How many will be left after STHD

Sup fellas. I’m gonna outta teh game for a lil since I got two broken buttons and refuse to go back to pad but I was wondering how many of you are gonna abandon the emu scene/ST/and Super Sundays, when STHD comes out becuase I don’t think I’ll have either a PlayStation or XBox when it comes out so I will most likely still be here. Catch you guys when I get my shit fixed. Peace.

I will probably only play STHD, which sucks because I am sure the release of the game will cause some serious fragmentation across global scenes. I myself can’t really do much about that though.

Just so everyone knows

Its suspected that it’ll have a netplay system better than current p2p, maybe almost as good as GGPO. First I thought its GGPO but according to inkblot, evil twin of Ponder, GGPO is not being used for it. If they succeed, everyone will play there =)

I’ll still be playing on my PC, even when I get a 360 for when STHD hits.

I’m a little flattered that you consider emulated ST practically synonymous with Super Sundays. :bgrin:

Yeah, really not looking forward to that at all. :tdown:

Your stick’s broken already? I thought it was like 2 weeks old or something. :sad:

And yeah, I can’t see myself spending a big chunk of change on a next-generation console. I mean, right now, I don’t even have a high-def TV. :lol: And I don’t really have any interest in console gaming anymore outside of SF, so whatevs.

I don’t have 360, so ill still be playing for the emu. But I think it’ll really depend on the quality of STHD online. Right now, ST on nfba is great. And not only that but you could also play HF, CE, and other great oldies online with nfba.

Honestly I’ll probably play STHD most of the time (assuming the Remix version is good and the netplay works well) but I’ll still play ST on PC some (especially on weekends when wife is watching awfull home-improvement shows on the T.V. all day, LOL).

If the netplay is crappy on STHD like it is on HF and/or Remix is broken, then I’ll play mostly on PC. I’ll take smooth gameplay over pretty graphics any day :wgrin:.

I’ll eventually start taking part in super sundays. And maybe even keep taking part when the game comes out. I plan to get the game on both platforms so I look forward to playing some of you online. I have faith that capcom will have great netcode for the game. Some of the features like quarter mode and the apparant 8 player tournament mode sound pretty damn awesome.

i’ll probably throw down the cash on a next-gen system one of these days but either way it’ll be all bout dem super sundays, gotta make it live on after sthd hits i tell ya!

unless we switch to ggpo of course in which case i’d curse it for hating my comp then erase any mention of super sundays from my memory!

it’s all bout kof98/98um too, gotta love it folks! (AKA more than 4 people in #srkkaillera need to play it)

I’ll be gone to STHD unless the netcode turns out worse than nfba.

Obviously we should just hold STHD ranbats instead of ST ranbats when the game comes out. Playing ST while HDRemix is out will be like playing New Challengers while ST is out.

The closest I got to next gen. is my Nintendo 64 :rofl:

I can’t afford one at the moment or prolly in a while so I’m S.O.L. then

Unless the netcode sucks, I’ll be playing STHD.

ST is and will always be the real deal. You can’t fuck with 15 solid years of play testing. HD:Remix is nothing more than a discount xbox live arcade download. After it’s 15 minutes, it will join AE in the dust bin. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, turning your back on ST like it’s nothing. So eager to snuggle your face in the buttcrack of some other dudes interpretation of how ST should play.

With that said, if it turns out to be good, I’ll play it. But ST was already balanced. This is just asking for trouble while dividing the community at the same time.

i have absolute disregard for ST:HD. all it is, is just a gimmick to SF2 series. there will be no real comp based on revised ST:HD because of the way it is - exclusive to xbl/psn, taking ST:HD seriously is a joke if you think you can host a tourney or get some comp. too much hype. this game was made for the arcade not for console. i feel sorry for evo 2k8 for having to front ST:HD when the original ST already has its glory. i haven’t lost hope on ST, but lost hope for those who think ST:HD is a direct replacement to ST. I would rather play ST at an arcade with decent comp than this garbage

So awesome of you to live in Japan.

For those of us living in North America there will probably be way more comp on STHD than on ST on nfba or any arcade anywhere.

Besides I think Sirlin knows what he’s doing and is putting real love into this project. Its a new SF2 game no matter what, and I think mostly likely it will be an improvement over the gameplay of ST.

keep living in the past, while we move forward…

I won’t know until I play it. :wgrin:

even if the netcode ends up being just as good (but not better) than p2p or ggpo, and remix mode ends up beign a bust and we go back to classic mode, id still quit emulator play, for a couple reasons.

  1. player pool is much much larger.

  2. alot easier to get a game going. believe it or not, a lot of players that are good probably dont play on ggpo or nfba cuz they are completely computer illiterate and dont want to spend all that time fucking with their shit. here, the just pop in the game, and go play. simple. they dont have to worry about getting the right resolution, dont have to worry about making sure their game can run at solid 60fps, no port forwarding needed. just start and play.

  3. even if netcode is still exactly the same quality, it would still play better. why? because theres less random factors fucking the game up. for one, the game was built from the ground up to work with the netcode, instead of just being tacked on in the end, like most games. plus its on a console, and everyone is using the exact same hardware. so no worrying about random jimmy having a shit computer that cannot keep his game at a solid 60fps. theres no irc, aim, skype, popups, random windows activity to fuck with the game either.

  4. and love it or hate it, leaderboards and stat tracking.

more reasons i can think of, but you get what im saying

I pretty much agree with what Sabre’s saying for the most part. However, I think there’s a couple things worth considering as far as emulators, P2P/GGPO, and Super Sundays goes:

  1. Super Sundays are a lot of fun. Even if there’s a tournament mode in SFHD, there’s something to be said for getting together with a small group of SRK friends once a week to play some classic ST. I mean hell, I still play HF online a bit. I’m gonna play the hell outta SFHD, but there’s no reason to only play one game.

  2. While being on a console will shield you from the BS of computers(IM, opponents with slow systems, etc) it also brings it’s own set of BS(XBox morons, the overhead of voice chat, etc). I think they’re both viable platforms.

At the end of the day, I’m going to mostly play SFHD. But, as long as Super Sundays continues I’ll show up for that as well as some casual P2P action when I need a break from some of the scrubbery that’s so prevalent on consoles.

On a side note, it would be cool to get a Super Sunday-ish ranbat going somehow when HD comes out. Probably be a lot trickier to orchestrate, but it’d be cool.