Hulk Hogan hates his daughters career,Calls the rock an N word,and smutted out bubbas wife.Well damn

This has never been more relevent…

Well…I still like his old wwf theme “Real American”. That’s about it. It’s as shame the real Hulk can’t be more like the childhood hero in our hearts. What’s next, Ted DeBiasi was homeless? Macho Man was a steroid frea- wait, no…ok, still: how much of our childhood heroes is a lie?

Surprised it took this long for someone to post the Booker T vid.

CM Punk played that card first chance he had.

Are you fucking serious dude.

“Hold up, hold up… you’re telling me that all those theatrics he did where he pumped himself up and constantly pandered to the crowd were just an act?!! He’s not constantly listening for audience cheers in real life?! MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD WAS A LIE!!”

Yeah. Not surprised Jimmy posted this. Nigga only makes threads when it’s about white people being racist.

Hogan also confirms what we all know. Racist parents have no qualms about plowing their daughter if you’re rich.

OR blacks failing in life re: Chief Keef’s yellow fever

HOLK HOGAN! Warriors have cut ties with their Hulkimanian brothers. HOLK HOGAN.

Uh…I didn’t mean his theatrics. I mean his image as an all-around nice guy to anyone, regardless of race. Now turns out he’s scummier than Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

I think its much more common for people with shitty attitudes and opinions to project them on others to make themselves feel better

Only colour that matters is green.

So serious question. Why is it a big deal that he hates his daughters Job? Big fucking deal, most fathers hate when then their daughters act like strippers.


On a scale of Skinny Mila Kunis to Porky Jessica Simpson how big a boner did you get from that Linda Hogan pic?

Are we really trusting Gawker to tell the truth? They make TMZ look like the Wall Street Journal.

They might also make @iantothemax look like a real journalist…but only by a smidgen.

It started angry and powerful, then I saw her face, and I deflated.

Tom Brady up in this bitch!

Hogan Controversy Costs WWE $50 Million

What’s more funny is how some of you guys put these roided up retards with IQ’s under the 50 on a pedestal. Idolising fake athletes with fake accomplishments, bunch of scrubs.

oh don’t get me wrong, I’d still fuck her, my standards are quite non existent, really. But got damn, her face shocked me. She looks like Stifler’s Mom after a boxing match.

He is. Do you have any evidence that that he’s been mean to black people directly instead of just a behind-the-scenes interview?

And what about you? Have you never been bigoted/mean towards anyone that you’re able to pass judgment on him like this? I really doubt it since you’re a person and not a robot that lives in a vacuum. EVERYONE has prejudice to some extent. The ones that think they aren’t prejudiced against anyone are idiots trying to convince themselves they’re perfect, when in reality they are probably the most bigoted among us. It’s human nature to be prejudiced. Nobody’s perfect. If you think that one day humans will drop all their prejudices and live in one big happy rainbow you’re deluding yourself.

As long as humans have free will, prejudice will exist. It happens all the time in countries all around the world, but it’s only in America where people are condemned for it.