How the Tekken Community Feels about EVO

"In all fairness, Evo would be better off not doing tekken at all if all they can do is a 5.0 tournament.

its a waste of time, no one plays it and i doubt theyll be able to bring players from overseas to come and spice it up, because no one plays it. (apart from people who dont have arcades)

Choosing between 5.0 or nothing at EVO, i pick nothing."

You can also read an entire thread of Tekken players complaing about “the Tekken Crisis at EVO 2k6” here:

You have to wonder why the Tekken community continuously puts the blame on tournament organizers like the staff of ECC and EVO instead of on Namco, who is the real cause of this problem. Let’s only release a PSP version of Dark Resurrection so Sony can sell their shitty, failing handheld! That will sure help our gaming community!

Think I’m kidding? Less than a month ago, major movie studios announced they would no longer be producing the UMD movie format for PSP, citing low sales and that “the PSP is nothing but a portable Playstation. It’s a toy and nothing else. UMD movies are not selling.” So Sony is trying everything it can to sell it’s shitty handheld, since worldwide sales of the Nintento DS are massively up, while the PSP is being flushed down toilets.

I’m interested to see how the Cannons feel about this, since it’s obvious that most of the Tekken community doesn’t want to come out and play Tekken 5 anymore. Also, insanelee (Bronson) is running a Tekken DR arcade tournament in NorCal sometime this summer with 4+ cabs, and they are calling this “THE Tekken Major of the year.” Is there a need to have Tekken 5 at EVO at all if this is the case?

Shit, I would rather see Tetris DS!

Phil - I don’t want to derail this thread into a DS vs PSP thread or anything else nonproductive cause I’m truly curious about how the tekken community feels about this. However the psp which sells for over $100 more than the DS outsells the DS in america, not by a lot but it does. And the movie industry dropping the UMD as a format really doesn’t effect the sales of the PSP - which most people buy it for either gaming or watching movies on memory stick.

Derek Daniels

I guess it’s time to start really bugging Namco about bringing DR to PS2. If anyone is willing to start up a petition, I’d be willing to sign it.

I’m sad that DR is not easily accesible for EVO to have a proper tournament. However. I do believe people will enter especially if there is a good pot for the game. Right now is just a bad time to be a Tekken gamer… every game series has thier up times and down times. I for one will continue to support EVO and any other Tekken event in future.

Does DSP even play Tekken.

DR is plenty fun, but the lack of accessability pretty much kills it being played in tournaments.


You’re right, but I’m talking about worldwide sales. NOBODY in Japan is buying the PSP at all, and that is the primary market. Besides that, worldwide overall the DS is kicking PSP’s ass and it’s pretty sad, considering the PSP has a huge color screen and much better graphics. It’s a classic scenario of having the best GAMES, not the best GRAPHICS. Most games for PSP are shitty PS1/2 ports of games people already have, so unless you’re pretty new to gaming, why would you even care about PSP? (on the other hand, the ONLY reason to really have a PSP is the emulating of old games, which is actually ILLEGAL and not what Sony intentioned. go figure!)

The thing is I really do feel bad about what’s going on with Tekken, but on the other hand I’m convinced not to feel bad when there are people like Jinmaster who are actually in charge in that community, and decide to run events parallel to ECC to fuck over gamers who play both Tekken and Street Fighter. Is he going to do the same for EVO?

Well no, someone has to get fucked in this situation. I just think he chose who he would like to not get fucked (Tekken players who don’t play ECC games on that paticular day).

I support tekken at evo 100% but I don’t think the main event will attract anything but TOP players unless they are local. In other words I don’t see any average to above average players traveling to this event to play and that’s a problem, just makes this thing a local deal rather then something big that it could have been with DR.

I would have liked to have gone to evo this year. I was already making plans to go before I knew DR was even going to exist. I didn’t like 5.1 that much… felt too unfinished and not a balanced and fun game. It was missing stuff that DR puts in overall. So I kept playin 5.0 til DR came out and quickly switched to that as soon as I could… but now that I see it’s not going to be at evo I am disappointed.

But at least people are doing what they can to have major tournaments all over the us for DR throughout the year, and those are what I’m most looking forward to. I didn’t go to any last year except for local tournies because I was just getting into tekken. I didn’t even attend regionals for my area. I’m not a top player or anthing but I place well at regional tournies these days and have won a couple local ones.

Anyone still going to evo to compete in 5.0 that’s cool, but I wouldn’t expect the huge turnout it could have been with DR.

Well… the reason people dont want 5.0 and want DR is because its balanced, fair, blah blah blah. But as you said, the top players will be going to this regardless. However, average players dont go to evo in hopes of winning. Atleast im assuming a good amount of players dont expect to place. They go there for the environment, top players, and in general to have a good time. I dont see why the 5.0/DR dilemma would affect the average players.

Also, FR9 was 5.0 right? It seemed to have a pretty decent turnout regardless of all the whining online. I find it sad that there will be a good number of people who want to go to evo but wont simply because some “big names” are shunning it publicly. Its sad, really.

tekken 5.0 should be dropped from the schedule

i thought it kinda sucked that one evo when #reload was out but it was only xx

Why should 5.0 be dropped?

i just brought 5.0 becuase DR is not avail yet. :sad:

Oh ya one more thing I wanted to add, I remember last year they switched back and forth from 2 out of 3 rounds to 3 out of 5 rounds… some nonsense like that. This seemed to piss people off too. It’s pissin me off because I’m trying to download decent match vids and they’re like 40 seconds long lol.

Just throw another marvel tournament…

yea it should be dropped …

No reason to drop it, the game will get players regardless of 5.0 or DR. Of course it would get more with DR, but since that’s an issue that isn’t debatable, the Tekken players (myself included) will have to deal with it.

well…my character isn’t even in 5.0 so…guess I can’t really do much shrug

all your points are ok, what i want to point out though is that this same thing was happening with GGXX slash, there is a thread excatly like this for that game untill they annoucned it would be played as a three on three team tournament.

** this is the point though, three years ago when reload was out we didnt swich the game then because it wasnt available to the masses but what were learning here is that the fighting game scene in america is evolving and we dont want to play the old games anymore we want to play the latest and greatest like the japanese do. and were not waiting for anyone to make it happen for us. **

were demanding it now!. the funny thing is at the same time this was starting to happen houston was blessed with this magnificant arcade called Planet Zero thats dedicated to getting the latest games as early as possible. Emotiongear"planet zero manager" had slash first, had fist of the northstar first, and got Soul caliber three the day after it was released in japan only cause fedex cant get things to america from there any faster than two days. he also got Super Dragon ball Z, this place is like a real japanese arcade, just here in the states, and Emotiongear is trying to help whats already escalating into a true evolution of gaming in the states" i belive DSP is right to bring this up. and it should be address, Emotiongear agrees, he couldnt belive that EVO wasnt even playing DR. and was really dissapointed that american tournaments are on console, me and kensou and jan and aznhitler having been on arcarde for sometime now, when the console release of slash came in we rejoiced cause now we can practice the game when were home, and try our new tricks out on arcade, however FR9 came, when Kensou went to FR9 he learned that he hated console, the tvs on stands sitting on floors or combonation of chairs, is terrible compaird to the feel of sitting in front of a japanese head to head cabinet. you play better oh H2H cabinet i gureentee it. but the only problem with wishing our tournaents were on H2H is the for the american arcade industry this is not standard, plus american cabinets are way cheaper to make and produce so that prolly wont happen anytime soon. arcade is the trues experience, showdown friday night was awesome, everyone agrees, unfortunatly from my point of view it seemd to me that saturday and sunday of showdown was merly a shadow of what a tournament should be, and that was friday night at planet zero.i only wish every major city had a planet zero to experience of their own. last but not least, major tournaments should move to all arcade again, also GGl is going to check out the ticket to evo tournament x30 is hosting, maybe this will convince them to sponsor or start holding there own leauge for fighting games and if so they could afford head to head cabinets, theres loose talks of maybe having showdown on all arcade next year, H2H even marvel! look at T7 its all H2H even marvel.

bottom line the players want to play the latest and greatest including the equipment the games were meant to be played on.


paragraphs please