Hrap ex to Hrap ex se mod?

I was wondering if someone can help me out with this project. I want to Convert my Hrap ex to an Hrap ex se. What parts {Model numbers} are in the Hrap ex se? Also does the Seimitsu stick in the Hrap ex se fit the Hrap ex. If anyone can please help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

According to Hori’s site:

Stick LS-32
Button (L) PS-14-G
Button (S) PS-14-D

Dimensionally both sticks are the same so you shouldn’t have any problems putting the parts in.

Thanks so much for the info. Which version of the LS-32 though??

Doesn’t the EX come with a JLF-TM-8T (no harness, separate grounds) and a non common ground PCB? If so, just get the regular LS-32. The LS-32-01 comes with pins and a wiring harness.

I am trying to confirm if it comes with the JLF-TM-8T but I can’t find the info. I’ve heard that LS-32 only fit old HRAPS and that you need to drill holes for that Hrap Ex to make it fit. I am not sure if its true or not.

It looks like you have to drill holes. Check this out. LS 32 and JLF-TM-8T

Wrong Sanwa. The picture you are linking (as noted in the link, is a JLW. Not a JLF.

It’s an odd duckling, since this is probably the only HRAP that uses this particular joystick from Sanwa.

There is a picture of it in the 360 EX thread …

Nice. Do you plan on making it accessible from the top panel like the SE as well. That’s what I’m in the process of doing and am waiting on someone who owns the SE to post a pic of the piece that secures the hex bolt underneath. I can see why Hori charges as much as they do now, LOL.

I don’t mind if its not accessible from the top. I won’t be modding that often. Now I am trying to contact NotANoob81 cus I want to ask if he needed to do anything special with the mounting bracket to make it work, or was it a straight swap?

If they come like this, it looks as if it is the same mounting plate used in HRAP 2 etc, not HRAP 3’s (which I believe can not directly drop in an LS-32). So looks as if you’re good to go if it does come with that mounting plate.

I wanted to thank everyone for the Help! Being that I am a noob to hori sticks it was nice to know the support was there. Thanks guys. I will show pics once I am done with my project.

Hi GustavoYmusica,

How did this turn out? I have a HRAP EX (Death Smiles) that has a “JLF-TM-8T-SK-K” stick and was wondering whether the swap was successful or not?

The pick a few posts up of the modded HRAP EX looks like a little modification was done on the bottom button as the Mounting Plate for the LS-32 crosses into it…


Sanwa JLF to Seimitsu LS-32-01

I am thinking of switching out the sanwa that came in my HRAP EX with a Seimitsu LS-32-01. When i opened the case however i realised that all the points on the Sanwa are soldered and there is no wiring harness like on the LS-32-01. I attached a picture so you can see below.

If i remove and solder the wires to the points on the switches of the LS-32-01 will it work or do i just need a LS-32 for my upgrade to work.

Here is a picture of the LS-32-01 I want to use.

Your HRAP EX has a Sanwa JLF-TM-8T-SK-K, as oppose to a JLF-TP-8YT-SK-K.
Seems easier to replace with Seimitsu LS-32, than the LS-32-01.
Then you would just need to resolder the wires to Microswitch.

Because the HRAP EX is said to be non-Common Ground, using LS-32-01 would need work.
You know, cutting trace on the Joystick PCB.
Then solder wires onto Microswitch.
No use of Wire Harness still.

I see your point. I dont know why my HRAP EX was done this way…sigh

Would it be ok if I cut of the wires, strip them then use quick disconnects to connect them to a seimitsu LS-32 ??( i don’t have a solder machine)

Yes, that would absolutely work.
This Japanese guy did it:

You could get an LS-32 and an SS plate

Using a LS-32-01 on an HRAP EX

I really would like to get that LS-32-01 in there and I thought of a way it might work.

Couldn’t I use a wire connector strip and connect the wire for each micro switch on the LS-32-01 to the corresponding grey wire leading to the PCB.
(an example of a Wire connector strip is shown below)

Check my post above to see a picture of the 5 wires from the LS-32-01 and the grey wires leading back to my pcb on the HRAP EX.

I would then connect the Black ground wire to any one of the grounds on the grey wire strip leading back to the PCB.

I’m thinking this will work since everything is wired back to the corresponding button and is earthed using one of the ground wires.

Am i wrong?

That will not work.
Won’t work because the HRAP EX is non-Common Ground.

Using a Terminal Strip and making all the Grounds connected will not deliver correct inputs.
If you followed through with your idea, then when doing a Direction, you will get a Button Press along also.
Will happen because now you have tied all the Grounds together. :sad:

Now Shared Commons on a non-Common Ground are different.
They share the Ground.

On a non-Common Ground PCB, you will see more than one Group of points.
Each Group would share a Ground to eachother, but they will not share between other Groups.

Now let us get off for a bit.
This typed below is for a non-Common Ground Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller.
It has more than one Ground; all the inputs do not share one Ground.

There are actually seven shared Grounds:
LEFT and LB.
UP and DOWN and RB.
RIGHT and BACK and LC.
X and A and RC.
B and Y.
LT and RT.

Imagine what would happen if all those seperate Grounds got connected.
You’ll get multiple inputs. :shake:

Now back to your thing.
You will have to cut the Traces on LS-32-01 PCB if want to use Wire Harness.
Even after cutting, you would still have to solder on three more wire for the Ground.
And even if you don’t want to use Wire Harness, still have to cut Trace.

Making a Sanwa JLF to work on a non-Common Ground PCB is same idea.
On JLF, will have to cut the Traces on Microswitch PCB, and connect Ground directly to each Microswitch.
Here something I whipped up:

Your idea would work with a Common Ground though.
But HRAP EX is non-Common Ground.

For my Namco, I did the same thing you thought of.

What I did was take all the Ground wires from the PCB and connect to Terminal Strip.
Then I took the Ground from 5-pin Cable and connect that to Terminal Strip.

On another Terminal Strip, I connected the four Directional wires from PCB.
Then took the other four wires from the 5-pin Cable and connect to the Strip.

It works because the Namco PCB is Common Ground.

So what is your lean of replacing the Sanwa JLF-TM with a Seimitsu LS-32-01 instead of LS-32?
Because since you don’t have a soldering iron, you can still crimp on Quick Disconnects to Gray Wires and put them on LS-32.