How to execute Vega's Ultra with one button! PC users only

Hey there fellow PC SF4 Vega players,

I’ve personally have had a lot of trouble executing Vega’s ultra with a keyboad, at the arcades it was never really a problem, but when your using 4 arrow keys as a substitute to an arcade stick (which is what the game was designed for) you can have a lot of problems. I’ve also run into other PC users who are having a similar problem, alas -

A SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND - Go out and buy an arcade stick OR…

  1. Download an automated keystroke program.
  2. Tell it the exact keystrokes you want it to do.
  3. Choose a hotkey.
  4. Play!

For example. My hotkey is F1, to perform Vega’s ultra all I need to is hold DB , then hit F1 and Vega instantly perform his ultra EVERY time.

You can also use this program to help you with other difficult moves for keyboard users, such as zangiefs piledriver move. A 360degree rotation on a stick might be effortless, but on a keyboard it’s a challenge. =P

If you need help, PM me and I can send you the exact script/program to do it.

As cool as this sounds, I don’t think people support use of macros.


I’m sure some people will say it’s cheating and unfair to use shortcuts and so forth.

But I’m only making this thread to help PC users execute moves that are painfully difficult on a keyboard.

sorry dude, you won’t be getting any macro love here. At least buy yourself a PC pad.

Keyboard < Pad < Stick

I agree for the most part, except I can’t play stick for shit… don’t feel like spending the money to get a good one, and don’t feel like spending the time to get used to it, so I use a pad.

I just switched to a stick and I’m having alot of trouble. But more to the point, macros aren’t cool.

It took me a week to convert from pad to stick. People say it takes months haha, I barely know how to use the pad anymore xD

I play Vega with a keyboard, and I agree that it can be blisteringly hard to master his ultra input. There was an old thread on this forum (“Vega on the PC!” I think) that helped me a lot, though, and there are some shortcuts that make it less than impossible without hours of practice.

That said, god help you if you’re trying to do Zangief’s ultra.

The first and easier of the two motions involves abusing the heck out of input shortcuts. Using the standard arrow key layout, hold a :db: charge using two fingers on the appropriate keys. Once you have your charge, use your third finger without lifting the other two from :db: to quickly tap :r:. In training mode, you should see that the game registers this as :df:, and then when you lift your finger quickly returns to :db:. Complete the motion by releasing the down arrow and (while still holding the back arrow) press up + KKK and you should see roses.

There are two big problems with this method, though; the biggest being that it’s slow. Because you’re relying on the game to correct itself, there’s a predetermined “max speed” of input for this, and with the extremely tight timing required to actually land this attack, the ease of execution is offset by reduced usefulness. Additionally, if you try to do the ultra too hastily using this method, you will wind up doing an EX barcelona to the back wall, which always makes me die a little inside. I might be deluding myself, but I find that the risk of an accidental EX barcelona is reduced by double-tapping the :df: input. It also feels faster, but I think that’s just in my head.

The other limitation is that this input method is incompatible with FADC to Ultra, which is extremely important for when your opponents stop spamming fireballs at you from max range or otherwise begging you to punish them with some bloody roses.

Edit: a variation of the above input method is harder to do, but can help to offset the speed limitation by making things more manual. Instead of holding down :db: for the entire sequence, instead hold down only the down arrow key while you input the :df: command. Think of it almost as if you’re swinging your hand from left to right to left again using the down arrow as a pivot point.

The second is, well, the standard ultra input: :hcb: :ub: :3k:. The important thing to learn this method is to recognize that all you need to do is hit three keys in proper sequence: forward, down, and back arrow keys (for the hard part, anyways). If you allow your fingers to roll across the keys like you’re strumming your fingers, the game should automatically plug in the diagonal directions you’re going for. Between the two, this method is by far the more worthy and useful at higher level play, and if you’re trying to find one to practice for implementation in your game, this is definitely the one to study.

Still, input method no. 1 should get your Bloody High Claw going in about ten minutes, tops.

wow… playing a beat em up with the keyboard sounds really challenging…
for those who don’t want to buy a new pad or can’t afford them…

there are those psx-controller-adapters which you can plug in your pc via usb and then connect them to the ps/ps2-controller… it’s only a few bucks. =)

I think every controller’s better then a keyboard. ^^

You do realize that using that is cheating though right?


I keep my ultra, the Ragequit, bound to Alt+F4. I can use it on reaction to counter just about anything! Games, forums, instant messenger conversations, homework…

I have both playstation control pad and keyboard, but i feel that my execution in keyboard is far better than with pad.

With keyboard i never get a ST trying to FBA, because directions are perfect.
I can do vega’s ultra better with keyboard too, charge “as” keep “s” pressed, “d”,“a”, release “s” press “w” + kkk key is fast as lighting and it hardly fails. Besides i can do ultra to the opposite wall in keyboard and i just can’t do it with pad…
…but with hadouken characters the d f d f motion to do the ultra fails sometimes on keyboard.

So, keyboard has its advantages if you are used to that, and i don’t use macros.

I am sure skills can be gained by keyboard play - macro’s are just bad, even setting PPP, throw, FA etc imo, and that’s in game options.

Still, if you are serious about becoming good (and I am far from that point) then a stick is the way to go. BHC is not hard to do with a decent stick to either wall on demand and comboing into moves is a lot easier. But, I guess some of that comes down to practise and $.

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Graphf, I like you and all, but really, control yourself. I’m not your mother but you’re embarassing and way overreacting.

As if playing on the PC didn’t have enough problems.
Sharing all the problems the console versions have, plus hardware and variable framerate issues, we now have to worry about macros giving people flawless canned combos and punishers instantly.

If you wanna go easy on People creating macros for combos, ultras, ect… then go ahead.

My friend is thinking about getting it on PC and this is bullshit.

Just like the guy above me wrote**…“we now have to worry about macros giving people flawless canned combos and punishers instantly.” **douche bags are gonna macro everything ad look at how perfect execution is achieved not by talent or practice but by a few lines of code mapped to one button.

having an “ultra” button… that shit is retarded. Sasaki… Can’t be going easy on these freaks. They don’t belong in the community.

So what?
It’s better to play someone with great exucation/macros, rather than with noobs who happen to know two move combo - J.HK, c.HK and SHAROOKEN.
Nothing gamebrakendes can be achieved by macrosing and nothing that you can’t do yourself. He still needs to hold DB to make this Ultra work.
Like was said thousand times before - macrosing a combo will get you killed.
If you fell for the Ultra(macrosed or not) then guess who’s fault is that?

Really,guys,stop bitching about such a trivia thing as macroses in fighting game and go train your game,since it feels you are a bit butthurt that you can lose to a person who uses macroses.

lol @ people who are unfortunate enough to have the PC version as their only source of SF4.

Macros will break games, no question about it - Ecspecially against Vega, who often relies on the opponents making mistakes during combos.

Seriously, all this about keyboard sucking for inputs is just a silly myth. The main problem about using a keyboard is usually lockups when doing multi-button presses. In SF4, this is not a problem because the game allows you to map :p::p::p: and :k::k::k: to one key.

I’ve been using a keyboard for fighting games for several years, and the only input that can be troublesome is 720. I also use Claw and Guile, and have no problems executing their supers. What you have to do is to spend some time in practice mode to find a workaround for it. What I use personally is this:

Charge :db:, :hcb::ub: + :k::k::k:

Why this long motion? I find it easier and faster to do a generalist movement than a zig-zag one. In this case, I only move in one direction, that is a clockwise circle.

Oh, and I believe this is close to the truth: Stick = keyboard > pad