How to Survival Hard edition (A Fan built guide)

Alright guys I can’t beat Hard mode survival not alone that is so I came here to start a discussion that will collect all the tips to beating the Mode with each character.

To organize it will be set as:

In General (all characters can do so): tip etc.

Playable character: tip etc.

Also for in general be specifc so example (jumps work fine for 1-9)

I will keep adding what I didscover about this AI.

In General: Don’t worry about points. You’re presumably out to unlock colors, not be the top of the leaderboards. Use those buffs! Rounds 1-3 is safe to take the “half health for triple points,” but don’t screw around with them after that.

In General: Attack power of 145% or 130% is by far the best of the upgrades because it almost guarantees you a stun into an easy victory. Killing quicker means more health for you! Only pay to heal yourself if you’re below 66% health. Otherwise, easier stun is almost always better unless you have to choose between 115% damage or 140% defense, in which case, take the defense. Lastly, healing can be a points trap – 40% more defense is worth more in terms of usable health than 20% more life in any given round.

In General: Vesper has done an excellent video on Hard and hell survival:

Well so far we know that Ryu and Ken can simply mash MP Shoryuken to beat all modes. I am working on Zangief right now and what is working for me is spamming charged S.HP at max range. Went through normal mode doing this, going to try doing it for hard mode. For Nash I have seen players have success abusing moonsault combos.

Chun Li: Can use her V skill from mid screen and get a free wake up jump in Hk works 1-12 after stick to HP or MK.

Vesper, is this guaranteed a safe way to win? I just lost at rnd 42 the other day so I’m a little upset but I have to beat this challenge…also, nice Ryu ranked gameplay video

Any luck with Bison by chance?

I’ve been looking for exploity stuff with Dhalsim, but am still stuck in the early 40s.

Died at 32 birdie twice in a row. Failed a hard/hell survival mode literally feels like i’m wasting my life

Yeah I gave up at it, dying in the last round. Just wait for a 2.99 dlc lol. So much time wasted.

Time wasted isn’t even it, it’s that its so BORING. Yay Spam DP for 25+ Rounds ok.

In general: Chun Like doesn’t tech back throw at all I got to her on Hard I think at 28 and won with only back throw both with Laura and Karin

Character specific: Karin can get through most of survival just with QCB+Lp~d+K and usually if they start blocking Cr.Mk XX Orochi works

Just beat Hard and Hell with Rashid. Basically, just spam Eagle Strikes. Easiest char in the game for Survival IMO. and luckily my main

Update: I

Sadly luck is still involved so it is not entirely guaranteed.

Wow, good going. Might give this a try over the weekend if I’m bored to death.

This guy has some done

In general: After knockdown you can do a meaty jump in which is easy to hit confirm; if the com blocks you can get a second neutral jump in and do a second confirm have your best jump in combo ready as you can knockdown again and repeat the pressure.

Last stage. 15% health left. Bison about to flip kick my ass. Then behold, Another fight was coming my way!! Opponent canceled. Thanks bud

DP characters:
[*] Mash DP (use Strong DP with shotos… Fierce DP works okay for Necalli atm… but didn’t test hard mode for him yet. RNG mode will be grapplers. Also, Cammy can apparently punish well sometimes on block/whiff.)

[] Devils Reverse spam (you can do Low Jab, Low Strong xx Devils Reverse repeat.) Just know that it’s RNG against Ryu. Karin might propose problem with her St.Fierce, as well as Necalli.
] St.Roundhouse, Low Strong xx Forward Scissors Kick repeat (this loses touch near middle of hard mode… might be useful against Ryu since Devils Reverse trick is RNG against Ryu).

[*] V-Skill into pressure? Unsure if V-Skill causes the opponent to freak out and stay still or neutral jump like crazy. Method was not tested in hard mode yet.

[*] St.Strong xx (Short) Moonsault… repeat. May have to do Low Strong, St.Strong xx (Short) Moonsault if prone for whiffing (especially in corner). Method was not tested in hard mode yet.


[] Eagle Spike spam (use Roundhouse variation. RNG mode comes in when you face against Ryu or Laura… gets hectic at level 42 because that’s when Laura Ryu series comes in.) After Roundhouse Eagle Spike, you can do another one, and then do meaty St.Fierce xx (Roundhouse) Eagle Spike again. In some cases you could do (Short) Eagle Spike just after the Roundhouse one on block… just watch that some characters, like Ryu, can stuff it with a particular normal like Ryu’s St.Forward… while some characters usually just take the hit or block it.
] Cross-up/safe-jump setups from QCF+Jab on crouching opponents or QCF+Strong on standing opponents. Necessary in dealing with characters that flat out are causing problems (Ryu Laura etc.)
[*] V-Skill Divekick (again, useful alternative to deal with Ryu Laura)

[*] Charged St.Fierce. Method was not tested in hard mode yet.

All the character tactics I can find so far.

Rashid’s eagle spike spam worked brilliantly till level 42 ryu. Shit you not, he parried every single one. Vskilled under fireball. Got punished.

Sigh. Gotta try again

He’s tough. Laura is too. QCB+Roundhouse attempt if you get the chance, the only HUGE issue is fireball. Really have to save CA meter for this, since you may need to use Air EX Divekick to bypass the fireball (you MIGHT have a cross-up/safe-jump opportunity… not sure).

Also, go for the vortex setup if you get the chance. Attempt a jump at a sweet spot, hit-confirm into QCF+Jab or QCF+Strong. Remember the “hit-confirm” off the jump, it should be “St.Strong, Low Forward” link. Have to make this link to reliably react and confirm (the opponent’s stand/ground state) into either QCF+Jab or QCF+Strong… make sure to mash the punches too in order to get the proper jump follow-up.

Once you land the QCF+Jab or QCF+Strong (mashed) accordingly… you should use the vortex setup… it should be instant Jump Forward, and if they do not quick-rise/roll, walk-up a bit, delay a bit, and then Neutral Jump Fierce as a safe-jump.

Seriously the make and break point has to be level 42. You have to deal with Ryu and Laura in series. Once you have them covered, the rest should be fine so long as the Health buff RNG has been grateful to you.