Hulk Hogan hates his daughters career,Calls the rock an N word,and smutted out bubbas wife.Well damn

So we all know whats going on, but until 5 minutes ago, i thought this was about the djwhoo kid interview, which i heard when it was out years ago, and i thought thats dumb to release him over, but apparently this dude went on racist tirades in his sextape.

GOD DAMN. Apparently he called the rock a sambo, and a nigga. I mean, hulks white, and lives in florida, so i didnt expect him to be super clean about minorities, but damn son, what did black people do to you. I saw in an mtv news clip that he allegedly said he hated wrestling non whites. The more you know. Cant believe i use to get so hype for this guy growing up. I even felt bad for him during his divorce, and always stuck up for how fucked he got by her, and how shitty and terrible she was for basically fucking a 18 year old version of him. I guess after this, maybe she left you because youre kind of a piece of shit, and she was over it.

I’d still fuck brooke hogan though. Fuck yall. lol. She do be looking crazy in some pictures though. This is one of her better ones

Brooke just wrote some shitty poem about her dad like 40 minutes ago from me posting this
I love how no one can ever just be like, holy fuck dad (or whoever), wtf you asshole. She probably just like him. If my father was a white dude, and was on tape calling the rock a sambo and nigga, saying hes pretty racist, calling black people niggas, and saying hes a jackass for supporting your shitty music career, id air that bitch out.

She aint gonna say nothing mean, cause she need that money train.

OH sorry, and this is the link where he shits on his daughter a little

Cant wait for the full transcript for this fool.

Raise your hand if you knew this was a Jimmy thread before entering.

OT: Hulkomania is dead.

Oh wow, linda hogan is pressing for donald trump as president on her twitter. lol. Maybe she was actually still just as big a piece of shit as i thought. lol

I’ll pass

Why do you make such a big deal out of somebody rolling their R’s? Nobody gives a fuck.

This just gave me a chub.

Lol. This got out around the time Gawker is being sued by Hulk Hogan, what a coinkydink.

Gawker = :trollface:

Gawker be like “Jokes on you…BROTHER!”

Well this came out as the result of hulk hogan suing gawker. I guess he didnt know all that was on the tape, and it turns out, it was a lot more than just him fucking bubbas wife. If im understanding whats going on right

LMAO! #karma

(Either way, as long as Gawker still crashes and burns, I’m completely fine with this outcome.)

All in fairness to Mr. Hogan, who doesn’t dislike his daughter’s career and “creative” output? It’s not like she would have needed to pursue music (or [bad] acting) for there to be near naked shots of her ass anyway, especially since paparazzi get paid to essentially be legal stalkers.

Sweet jesus, dem tig ol’ bitties :’(

Hulk doesn’t like brothers, BROTHER!!

CM Punk and Big E handling it the best

100000000000000000000000000% >>>>>>>> “CRYME TYME”,204,203,200.jpg

jimmy in the Nation of Domination

Or maybe these are the death throes of a gravely wounded animal? After GamerGate completely wrecked Gawker’s shit by costing them 20 million in lost revenue, Hulk was poised to drop the leg on them that would’ve crushed their brains and killed them. But since the animal knew that death was inevitable, it leapt and attacked with one final sting.

I don’t fault Hulk for any of this because I think EVERYONE is racist to some degree, and people who claim they’re not are just puritanical liars.

Gawker saw the leg drop coming and pulled some Russo shit to try to save their ass. Even with this shitstorm Gawker still going down for the count.

If anything, this makes things worse for gawker as there is now real financial damages associated to the release of that tape.

If you’re going to visit Gawker article, make sure to at least have adblock on.
Otherwise use the archive link:

Those fucks don’t deserve jacksquat for the shitty content they put out.

Guess is Gawker is going down, it wants to go down kicking and screaming