How to transition into Mortal Kombat when it hits stores?

Ok so I’ve been hooked into the MK hype after seeing videos, reading info and threads, and learning what NeatherRealm has done to achieve the best possible outcome of this game. I really would like to get into this game competitively (assuming all they’ve done to revamp this franchise will give it a nice competitive scene) but I have no real background. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played all the MK games as I grew up, 1, 2, 3’s, 4’s, DA, SM, D, A (missed any? Those I probably didn’t touch), but I was young and didn’t play the game as an actual competitor, but more mindlessly like you would to a, let’s say Call of Duty. I’ve played many other fighters like this but I’ve only been serious competitively (learning game mechanics, competing in tournaments) since SFIV in 2009. I’ve gotten decent at that game as well as SSFIV and now of course MvC3.

Basically, now that I understand fighters more, I see the vast difference gameplay-wise between MK games and those of Capcom or even others I’ve gotten into like (3d fighters) Soul Calibur and Tekken, but this game has been appealing to me so much that I’d like to make a return to this franchise, only this time I’d be serious at it from a competitive standpoint.

So what I’m really asking for I guess is how would one make this transition, or addition into their fighting game library? What things should I look into, what will I need to know, what will I need physically, etc, etc, etc. And also, I’d like to hear other stories, maybe see what other people are going to be doing about this and how their futures look to pan out in competitive fighting games.

The best I can suggest is to just get plugged into MK competitive community. is a fine place for such. Like with most other games, the more you hang around players who know what they’re doing, the better chance that some of what they are trying to teach to each other may help your own game, as well.

After that, it’s just practice, practice, practice. Train yourself up, and then hopefully find a local/offline scene where you can continue to hone such talents.

Download the demo and work at it like most people have.

I hope the training/tutorial mode is good

honestly, this seems to be the least MK MK, as far as execution. just get the demo, and work on playing those 4 characters and get yourself acclimated to the game. and yes! checkout

When can I get the demo? I noticed that ATM it’s a PS3 exclusive thing.

If youdon’t have access to a PS3 or people with a PS3, you’ll have to wait.

As an SF player… the combat itself in MK9 isn’t that foreign, the hardest part to adjust to isprobably learning to utilize the block button, and not overutilize the block button. Blocking is of course, really important, but also really risky, because blockstrings generate a TON of meter for the guy hitting you.

Its not officially known but i am guessing March 22-23 at the earliest for the 360 demo, 29-30 at the latest.

Block strings don’t really generate that much meter. It’s no where near the amount of meter generated when you get hit (take damage).

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the meter building changes with the retail release.

Additional topic: Who is everyone going to use? Who do you think would fit me?

For the latter, I’ve got a history of villains (Balrog, Bison, Wesker, Taskmaster, Doctor Doom, Kazuya, Bowser, Geese, endless list) so those are always on my eye, however Raiden’s always been one of my favorite MK characters ever. My play style is typically someone who’s got excellent rushdown, mix-up tricks, but they usually can zone well too (Balrog, Wesker, Taskmaster) so I’ll look into that.

What about you guys? Who are you using and why?

The first character I’m going to give a whirl is Stryker, well, as long as you don’t have to unlock him. Not too much gameplay out for him, but he seems to stick out, like his gun juggles from the demo trailer. Also like the brief look at his X Ray (nightstick to the dome!) and just like his super swat cop look. Gonna be the first I really try to put work into.

After that, I’m thinking Raiden (used him in MK vs DC, the only MK game I’ve purchased) and Noob because he seems to have a lot of options with his “stand” moves.

So if the xbox doesnt get an exclusive char , is kratos still banned from tournaments?

If the Xbox does or doesn’t, i’d imagine that exclusive characters will get banned. It provides an unfair advantage to the players on different consoles.


Ermac was my guy in UMK3. I’ll try him first. Sektor looks really fun too. Nothing like teleports and homing missiles if you want mix ups

robot ninjas all day erry day. Though Ermac does look pretty cool from the trailers.

exclusives are banned either way. The only event I can see where they aren’t banned is if they make a 360 character identical to Kratos ( other than the model, animations, and voice that is ).

I’ve been a huge fan of Sheeva as a character for a very long time, so she will be the first character I try. Other than her, I will be trying out Sindel, Kitana, Jade, Sub-Zero, Stryker, and Liu Kang.

this may seem dumb, but here goes anyway. back when i thought i was good at mk games, all i did was spam specials. im sure there is a more important meta game to be played, but what should i expect?

also, ive forgotten how blocking worked in mk games. dont you just press the button, and watch out for high/low? are there crossups?

Yes! Same exact thing I was thinking. Stryker appearance wise looks a bit cooler and I remember seeing that trailer with the pistol juggle combo and I was thinking I’d likely try him out.

Also definitely gonna see Raiden, Johnny Cage (he’s the hilarious douche), Baraka, and Ermac.

Stryker is indeed a badass, and he looks like he’ll be even more awesome in 9.

There’s high low, but there aren’t crossups, at least not in the SF sense of the word.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the robot ninjas. Huge, so no doubt I’ll be spending some time with Cyrax, Sektor, and Cyber Sub. Ermac and Saibot are looking pretty good right now too… though Shang Tsung, Raiden, and Smoke will probably get some attention too. Way to early to really think of a main ofc.

I was never a huge fan of playing as him in the earlier MKs, but Scorpion is by far my favorite character from the demo, too damn fun.

First thing I’m going to do when I get the game is try out Sektor and Reptile. The engine in this game looks ripe for freeform shenanigans, and it seems like those two have some nasty tricks. I’ve also got my eye on Sub-Zero, Human Smoke, Noob, Kano and Kabal (you know he’s in this, don’t even argue. ;p) Oh, and Goro! I never play as the big dudes in fighting games, and his X-Ray looks too damn satisfying. HEAD SQUEEZE.