How to Screw over those Flowcharts

Hey Guys,

I’ve been playing a lot online, but I always get screwed over by the Ken flowcharts, because most of the time, they spam fireballs, and when I get in close, either by air or ducking through fireballs, I get punished with a shoryuken.

I basically always lose to them, and it’s really annoying, since I can’t punish SRK’s with U1, and but I can’t punish fireballs with U2, so I don’t really know what to do. Once I get in, I can mostly stuff all of their reversals with a meaty jab, and still be safe on reversal SRK, but getting in is the big problem, because if I lose my momentum, I basically lose.

If I could have some tips on getting in close, and some wakeup (as in me being knocked down, then doing something to knock them down), that would be greatly appreciated.

duck the fireballs, jet upper the jumping hks, block the shoryukens and punish them on the way down with MGBs.

also be patient, let them come to you and make mistakes

Be careful if it’s acrubtard ken with his epic l.srk. As the moronic doichebags can spam it. And you wouldn’t believe how many the can get off in 5 seconds.

LP SRK is -14 on block so you can get a guaranteed f+MK > st.HK xx Jet Upper > Ultra/Super

But we all know that is when we fluff it up and eat a mashed out Fierce Dragon into Super from Ken lol

Once you have them in the corner just do a ex cross counter > U2. But you should be using U1 against flowcharts anyways.

I’m in need of this too :frowning:

c.MP all day.

When they jump I auto cross counter lol. I’ve been getting better at beating flowcharts by doing that. Also, Ultra 1 is god against flowcharts you won’t believe how good it is when they throw fireballs from mid screen.

Learn to do cr.MP xx LP MGB and keep spamming it. Chances are, after they block the MGB, they’ll try to attack only to get stuffed by the cr. MP. If you’re close enough and they’re frozen in fear, you could mixup and go for a throw. I had a Fei Long player who* just wouldn’t block*, so I kept hitting him over and over. I think I saved that replay…

Whenever you knock them down, you know they’re going to do a SRK reversal (most likely EX). Just block it…no point in going for an overhead or any sort of mixup.

Anti-air with, not jet upper. It can be stuffed. And that sucks.

out flowchart them. Kinda hard with dudley… but whenever i notice a blatant flowchart scrub i just out scrub them. 1) Its funny as shit, 2) They usually send hatemail how you are cheap, etc.

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I got spammed with Hk.Tatsu’s all day today when playing shotos… They learned not to throw fireballs. I didnt’ have an answer except to jab then just throw them after it, but I didn’t know if there was a bigger punish. I must be missing something. (i am pretty scrubby)

If they do regular tatsus, all you have to do is crouch then use cr. MP.

Cr.hp works too for more damage. Or, at least it should. I haven’t tested it. But I’m 99% sure it should work.

Anti-Air s.MK is my best SSF4 friend, ever

I was so shocked that it works as well as it does when I started playing. It beat everything I could think of throwing at it in training mode, including Blanka’s and Sagat’s It’s an amazing and fast AA.

Got a bit of advice myself, when playing against shotos who are fireball zoning, use the different kicks, short to go the least distance, forward to go a distance a bit less than a default dash from Dudley, and roundhouse to go the distance of a dash.

Try to space yourself so that they can’t reversal DP you, because if you do this to flowcharts, they will mash out reversal DP, but it will wiff for an easy combo.

EDIT: Can stuff a Demon Flip Dive Kick?

Yeah the advice is GDLK. No flowchart should be able to jump you guys if you use and mix in a few cross counters. Only really go for the dp if you feel like practicing your trade options if it trades. Or you want a meterless ultra 2 / super

When you have meter for Ultra 2 and they jump in on you, use an EX Cross Counter, then follow up with U2.

Or just anti-air ultra them.