Hugo's superjump to do standing 720

Hugo’s jump is 5 frame so a 720 must be done within those 5 frame or else he will jump. Hugo’s super jump is 7 frames. I was wondering if it is better to do a super jump motion into the 720. It appears that there is now 2 extra frames to do a standing 720. Thoughts?

Neoken, I think you’re a bit confused by the theory of the standing 720. What happens is that:

  • you do a 360, this requires you to pass from down to up,

  • since you have entered d…u and dont press punch you super jump,

  • the super jump is super cancelled by the second 360+P which completes the 720,

  • super interupts super jump and hey presto standing 720.

I still don’t get it. I mean, I understand all about SJ cancel into a super (i.e. you have to do that for yuns SJ cancel into GJ from a close st.MK), but it seems impossible to be able to cancel a super jump into a 360+P, the speed would have to be ridiculously fast.

From what I gather so far, it seems to me that standing 720 is done by just doing standing 720 motion + P extremely fast without allowing Hugo to jump whether it is super jump or not.

Anyway, maybe I am wrong or there’s more to it, I still can’t do it though.:confused:

haha listen to slimx


As Ssongro said, spinning the stick very quickly (which is necessary for the standing Gigas anyway), causes a super jump as a side-effect. You’re passing through down, then up in a very short time, hence the game sees it as a tap down, up motion.

hm… i never thought of that super jump cancel stuff… i never jump when i don’t press punch after i do my standing 720 motions… isn’t doing 720 easier with b, db, d, df, f, b x 2?

No, please keep it simple:
Spin the stick really fast.

Why make it too complicated?

sure, whatever works for u is good, just posting another way to do 720

that works???!

I have tried it various time and can’t get it to work. If it works then 360 without any Up motion would work as well. I can’t get that to work either.

 that shit don't WORK....:lol: :lol:

I thought I read somewhere that it requires 7 consecutive points in order to pull off a 360, can someone verify this please.:slight_smile:

This is the easiest way for myself to make the stnading 720 tp work so far…

(refer to the keypad for directions)

it somewhat reduces the number of spin into one…

OK:wtf: To do 360 you dont need 7 points, and to do 720 you dont need 13?

hey Ssongro, where were you for Warriors unite tourney man? you could have shown off a st.720 in front of the whole crowd lol:lol: :lol:
Vince was there anyways:)

Heheh, sos man, would have liked to have gone but it was more hastle than its worth. I want to come down for a day trip in the hols, if I do I’ll let you guys know and hopefully we can hook up for friendlies.:slight_smile:

i still can’t make that SHIT…happens…:confused: :wtf: … the impossible walking 720 thread…:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Its possible. Anything is really possible. It all comes down to how bad you want it.

Standing 720 is a pretty good clutch move. To base it as one’s entire gameplay is another story. I havent checked frames or whatever, hell i dont even know hugo’s frames at all. But a lot of people tell me that 720 has more frames than a standard 360. Meaning when gigas is activated it is still slower than a 360 and you can jump out of it.

Over here in cali (Family Fun comp to be more specific) is already hard enough to catch someone with a regular 360, on account of most hugo players do wake up 360 on a fallen opponent and most 360 setups are known. ALL the top tier players (pyrolee, Frankie, Arleith…blah…blah) will show me NO MERCY (In casual play and especially tourney play). Meaning they make use ALL of HUGO’s disadvantages. As a Hugo player in Cali wins become very difficult and in tourney play at times it is impossible. Sometimes the thought of even winning a tourney with him is impossible. Sometimes (after a really bad loss to a horrible match up) pyro, edma, rockefeller, tell me switch to a higher tier. But it all comes down to orginality (I am not saying they are not orginators nor am I taking away any respect they earned). Hugo is a dope character. To win or even place top 5 is more than a vicotry to me.

Enough of my gripes. 720 is used more of a fear factor over here to setup other things like big pokes or pull them down from the sky if they get a lil jumpy…and they will.

Jes my two cents…peace out.

720, can you post up some of the things that the top cali players exploit? I dont get chance to play top players often enough ( I dont really play that much tbh), but I really want to know what stuff I should and should not do. Thanks in advance.

ok… is possible but…HOW…?? i know you guys are tired of this but…:wtf: but is fucking HARD

Sidewinder: Spin the stick really fast. At home doesnt really work because most likely stick quality differs from your arcade stick and your home stick. Jes practice at the arcade. It jes takes lots of practice.

Ssongro: I would say his height. His height is horrible and people will jes jump back and stick out a move like Fp or Round house (Fk). When they jump back and hit they can actually use it as a over head =( (Damn Paulee). Hit boxes. Most players know hugo hit boxes. He is so big it is hard to parry at times. You can hit hugo really high and you can hit him really deep. There is also a point in the opponents jump if they throw out a move there isn’t much i can do. I cant pull them down from the sky and if i parry i cant do anything about it nor can i use the parry to my adv. Hugo’s hit boxes are really bad. When he gets stun he crouches so thats more damage to him =( (Damn Frankie’s and Yi’s denjin ryu). I can go on and on about his disadvantages.

Best tips i can give you is practice with someone and epxpolit all of Hugo’s restrictions. SAIII is the best. Hammer mountain has so many uses: anti air, chip damage kill, excellent priority and it has an invisble frame that allows you to go through fireballs if timed right. Try switching SAs when you can. Switch bewteen SAI and SAIII. Both supers require different playing styles. And with Hugo you need all the variety you can get. This helped me beat paulee in the UCLA tourney. And i think is one of the greatest ADV for hugo. SAI and SAIII playing styles are really different. Limit jumping. Build meter when you can cause you gonna need to use SAs as clutch moves (I use jab claps to build). Learn Match ups. Victoly (FF’s #1 Dud player) once told me that concentrate on defense and use pokes. Take your time and i am sure a person who knows how to play against hugo would take their time also(Damn Edma). If a person rushes you down jes poke him out let em run into your moves and always try to pull em down whenever they jump. Jason Cole said that the scariest thing hugo can do is jes sit there and slowly push you back. The beauty of HUGO is he can do SOOOOO much damage in a short time. So take your time when playing a high level player oppurtunities will come. Hugo has so many bad match ups the best thing you can do is just learn em. These match ups are the ones that are jes impossible for me beat:

Ibuki SAI (Arlieth’s)
Akuma SA I (Anybody’s…but jes to name a few JR Rodriguez and Victoly’s)
ORO SA(the one with the stupid balls cause HUNGBEE always does unblockables on me =( ) LOL he always says sorry before he picks the SA. Aint no love lost with hung. If he has an ADV he better use it.
YUN!@#!@(Priate LEe…bastard is in japan right now learning neew shit)

Matches that i can do but are really hard.

RyuSAIII (Frankie and Yi)
Chun li (Anybody’s)
UrienSAIII (Rockefeller).

To fight these i am more than willing to play anyone of these matches 10 in a row to learn it and i am slowly learning yun from pyro (haha well…whenevr i see i asked him stuff). I would pull out yun maybe in tourney play.

I have been playing barely a year and i learned so much from Cali players. The stuff i put on this post is merely a fraction what is really in my head and what is out there. I can give you my AIM or e-mail so we can furhter discuss how to win with this underdog. PM your info.

This post jes scratches a surface of HUGO’s indepth complexity. I hope it can help some of you guys out there. I am not saying these are hugo’s best tactics, i am jes sayin these tactics work for me.

peace out…