HRAP3 or wait for SA...?

hi, i’m looking for a stick for Street Fighter 4 for PC and i’m wondering if i should get the HRAP3 $100 or wait for the SA for $120…? one website estimates September 10 for the SA…

also, i’m wondering if the stick in the actual Street Fighter 4 arcade cabinet is a square or an octagonal motion…?

if the xBox360 version is better, please say so… since i’m only gonna be using it on the PC, it doesn’t matter to me… although the xBox version HRAP EX is $30 more than the HRAP3…

I think it’s worth the mere $20 extra to get Sanwa buttons, it’d cost more than that to buy eight OBSF-30 and two OBSF-24.

Actually those buttons from Akihabarashop would be around 25 bucks shipped…
I would buy the hrap3 now and then get your own buttons (that way you can also pick your own colors).

Id get the SA , all sanwa and the superior top panel are all worth the extra 20 bucks.

I’m a bit confused here…

Which SA are we talking about?

The HRAP 3 SA that’s been available on and off since last December, or a new design stick?

Also, how in the heck would you get that thing for $120 unless you lived in Japan? There’s no way you’ll get it shipped it to you in the US for less $200!

the wait isnt really worth it in my opinion. you can get a TE for 150-165 at a few online stores (gamestop, newegg, ect) and have it shipped to you by next week.

The $120 price does not include shipping & handling. They charge $30 for s&h? That would be around $150.
HRAP3 off of Amazon for $99.99 + $25 from would be cheaper.

I would like to know too

HRAP3 SA >>>>> HRAP3.

For the top panel alone.

so what exactly is the difference?

Its the same. The only difference between the HRAP 3 and HRAP EX is the color scheme. I believe Microsoft has a higher licensing fee in comparison to Sony?

Top panel, and mounting bracket.

You can access the inside of the stick with just a hex/allen wrench. Beats having to unscrew the bottom, then using a nutdriver to remove the top panel.

Not just that…

The HRAP EX has a different JLF that does not use the 5 pin connector. It also has a mic/headset port. Also the HRAP EX does not have turbo functionality like the HRAP3 does.

Also the mounting plate area is different (obviously, due to it using a different stick).

if you could actually get the SA for 120 I think it would be worth the wait, but I have a feeling that the SA price in septemeber will be around the price its always been, 200+. What I did was buy a TE instead and I freaking love that thing, I recomend it to everyone that wants a stick, price is worht it IMO.

EDIT: as for your other question I read the Vewlix SFIV cabinet is pretty much a TE stick with 6 buttons, so by that I assume its a square gate on the joystick.

The pre-order price is $119.99 + S&H.

deffinetly get the sa ive got a regular hrap & a sa. the sa is better because you can put a semitsu stick in if you want

hi, this is the website of what i was talking about… i check the shipping and i was a bit mislead… the total is practically $150 which could be the deal breaker for me…

i was also considering the Madcatz TE but it seems like it is normal for that stick for some buttons to stop working from time to time with a connect and reconnect as a temporary fix… i’ve read user comments of it happening on both the PS3 and the xBox version… honestly, this is the only issue that is keeping me from going with that stick…

I’ve only heard of that issue with the Xbox360 version never with the PS3 version. Still its really rare and if it does happen the fix for it is to extend the cable all the way out of the cable compartment or to change the detachable cable that it has.

I own a PS3 Madcatz TE and its awesome, worth every penny. For a stock stick I feel its better then the normal HRAP 3 / HRAP EX Pro because it already comes with Sanwa buttons. Trust me, the stock Hori buttons are horrible and when they get dirty they stick and can be unresponsive.

Only thing I wish I did was get the XBox360 version as its a better investment overall since 1) its easier to dual mod and 2) it doesn’t have any compatibility problems that can be seen in the PS3 version.

But I, like yourself, bought the stick for playing on my PC with GGPO, 2DF and Street Fighter IV for PC. So I’m content with my purchase and I feel that you will be too if you decide to buy the TE.

hi, what compatibility problems are you referring to in the TE PS3 version…?