplorable if it was you’re clone? Some librarians may say what I do with my [extended]body is none of the governments business.

Scientists are now trying to discover ways of growing specific organs without the need to clone an entire body. I don’t know how it’s going, but at least it’s going.

Regardless of your feelings on God, how would you respond to this quote from the article?

Unless of course you feel having strong ethical feelings about killing babies is also somehow tied to religion.

I keep telling people to use double team and this whole process would have been a lot easier. Could have had it done since 1998 too.

If people are allowed to have babies, they should be allowed to have clones, which will start off as babies.

I would splice my clone with Tiger DNA and name him Sagat.

I’m not big of a baby person either so I wouldn’t care either way, developmental abnormities can occur in traditional child birth. I’m more concerned with the development of society than worrying about what the next person feels about cherry picking ethical decisions.

If successful cloning can be achieved and helps us finds cures for diseases I’m all for it.

I think human cloning is ethical. But then again I just want two of me around so I can actually have friends.

Meh. You know they’re gonna do it anyway. Why? War. No need to quote me on it. You know it just like I do. I just hope I can get a few extra lives outta this before we kill the planet.


The main ethical issue, I imagine, will be if clones deserve all the same human rights as normal, naturally born people do. Before the social justice warriors start freaking out and jump on me, it’s not because they’re subhuman or anything, but depending on how readily available cloning is, the expansion of the population might be too much for a respective country to handle and it could quickly get out of control. Not to mention there is no telling what mental or physical defects they could have as they get older.

What if your planet is on the verge of self-destruction and this is your baby’s only chance for survival? I’m asking for a friend.

Yeah, I was just thinking that. We have enough forms of discrimination as it is without introducing an utterly novel one.

“Are you tired of clones gobbling up the resources that are our natural-born birthright?”*

*Invariably said by some asshole who wants to distract you from all the resources he’s taken and squandered from people who are all naturally born themselves.

I’d love some cloned organs. I’ll probably need a few :smokin:

Well the real question is what’s the point of cloning in the first place? Humans are capable of reproducing naturally so it isn’t really a necessity. I can only think of 3 main reasons for cloning:

  1. Organ harvesting: This seems like the most “noble” reason for doing so. I think the trick here is to find a way not to take the clone to a definable level of sentience, or just advance the technique to the point of being able to just clone organs.

  2. Soldiers for wars: Probably the least ethical reason. Star Trek 2 is a good example of why this is a bad idea.

  3. Experimentation: I guess this is just as unethical. Breeding stock to run tests on would start up a firestorm. Ironically PETA would chose to ignore this and find people with fur coats to throw red paint on.

*4. Pure narcissism.

^Why bother cloning soldiers for wars?

I mean seriously people are born all the time and enlist all the time and all it costs is wages equipment and training which the army would probably have to spend on the clones anyway.