How would you rate this Bison player?

I have been going through the forums these days always looking for strong players
to play vs to step up my game and whenever I have faced a strong player I have started these kind of vids.
Since this is the Bison forums and there are many experienced Bison players here how would you rate this player?

I wish I played like that, that’s all I can say.

WDM Cuongster is a very good player but the guile player clearly doesn’t know the match up. He is outplayed. Lot of random flash kicks, no anti air, no sonic boom trap, taking every throws…
For example you can see Bison doing jump forward HP at the beginning of rounds…and the Guile player just blocking. He don’t know that he can anti air bison even if he do a sonic boom LP right before.
I don’t think it is the best match up for rate a Bison player anyway.

i play against him he is very good but he drops combos and he is not wdm counguster and his seth is better really mindblowing

I’ll go with a 4 as well. 5 is of course as good as any Bison we’ve ever seen. Definitely not there yet, and as mentioned, this Guile REALLY doesn’t know/understand this matchup, but he’s clearly very skilled.

I give him a 5. He is good, but he plays to risky, which puts him in danger. Also, I can defeat an opponent in 14 seconds with a perfect in one round.

Um, wouldn’t a 5 be someone that doesn’t play “too risky.” 5 is the best imaginable Bison.

I guess I can agree with that. Do you want to play against me?

Sure, why not?

My PSN is VictorX1.

Sorry, Xboxer here.

That Guile is on autopilot. It’s way too active of a match lol

Great example of why sometimes PP/BP doesn’t always exemplify good players.

It never does.


“Never” is an overstatement.

Never is a sweeping generalization.

4.5 faux shoooooo.

I didn’t know what I was talking about.

2/10 lol this is djdelvalle85 europe best seth player rank 1 sf4 player on psn
he is good 9/10 he drop combos everything else he is a 10 spacing, pressure,reads etc.

He’s not Europe’s best Seth - That’s Problem X. delvalle is extremely bloody good though. He has a great Seth (one of the best in Europe) and a great Bison. I’d agree with previous “4”'s though - The only “5” Bison in Europe is Gagapa.