How many people here have a Kanzenshuu Account

I’m quite interested in how many people overlap with these two forums.

Not since 1998

The fuck is a Kanzenshuu…

I think hes talking about an old DBZ website

@AlphaCommando does. I heard he’s into Yaoi.


Hmm. Okay then. And Kanzenshuu is a Dragon Ball Fan site.

No it isn’t.

We got dudes on here that will fight you for saying Kamehameha is a real place/person/king/volcano/sounds particularly hawaiian… kinda what this whole monkey king lore is built upon as a mythical foundation not power level dumb shit

“Random shit move with generic name Trunks does is bettah den gokuz”

/animay gif HATER!!! youtube Linkin Park Trunks AMV

Goku would beat Superman, no need to check up a universally accepted fact by posting here.


You ever been in the big DBz thread here?


Okay then, (I doubt it could be THAAAAT bad compared to youtube comments).

You’d be surprised.

… I need to visit hell to see what the end has in store for me, okay where can I find this thread?

Its in the ultra sf4 section

Why would a Dragon Ball thread be in the USFIV Section?

Mods never moved it :wonder:

Let’s talk about Superman.

One-punch Man could beat Superman and Goku at the same time. :coffee:

… Goshdarnit…