How would non-Marvel characters have reacted to Civil War (registration, etc.)?

Even after it’s over, I still find the whole concept of Civil War wildly fascinating. A country full of super-powered beings demanding that said beings be registered with the government and on a payroll is just super cool. The fact that Iron Man’s pro-registration side won is even more fascinating.

This is an activity that will accomplish nothing, other than encourage some pointless thought and mindless fun. How would non-Marvel characters, had they been a part of the Marvel Universe for a long time, have reacted to the events of Civil War? What side would they have picked? Would they have stayed on that side or switched? Assuming the presence of those characters did not affect the final outcomes (the deaths, the big showdown in New York, Captain America’s surrender, Iron Man’s victory) of Civil War, what would they have done post-war?

Any non-Marvel character, including someone who wouldn’t fall under the registration’s umbrella (ie normal humans sans powers who don’t perform heroics, like Mary Jane Watson Parker) you care to mention is fair game. Superman. Jack Bauer. Sailor Moon. Jonny Quest. The Tick. Marcus Fenix. Crono. Name them, and what you think they would’ve done. Name groups too, if you want.

I’ll start.

  • Superman -

I’ve no doubt in my mind that Clark would be vocally against the registration of heroes for the same reasons many resistance members in the Marvel Universe mentioned, including the inability to effectively counter threats from the government. Interestingly, Season 1 of Justice League Unlimited had a similar pre-Civil War situation going on, so we have some insight as to what that Superman did: oppose the idea of the government needing a check.

I think Supes would’ve played the Captain America role: the guy you totally think would be pro-registration would be one of the most active members of a resistance. After Captain America’s resignation, Supes would probably follow suit, or dissappear into exile ala Kingdom Come. The death of that guy who robo-Thor killed (forgot the name) would probably haunt him forever.

  • Batman -

The Iron Man to Clark’s Captain America. JLU again gives us some insight on what he believes. The government is right to fear beings with great power, no matter how good their intentions are. Justice Lords Bruce and Kingdom Come Bruce both have a role in governing Gotham City, and have created safe havens for their cities’ people.

Batman, the guy you think would be against registration, would probably be all for it, and act against his good pal Supes. When Iron Man won, Batman would regret what had to be done, but still support the new superhero registration plan fully. Batman might reveal himself as Bruce Wayne to the world, depending on how things go after. I doubt he’d do it during Civil War the way Spider-Man did.

  • The Sailor Scouts - :rofl:

Yeah, I’d find it very interesting to see what various anime characters would do and how they would react. Pretend for a moment that Serena and pals lived in Marvel America for this one. It’d be pretty cool to see the five of them arguing over this.

(Big geek alert: I watched three seasons of the dubbed Sailor Moon, and don’t laugh, because according to Million’s cartoon thread, a bunch of you secretly watched JEM.)

Ultimately, I think the team would be split. On the pro-registration side would be Venus and, unexpectedly, Mars (she seems pretty conservative). Jupiter is too headstrong to see registration as any sort of real solution and would likely team with Cap’s secret Avengers. Amy, methinks, would do the same, feeling as if the most logical course of action is to keep operating in secret.

Serena herself would be distraught and would probably sit on the sidelines, taking the route the X-Men did: declaring neutrality (as Sailor Moon; I think all five would agree not to reveal themselves just yet). Similar to Cable and Maddie Pryor, though, I think the five would set up some safe, neutral meeting place to discuss matters during the war. I do think, ultimately, all five will end up on the same side, and that same side is probably Cap’s.

  • Crono -

He would say nothing but he’d join Cap’s side. :bgrin:

Discuss. Or not. Whatever. It’s all good.

Superman would be pro-reg. The guy strongly beleives in repping the government, moreso than Captain America. If he is still gonna rep the government when Lex Luthor was president this would be no different.

Batman on the other hand would be more like Captain America and be against it. He would say, “Screw the government yall are all stupid” similar to what he did on JLU. :rofl:

I can see Nightwing being pro-reg since he and Dick Grayson are not so fundamentally different. He was a cop for a while too so it wouldn’t be so different for him I think.

Wonder Woman - Depends. I think she’d give the entire thing the finger and go back to her homeworld, sort of like what Namor did.

Spawn - Dude is homeless so he’d prolly be anti-reg lol!

Kujo Jotaro - Will kick Iron Man’s ass if he comes to Japan and starts talking that crap! STAR PLATINUM!

Kenshiro - Once he learns about all of the people they have in the Negative Zone he will shed some ‘manly tears’ and push all of Reed Richard’s pressure points causing him to explode! “WATATATATATATATA!”

Ryu - He’ll be sleeping by a lake in Central Park of NYC when the entire thing goes down (Register? He doesn’t even have a last name let alone a secret identity lol) but when he sees all of the heroes fighting in the last issue of Civil War he’ll jump in and “SHIN SHORYUKEN!” Clor’s lame ass! :rock:

Ken - He’d prolly be down with Tony Stark since they would be rich playboys who chill

Chun-Li and Guile - Both would go pro-reg so they could use Reed’s super duper computer to help them find Shadowloo.

Nash (Charlie) would be convinced that Shadowloo had already corrupted the whole anti-reg movement - and he’d be right - so he’d go solo…

Red Skull would hire Golgo 13 to take out Captain America. Instead, Golgo 13 would take out Red Skull and kill Cap’s brainwashed hoe that shot him in the stomach, but not before having crazy sex with her of course. Cap still gets assassinated by that Metal Gear Solid Ninja what’s his face - hey it’s better than dying by a bullet!

Huh, how does he come into this? Anyway ken only fights to protect others in the wastlands of his time because no one can, there is no order, laws or police around.

If kenshiro were to live in a different, peaceful era, and somehow also got to be successor to Hokuto Shin Ken, he’d probably just be living a normal life somewhere. Much like the way he had intended to, before Shin kicked his ass and stole Yulia away.

Not much reason for him to get involved in the marvel universe with superheros everywhere. He’d only step up if most of the hero’s somehow got wiped out.

Edit: On another note, probably the only characters ken could not kill would be the telepaths, and the healing factor mutants. Sure he could evade wolvie’s claw attacks and strike his vital points causing him to explode, but wolverine would just heal back to his old self again.

see: kingdom come, one of the many stories millar stole from

Nah IMHO Kenshiro would still be fighting - See Fist of the Blue Sky AKA Soten No Ken. There’s just no way someone who inherits the style is going to live a peaceful life. At best people would be challenging him to prove they are the strongest, hell maybe Iron Fist would try to throw down. :looney: But the main goal of the North Star pre end of the world was to protect the Chinese Emperor so he wouldn’t be involved with CW too much most likely unless the Chinese Emperor took a visit to the United States or something. Course in a Marvel setting maybe he’d be protecting the Mandarin or some craziness like that. :rofl:

The Comedian(Watchmen)- He would most likely join the pro-reg. Hell, would personally hunt down the anti-reg with that flamethrower of his. He was always for the govt. He much like Ironman is the kind of guy that is willing to do anything to win. Oh, Comedian + Sailor Scouts =:wow:

I’m certain Bats would appreciate the ability to keep other superpowered beings under control, but not if someone other than him was holding the leash. Everything Batman does comes back to his crusade to prevent crime. Having the U.S. government in control of a superhuman army, and sending dissidents to an extra-dimensional gulag, are not in his interests. He would be anti-reg.

I believe Superman would be anti-reg as well. It isn’t an issue of him being pro- or anti-government. One of the questions that Superman has struggled with all his life is, “How far is too far?” He was raised to respect humanity, and it’s that respect that keeps him from asserting his all-powerful dominion in order to protect them. I do not believe he would condone that kind of control, whether it be himself or someone else doing the controlling.

(That is, of course, with the stipulation that the Superman we are talking about is the regular, everyday Superman. Elseworlds versions–Kingdom Come, Red Son, etc.–are obvious exceptions.)

Wonder Woman would be pro-reg. It is in her nature to believe in the rule of law, with a firm hand. Since she is more inclined to think like a monarch, I believe she would support government control.

The Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) has other shit to deal with.

I really don’t think kingdom story is similar. But so you know that Kingdom Come is way Similar with the Squadron Supreme limited series.

… What would Naruto do? :rofl:

(Was gonna post more but have to go)

Nice theories all around. I like those JLU connections you made, specsy.

I could see Superman and Batman going either way. A writer would be able to come up with plausible explanations for their motivations regardless of which side they picked.

Personally, I think Superman would be Pro-Reg. I don’t think he’d be Ronald Reagan’s bitch like in DKR, but I could see him as a sort of government lackey. He’d definitely have a spine, though; I don’t think the government, or anyone, could make Superman do anything he wouldn’t want to do. I think he’d side with the government, but if he learned they were doing too much stuff he wasn’t down with, he could switch sides.

Now Batman… I could see him as not taking either side. He would just sit back in his cave, sipping a latte, watching the news, and saying, “Fuck this shit, I’m the goddamned Batman!” Like Superman, no one can make Batman do anything he doesn’t want to do. During the war, I see him ignoring all the superheroes vs. superheroes fights and just hunting down all the bad guys. He’d probably think the Pro-Reg side is stupid, but wouldn’t bother wasting time joining the Anti-Reg faction.

Then, when the Pro-Reg side wins, I could see him just being a rebel and waiting for Iron Man to come get him. I think he’d register if it meant he could continue living his life. It’s already been established that Batman doesn’t care about his identity, but he also doesn’t care for bureaucracy. As long as he’d have carte blanche to do anything he wanted, he wouldn’t really care as long as none of his family or allies got damaged.

I just HAVE to ask…

Which Jubei Yagyu? The one from Samurai Showdown, the one from Makai Tensho, the one from Ninja Scroll (who takes the alias Jubei Kibagami but is the same person, creators just don’t believe in the theory that he wore an eyepatch), the one from Onimusha 2, the one from Jubie-chan (her ancestor), the many many MANY other incarnations of the character I can’t recall right now or the one that existed in real life? :sweat:

Though I think you are right no matter which one you are talking about. YOU DON’T MESS WITH A SUPER NINJA! :nunchuck:

I think Naruto and his entire village would be against it. They have more than enough reason to not trust the government and people in power after that big old tourney where the third Hokage was murdered and stuff. It’s just another thing Naruto would swear he’d do away with for certain as soon as he became the next Hokage.

Of all of them I think Shikimaru might consider being Pro-Reg because being Anti-Reg is a lot of work and he’s lazy. But he would never betray his village so he wouldn’t do it. And once he learned about the 50 State Initiative he’d be… ‘kind of’ glad he didn’t go Pro-Reg and take a nap.

Rurouni Kenshin peeps -

Sagara Sanosuke, guy in my avatar and where my net name comes from - Straight up Anti-Reg. He doesn’t give a crap about the government or people in power.

Himura Kenshin - Would fall for all of the lines about keeping the people safe and all of that so he would be Pro-Reg. Wherever he goes, Kaoru follows. Ditto for Yahiko.

Saito Hajime - Would not care either way really but it’s likely that he would become Anti-Reg so he could fight against Himura Kenshin in an attempt to draw out the Hitokiri Batosai.

Shinomori Aoshi - Would most likely feel that it’s the Oniwabanshu’s job to protect the people in secret, so he’d be straight up Anti-Reg along with Misao and the rest of his crew.

Hiko Seijuro - Would just stay home and avoid the entire thing, calling his pupil an idiot for interfering in another war.

Now to get stupid. Civil War hits… THE DISNEY AFTERNOON!

Darkwing Duck - Would be Pro-Reg because the public wants heroes to become Pro-Reg so he’d do it for fame. He’d still only have about 5 fans and Gizmoduck would be more popular.

Launchpad McQuack gets to pilot the Avengers Quinjet and crashes it every single time.

Gizmoduck - He’s on Uncle Scrooge’s payroll and let’s face it there’s no money in being Anti-Reg. He becomes Pro-Reg and Scrooge makes a fortune on Pro-Reg Gizmoduck T-Shirts!

Donald Duck - He answered the question of whether or not he’s Pro-Reg or Anti-Reg but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Seriously, he has about 2 Super Hero secret identities, one for video games and another for foreign comics, he would just hang that up like Firestar did and lead a normal life. It’s not like anybody knows about Donald being a Super Hero anyway.

Goofy - Is too damn stupid to make this kind of decision. Pete will get him to sign a paper that makes him Pro-Reg and will sell him the Brooklyn Bridge at the same time. Max will be ashamed of his father as usual and will need a lot of therapy… well more than usual… oh and hey there is a ‘Super Goof’ in foreign comics too, but I don’t think Iron Man would rely on Goofy’s Dumb Ass too much…

Rescue Rangers - Operate in secret so they will be Anti-Reg. Iron Man will work with Dr. Nimnull to come up with a robotic boot to stomp them all out of existence!

Gargoyles - How much you wanna bet Xanatos will be Pro-Reg and sell out all of the Gargoyles? You know the Illuminati will be down with Registration so Xanatos has to be down with it too. I told Goliath living at Xanatos’ crib was not a good idea…

Tail Spin - Rebecca would be down with it but Baloo doesn’t even like being under her thumb so he’d be against it splitting them up. Louie just gets drunk at his restaurant so he could care less.

Gummi Bears - The Princess will have to be down with it because she’s in a position of power. Cavin would have to decide if he would go with his woman or stay with the Gummi Bears who would be on the run. Ultimately he would join the Gummi Bears though oooh… The Princess knows about them so she will reveal their existence to the public so they will be on the run until they team up with Cap. Cap drinks some Gummi Beary Juice, it combines with the Super Serium in his body and he goes Super Saiyajin(Saiyan) OH NOOS! He still dies though.

Mickey Mouse - Never really part of the Disney Afternoon but he is still the corporate face of Disney. You just know that Disney will be down with Registration and get Mickey to do it, along with pushing Blu-Ray machines and selling tickets to Pirates of the Carribean 3.

Ken Masters would get brought in for throwing fireballs and he’d say ‘I’m not a super hero! Everyone can throw fireballs!’

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - All of them including Casey Jones would be Anti-Reg except for Donatello. He’d do some hyper math and come across the same mathematical equations that Reed did, that if things don’t change the world is in big trouble. That’s why Pro-Reg has all the braniacs, Reed, Iron Man and Henry Pym. Well they are still missing Beast and that kid who’s siding with Hulk but what can you do…

Speaking of the Turtles would totally join Hulk’s army because green folk look out for each other, ditto for Blanka. That’s probably when Donatello will betray Stark and go back to his brothers.

Oh and I smell a potential Splinter and Squirrel Girl hook up in the works…


Dante of Devil May Cry - Tony Stark would call him up on the phone and ask him if he wanted to be Pro-Reg. But because he didn’t use the password Dante would just hang up and continue eating his pepperoni pizza.

LOL this is my post regarding people who eat pizza. :rofl:

Yeah Black Panther too right.

OT: That new kid, what’s his name that’s hanging out with Hulk - is stated by Marvel to be the 7th smartest person in the world. We still don’t know who the other 6 are. I’m guessing…

  1. Reed
  2. Doom
  3. Black Panther
  4. Henry Pym
  5. Bruce Banner
  6. Forge

Maybe? Beast might be up there too. Bruce Banner might not count because when they declared that kid was #7 he might of been on another planet… and he’s Hulk 24/7 besides. And Forge invented a lot of stuff, but it’s tough to say if that was because of his brains or because of his Mutant power.

It will be interesting if Marvel reveals who the other smartest individuals are, hopefully they won’t let us down… :sweat:

They might throw Steven Hawking in there. They like to throw in IRL people into their comics sometimes. Like when Bill Clinton was at Nick Fury’s funeral (one of em, at least).

That or it’s Xavier…or Sinister…or Apocalypse…or, hell, Cable. But yeah, Beast’d have to be way up there.

Well, Spider-Man is a bit of a brain himself. That makes a case for Donatello possibly supporting registration at first and then defecting. Neither Spidey nor Donny are quite the world class scientists that Reed Richards and Hank Pym are, so maybe their background as part-time scientists, part-time regular guys (as regular as a six foot tall talking turtle can get, that is) gives them a unique insight into the philosophy behind registration.

Popeye would go pro-reg, pop open a can of Spinach and continue to video his threesome with Olive Oyl and Bluto.

  • Slayers -

Lina would be totally want nothing to do with it, and probably getting the hell out of the country, and of course Gourry would follow. I suspect Zelgadis would too, but Amelia would be pro-reg for reasons of justice and righteousness. Amelia would be the Slayer character most in center stage, and the deaths and scope of it all would make her question her decisions.

  • Ben 10 -

Oh, man.

Ben would be SOOOOOOOOO anti-reg is ain’t funny. He’s been working above the law for so long, and is really protective of both his family and his secret identity, despite his moments of immaturity. He’d follow Captain America to the bitter end, even after all the shit that goes down. And after the war, he’d join Luke Cage and Spidey in the new underground.

Gwen would be the polar opposite and go totally pro-reg. Ben’s choice and whether he was safe or not would weigh on her mind every day, both during and after the war.

No idea what Grandpa Max would do.

If Vilgax or Kevin 11 tried to strike after Civil War, Iron Man’s forces would rip them to shreds.

  • Akuma -

Sorry, but he’d stay the fuck out of America. :rofl: Akuma’s no match for the good majority of Marvel heroes one-on-one, let alone in organized groups. He’s no idiot. His search for the ultimate opponent is not important enough to go to a negative zone prison and never escape. Unless he considers the PRISON his ultimate opponent, in which case he’d blatantly challenge the initiative.

:rofl: I like how nobody believes he’s dead, seriously. The dude could appear in SF3: 4th Magnum and nobody would ask why. But yeah, I agree, and if Bison did exist in Marvel, he’d be string-pulling more than the Red freakin’ Skull.

Re: Nightwing - Even though he was a cop, he was a cop as Dick Grayson, not as Nightwing. Nightwing still exists very much in the sphere of vigilante justice. I could see him having an argument with Bruce about what side to choose. And whatever Dick picks, he’s going to have a HUGE influence on other heroes. Because if he were in Marvel, he’d keep in touch with like every other hero on the planet, the way he does in the DC-verse. It’d be really easy for him to rally support.

Re: Kenshin characters - agreed!

I agree. Wonder Woman would believe that it makes sense for some sort of government control if the issue were to ever arise.

I have nothing to add other than I think you’re absolutely right.

:rofl: x infinity

I need to break off and rant about Darkwing Duck for a minute.

Darkwing Duck (the show and the character) was at its/his best in the first multi-parter, where even though he desired fame, he was still a formidable fighter and sleuth, and genuinely came to care about Gosalyn HOLY CRAP I STILL REMEMBER THE FUCKING NAME.

The later eps where Darkwing was, for the most part, a big joke, were more infuriating to watch than Inspector Gadget.

My $0.02. Though I agree with you if it’s later ep Darkwing, if it’s initial multi-parter Darkwing, he’d be anti-reg.

It tickles me in a way not too many things can tickle me to imagine Tony sending a team of superheroes after Chip and Dale. :bgrin:

You could cut the sexual tension between Baloo and Rebecca with a knife. :rofl:

Sher Khan would be totally pro-reg, but making anti-reg deals on the side.


Dude, gross. :looney::rofl: