Hugo match ups

Let’s revive the Hugo section a bit and let’s talk about any match ups that you’re having trouble with or maybe you guys can give out tips on how to fight certain match ups.

To me my hardest match ups are probably against Alex and Makoto. I know in some of the older threads you people said Hugo can use SA2/3 to beat Alex’s charge back dash / flash chop into SA3. I’m wondering since Hugo is in his block stun after Alex activates his super would doing 720 work? Can Hugo somehow grab Alex (using Hugo’s block stun to do standing 720) this way?

Another thing is, Makotos like to jump in on Hugo from a distance and stick out an early attack. Most of the time even if you parry their early air attacks you can’t retaliate because they should recover the instant they hit the ground (because they hit early in the air and most of the time they like to jump back up again). I’m wondering if we could parry early air attack -> air grab? If so which version of air grab would work?

Sorry I don’t own a DC at the moment and can’t really test these things out.

I’m thinking parrying early jump in attack into air grab probably won’t work. But what would be the best way to fight someone who is constantly jumping in with early attack? Would parry -> ex rushing punch work?

I’ve always thought it the other way around myself. For me playing as Makoto vs a Hugo is very hard, but Hugo vs Makoto is an easier path.

As for the jumping in early attack, it really depends on which attack it used.
I think I usually parry >, or parry >

You’d be suprised what Hugo’s air throw can do. I’ve seen it many times go through stupid stuff and grab people when you don’t think it would. Just try it out in casual play…thats what casual play is for! If the opponent is jumping in with an early attack: parry > Jab Air Throw Just try it out on different moves and see what you get.

Or if they jump a lot then parry the move then when they’re going to jump again just air throw then it might be able to grab them before their move comes out.

Also, Hammey Frenzy can grabe people out of the air. It may be useful…you’ll only get like 2-3 hits in…but it might be worth something.

i found it so hard to play against ryu…
the ex fireball is soooooooo annoying…
btw,wat do u usually do after a jab clap(hitted/blocked)?i usually do a 360k/,is there any other move that will work??
(i know that u can do lots of stuff after a fp clap,but since it comes out so slow,it’s easier to land the jab version)

You block! :lol:

Seriously, it depends on who you’re playing, or what super.

sometimes you can do jab clap, c.short mixups.

Huh, the hardest matches for me using Hugo have always been

  1. Ken
  2. Chun-li
  3. Urien

Come to think of it 1 & 2 have always given me trouble with whoever I use, heh.

I noticed that the air throw can grab people out of universal overheads, and I think all other overheads that put them “in the air.”

The Hammer Frenzy isn’t bad when you connect it in the air, because those 2-3 hits still do respectable damage and stun, and all of the hits knock down like most supers, so you’ll probably have them in the corner by the end of it if they aren’t already there.

I always get a giggle when I’m fooling around with hugo and air grab somebody out of a hurricane kick. :wink: I assume it’d be a lot harder on akuma or ken, but I seem to do it against ryu accidently every now and again. A friend of mine plays ryu exclusively, and I’m never playing against him really hard, because he’s just learning, so I do a lot of goofy crap. This is one of the more entertaining things I’ve done out of sheer randomness. :wink:

I was doing alright with Hugo today at the arcade. Played against a few ok players that clearly did not have much experience fighting Hugo. It’s always too easy to land 360/720 on them the first couple of fights :D. They got smart after a while and started playing keep away (I hate those players!).

Also fought a pretty good Ken and it’s so annoying that he kept using his air ex hurrican kick. Everytime I pushed him back a bit he would do do his air ex hurrican kick to cross over me (just can’t seem to block that right all the time). An it just seemed like everytime I jumped towards him he would also jump up and do ex hurrican kick. Very annoying.

One thing I’ve learned from watching that Japanese SBO2 qualifier is that Hugo’s running grab is so damn useful :cool:! Before I used to think it is slow and people would see that coming from a mile away and I would get supered everytime I try it. But no, it’s actually a lot harder to get out of if you mix it up. It keeps them guessing.

I’ll list a few situations in which I like to use the running grab. Feel free to contribute!

1)After a blocked/not blocked clap (they would be guessing if you’re going to sweep/slap/clap again if you mix it up well)
2)A lot of times I would do crouching lk -> clap -> whatever. So once in a while I would go straight into the running grab after a crouching lk.
3)After knocking your opp down, running grab if you’re out of throw range (sweep range is best; ppl usually don’t like to stick out wakeup attacks here, but of course you don’t want to do it too early).
4)When you have your opp in the corner and it seems like he’s either turtling or waiting for you to act first (they could be getting rdy to parry or waiting for a jump in).
5)Jump in rh (can substitute other attacks here), if he either blocks or gets hit -> running grab. Again mix it up with your Jumping attack -> crouching lk -> clap etc.
6)Just random running grab when it seems like your opp is in range.

I only use the lk version of Hugo’s running grab since the other 2 versions come out much slower and lags a bit before Hugo actually grabs his opp.

Another strat that works very well for me these days is universal overhead (miss), land, 360/720. Works best when you have your opp in the corner.

Yeah its not smart to use any other version of meat squasher besides the lk one but dont over use it smart players will catch on really quick. Hey lizard you got any strat vids.

I have seen almost all hugo vids out there and deleted most of them. From what I have seen only the tokushima & shirube vids are worth watching/studying (ie good hugo vs good competition). There just isn’t too many top tier hugo players out there.


Urien isn’t too bad imo, I’ve always used SA1, no ghetto unblockables for Urien, he’s got to land them the old fashioned way:D

Slim, I’ve never come across any vids of your Hugho, do they exist?

EDIT Longhorn edition: Does YSB not count as a tth?

Sure, there’s plenty of footage of me playing Hugo. Now, it’s certainly not top tier and it’s mostly me vs Streak with such matchups as Hugo vs Q and Hugo vs Oro, but still. You can get them from Streak’s fserve on #gamecombos and hopefully, we’ll have some new footage in the next couple days that will go up on

You vs. Streak Matches are fun to watch, wackiness ensues seemingly alot, I should seek those vids out. Oh Yeah KaraThrow is possibly the greatest site ever.

Slim, you, streak, and crazydazed should make a tutorial vid on Hugo kinda like the ones you made for Oro and Q if you havent made one already and for the tachi gigas you should tape your hands while doing it so i can see your technique. I would make one myself but i dont have the proper equipment for the music and all that stuff (trumpet song in Oro vid was the shit) and i cant do a S720.

best tune was Slim’s track to his block stun Gigas vid :D. it brought me back to when i was 7 years old, watching Daniel race to Autobot City in Hot Rod as the Decepticons began their attack. ahhhhhh, the memories.

edit: Slim had to remind me that it was from Tranformers: The Movie. can’t really remember what his exact words were, but they were something to the effect of him being ashamed of me :lol:

Hello. I find myself to be a somewhat above-average Hugo player(and by that, I mean able to beat the typical scrub/casual 3S player). However, my biggest weakness has to be currently Elena. Her constant poking and air-pokes have been driving me back, forcing me to stick to defense. And when I keep my distance, she’ll use SA3 and heal herself. I was wondering what type of tactics I should use to be able to go through the pokes and be able to stop my friend from using SA3.

Just use pokes like or and alternate between the pokes and palm bombers some opponents are afraid to hit during palm bombers.

Every time I try to use a Palm Bomber, he’ll just poke me out of it. Then again, I use MP Palms, so that could be the problem. Would LP make a huge difference in terms of speed?

By the way, we play on the Dreamcast at my school. I always have my configurations set so that X+A = MP+MK, and Y+B = HP+HK, and my triggers are the Lights. The reason why is because I always use MP and MK to be able to poke, and I have my Hards so that I can use HP Moonsault Presses/Backbreaker. Is this not recommended? Should I use more LPs/LKs?

Thanks for responding to my last post, btw.