How to play Q's theme?

How do you get the Q theme to play on arcade?

The cabinet at denjin is japanese with unblockables so I’m pretty sure it should play it but I don’t know how.

I’ve heard things like it has to be on event mode, Q has to be 2p, etc., etc…does anyone know for sure how to get it?

The only time I hear it is when I fight the cpu Q, I’ve never heard it in a player vs player match

In the old 3s tournament video “Shirube 1” when TK (Q) fights J (Makoto) the Q theme plays.

As seen here also:

haha we still can’t figure it out.

Do we even know how the game decides which character’s stage to use in event mode? 95% of matches default it to the 1P character, but there are videos that prove it isn’t always like that. In [media=youtube]7IUXoUIYshA"[/media] set of matches it’s always the 2P character. It also seems to have no correlation to who picks their character first or who presses start to initiate the match. So on a given cabinet it’ll always be either 1P or 2P no matter what the players do. I figure Q’s stage/music follows the same rules as the other characters. I guess you can just figure out which side always gets their stage on whichever cab you use, and pick Q on that side.

i think the machine has to be set to 1 match at time or tournament mode.

We’ll test it out again at Denjin 2night. The center machine is japanese and has unblockables so this has got to be the right board, right?

Even when both players pick Q I always hear some other character’s theme

For Japan version:
7th menu -> 2nd menu -> switch 6th menu from “???” to “1???”

Player 1 using Q and player 2 using another char than Q will normally activate Q music on dudley stage…

So the music isn’t guaranteed everytime? Interesting

We just tried this and played 5 games worth…it didn’t work.

from what I remember it has something to do with the fact that the Q player is challenging or not. I think (although I could be wrong) that if they are challenging Q, then you won’t hear it. I think it plays when Q is challenging, maybe that’s why the whole 2p thing came out.

In my experience, when a Q player challenges someone at the arcade, it’s always defaults to the other character’s stage.

Pyro, did you try using Q on each side or just one? If you tried each side and it still doesn’t work on either, the machine at Denjin must be somehow different than the others.

Well Q or the opponent can never challenge if it’s on 1 match event mode and obviously the music never plays in normal mode.

Yes we tried both sides just to make sure and it still didn’t work.

I asked Bagrat (owner of denjin) if he has the old type board and he said yes (it being japanese and has unblockables) but I vaguely remember the japanese saying that there are multiple versions of the old type japanese board with unblockables and only the oldest version can play the Q theme. I think Bagrat may have a newer version of the old type board, that would be my only guess at why the music won’t play.

Solve this mystery SRK!

when i play on my emulator

i always have it set on event mode and normally im always first player and if i choose Q the music comes up for me on dudleys stage

hmm this is a mystery…it just HAS to be with Q right lol (the guy no one knows about)

tournament/event mode P1 has to pick Q.

Q cumber

Then why isn’t it working on a cabinet that is japanese and has unblockables?

no idea D:

sucks because the Q song owns and makes you think of SBO.