How to make the Hori FightingStick EX2 work on Windows

I had just bought the Hori EX2 and wanted to use it on pc for various emulators, The standard Windows drivers for it sucked and I couldn’t get it to work.

After some fiddling around I got it to work with XBCD and now it works like it’s supposed to.

I noticed some people are having trouble getting it to work and I felt like contributing something :stuck_out_tongue:

After this programs like Xpadder , JoytoKey and Pinnacle are pretty much obsolete because this replaces the Microsoft driver, instead of using it , and it has it’s own extended cfg options. ( deadzone cfg , remapping buttons ETC )

So here’s pretty much XBCD’s guide with my own twist to it:

*** !! VISTA users scroll to the bottom of this post for info !! ***

Step 1.
Plug in the stick and install it with the Microsoft Drivers.
Step 2. **
Go Download ALL needed files from the Link to the downloads on the top navigation bar. Install the XBCD drivers “All in one installer” for the corresponding operating system, -->

After you’ve installed XBCD, you should edit the xbcd.inf file (e.a C:\Windows\inf) , this is necessary because we are going to let Windows use different drivers instead of what it is currently using. Open up the inf file, add this line on the bottom of the driver list : %XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000D ; HORI FighterStickEX2.

Exit and save > right click the inf file and install.

Right-click on My computer and click Properties.

Click on the “Hardware” tab, Click Device Manager

Expand the “Microsoft Common Controller…” by clicking the plus sign.

Right click the “whatever shows up here, the description might be 360 controller or FightingstickEX2, for me it just said Microsoft common controller” and click properties.

When the property window opens click the “Drivers” Tab, Click the “Update Driver” button > Click Install from list or specific location then click next. > Choose the “Don’t Search…” and click next.> Select XBCD XBox 360 Gamepad and click next.

You might get a message saying the driver is not signed. Click Continue Anyway.

Click finish and the stick should be succesfully installed. Read on for configuration procedures.

Final step
Go to your start menu/programs/ (Called All Programs in XP) XBCD 360 Driver/ then click and launch “Setup Utility 360”. Click Open and load THIS profile > click apply and save.

Windows Vista

Pretty much the same as the XP guide but instead you should;

Install XP XBCD drivers all in one
add the information to the XBCD.inf --> ( save, right click and install is not possible )
then load the hori profile

The profile just loaded , changed the control stick from being recognized as the hat switch and has remapped the LT and RT buttons as normal buttons instead of bumpers.

Cheers !

Any problems,comments,feedback let me know !

Credit goes to Zerodotjander for the XGI and obviously XBCD for their Guide, Kesh! for getting this to work on Vista


I’m flattered to make it on your list shoo :slight_smile:

Yeah, I found those instructions and the same XGI file on this blog post a month ago.

yep, but the link was down so I decided to just post it here myself :slight_smile:

The link wasn’t down.

It was when I wrote this guide, it’s better understandable like this and easier to read :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s my blog post. It looks like you’re using my XBCD config file, too. I don’t mind you copying it, it’s instructions anybody could have come up with, but I would have appreciated a credit.

Sorry m8, I knew I missed something and totally forgot about it, edited my post , sorry man !


There are problems with this and Vista.

Vista will take the windows installation drivers over these ones. Right clicking xbcd.inf and installing is not an option.

Thanks man, that XBCD shit was pissing me off trying to get it to work. Seems so simple but wasn’t working… now it does… thanks man!

OOoh I forgot, just a little detail right…

It detects my stick as a d-pad instead of the left stick. Will that make any difference in sensitivity?

Did this and it comes up with the error message, “The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation.” Anybody else have this problem?

There are problems with everything and Vista. Emulators, roms, PC games, adapters, converters, controllers… if it wasn’t specifically designed for Vista, there is a decent chance that problems will arise.

My buddy bought a brand new laptop this summer, and ended up formatting and slapping on XP all just for SF. :rofl:

can somebody PLEEEAAASE tell me how im supposed to edit the INF file ?

I can’t get this to work in MAME… any idea what’s wrong?

Got it to work on vista :smiley:

took me sometime, and some wrestling, but now it works…almost 100% (100% with MAME).

This is what I did:

Installed XP XBCD drivers
add the information to the XBCD.inf
then load the hori profile

should work from there

my only problem is, MBAC doesn’t realize that LT/RT are buttons, even though the profile says otherwise.

I’ll keep tinkering, hope this helps someone!

Wow, this set of instructions worked perfectly (Go figure it would take XP drivers to get it to work on Vista, though). I can finally use this with MAME, though I’m going to have to remap the buttons in GGPO right now. This should really be added to the original post, or at least noted that the XP drivers should be used even if you have Vista.

Well, the regular old Xbox 360 pad works natively in Vista, so in theory any 360 controller should work just fine on it. My guess is that Hori never intended to have it used on a PC and thus didn’t test it with that platform. The fact that you need a custom driver to use it in either XP or Vista should be a sign.