How to Screw over those Flowcharts

My method is flashier. :stuck_out_tongue:

MK against jumps, duck or focus fireballs at full screen; at 2/3 or less HK duck and straight should hit any shotos. When in shoto sweep range, charge focus attack and 90% of the time you’ll be able to land a level 2 (works especially well after they get hit by ducking straight through hadoken).

Punish shoryukens with the hardest combo you can manage safely - don’t go for anything fancy if losing is going to put a kink in your game. Don’t risk trying to punish Ken’s LP shoryu with 6MK or HK f you’re not point blank range, instead just hit them with a good HP and watch them flail.

I love that little combo, so easy, yet so very much damage. And looks super awesome as well. :woot: