How to do Guile upside down kick,, flash kick?

There’s a new Guile on the scene lately with the nick tsuyoshihyuga who does Guile upside down kick,, flash kick. For the life of me, I can’t get close to pulling this off. I can do,, lp sonic boom and,, lp sonic boom fairly regularly. But I can’t figure out the timing for what tsuyoshihyuga is able to do so flawlessly.

Here’s a video of what I’m talking about, although in this one, he only does it once.

Does anyone have any suggestions or help for how to do this?


Here’s another video where he does it 3 or 4 times:

Finally managed to do this but need more training to do it consistently. Actually it’s not as hard as you think. You just have to get used to the timing. Force yourself to do the FK-cancel off of the mp a little later than you usually would do. Maybe the Delayed Charge Cancelling Video from Nemesys Syndrome (thx for your vids, man) can help you out with this too.


Here are the video(s) on delayed charge cancelling:

I’m going to add that the trick to doing most of the delayed charge cancel combos is to execute them slowly and don’t rush through the inputs.

Another word of advice. I don’t know about the Seth player but Upside Down Kick on block is really unsafe and you can end up getting punished really hard for it.

Awesome, thanks, guys! I’m going to have to spend a few hours in the training room now. =:)

So, I’m not sure what’s going on in these videos. Is it just waiting longer to do the xxx flash kick cancels than you normally would? Do you have a post or something that describes this more, @Nemesys_Syndrome?


Made this video especially for you. Hope it helps.

You rock, @Nemesys_Syndrome!! Thank you!!!

How is a move that’s 0 on block really unsafe?

What are you going to follow up with afterwards that will keep you safe? Risk pressing crouch tech and eating a reversal or getting thrown.

EDIT: I honestly don’t believe it’s 0 on block. It has to be in the negatives.

It’s 0 on block.
Upside down kick

Start up: 16
Active: 6
Recovery: 12
On Block: 0 (on first active frame)
On hit: 5 (on first active frame)

Damgage: 100
Stun: 200
Meter: 60

Special Properties
1-29 frame lowerbody strike and projectile invincible

6-28 frames unthrowable

Dude this move is AWESOME!!!

Meh. It’s okay. I get DP’d out of it all the time, and it whiffs on a decent number of characters.

who does it wiff on

It’s been a while since I’ve checked, but IIRC it completely whiffs on Blanka and a couple of others, even if they don’t change their hitbox on wake-up. And (again, IIRC), I believe it whiffs on Yun and Yang if they do a wake-up short or forward. I believe there are other characters whose hitboxes (I think Guy?) just get them out of Guile’s upside-down-kick for free either by not doing anything or doing a relatively safe wake-up move. And of course, playing against any character with an uppercut will destroy Guile’s upside down kick, since 90+% of online shoto players mash uppercut like scrubs whenever they can.

Bait the dp/reversals, force/train them to crouch tech then go in with the Upside Down Kick.

I mostly use the Upside Down Kick on Crumple Stuns only. Or if I notice that they’re crouch teching on reaction. Use the reaction to your benefit. Try a dash up and just block. Are they reversalling with dp’s? Are they poking with a low move? Are they crouch teching? Either they’ll crouch tech or throw out a low poke (low forward kick comes to mind).

It’s crazy how hard this move is. I can’t get it. Extremely annoying.

@Nemesys_Syndrome‌ - When doing the, you are plinking that right? Hitting mp and lp?

It’s private. :C

Although trying to delay the cancel as much as possible can help, I think it is super important to focus on just how fast you begin your down charge. You may think you’re doing it fast but make sure you aren’t writing it off and that you are really doing it as fast as you can.

You should try to go to down-back or down-forward depending on which direction you used to do your Upside Down Kick. If you did UDK starting from back, go down-back. If you started from forward, go down-forward. This will help reduce the travel time of the stick from say forward to down-back. From there, just don’t mess up the link. I find that when I focus too much on the charge time and cancel time that my regular link timing suffers so try to retain whatever natural timing you had for the link.