How to play Q's theme?

Hell yeah Q theme is the best song.

I always think of TK vs J in shirube 1 when he jumps in fierce, standing forward, SAII and then it zooms in on his fist and the music goes “DUH NUH NUH NUHHHH”


I want to do that at Denjin.

q theme is my phone ringtone.

we had a japanese 3S back home and I got Q’s theme a bunch of times although I didn’t pay attention of how to get it. I’d try if I was in Peru, lol I can’t even find any 3S arcades in charlotte.

I’ve always wondered thois same thing, because I got into playing 3s from watching a youtube video of Kuroda playing Q in that cooperation Cup tourney…

mine too :rock:

will there be a Pyrolee Q at Evo next yearrrr?!?!?!?!?!?

did you go this year by any chance?

Nah didn’t go.

I don’t think EVO is running 3s next year.

Now, 3s = ARCADE ONLY :slight_smile:

It’s probably gonna be a side tournament. The ultimate disrespect imo.

not really 3s this year was a joke lol

and I love 3s to death.

Well yeah I was watching it too, and I was really dissapointed as well.

It sucks because after all the 3s casuals we had in vegas, it re-energized my love for the game. Its sad to realize that it prolly wont be there next year, which means i prolly wont be there either…Fuck now i gotta drive to denjin

Can no one solve the mystery of the Denjin 3s cabinet?

The only explanation I can think of is there might just be multiple revisions that people didn’t know about

seen here too: [media=youtube]ZEx0jPAGA-s[/media]

Originally Posted by ringopan
q theme is my phone ringtone.

Same here.

Q kind of reminds me of Rorschach.

did you guys move the cabinets around since April? I think i know which cabinet you’re talking about. Is it the one that used to be furthest from the counter and the change machine? Because i noticed the sound was kinda fucked up in general on that machine. Well, whatever i could hear from it. Tom’s girlfriend swearing at me was what I primarily heard when I was playing.

ppl bitch to much about it

i liked watching back from 2k3 and 2k4

that was when everyone actually enjoyed watching the grand finals

K.O vs Daigo was the best 3s finals i ever seen at Evo

It also didn’t help that they did 3s before many people were even awake. The floor was empty as fuck from what I saw on the video.

I’ve heard there are several versions of the Japanese board. That Shirube vid was from awhile ago. They must have had the original board. Maybe the newer versions of the old boards were created to make it easier to repair the suicide battery.

Tweleve- True indeed. My game shoo’d away like a rambunctious pet :tdown:.

The mystery has been solved!

Apparently the event mode setting has to occur right after a fresh restart of the game?

We accidently resetted the game/cd/board and then set it to event mode and Q was 1p and the music appeared!

Denjin Arcade now produces the theme of Q.