How many people are avoiding you in online play?

I just checked mine and it was 16% and they all chose quitting early but I have 0% disconnect hmm? lol. Some people just can’t take the fact of losing.

before sf4 I had maybe 6-8% avoiding
after sf4 I have 42%, mostly for “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”

I didn’t know guile and blanka were unsportsmanlike…

winning is unsportsmanlike.

Oh that would explain it! Thank you!

80% with 41% being unsporting lol, guess thats what they call winning nowadays

edit: too slow with the joke damnit

When Hyper Fighting first released my unsporting spiked considerably. Especially when I was running random people over with Boxer. :rofl:

I have about 50%. Most are for quit early, but that comes from playing Vega when HD Remix launched. About 1-4 to 1-5 matches would end in de-sync because of the glitch.

noob time
how do you check this percentage?

^^^same question.

I have 3 % disconnect and i’m not a bad loser.That 3 % it’s when i quit when a match start and i realize it’s going to be choppy and laggy like hell( I play PC btw)

I mean in a match (laggy like anythnig you have ever seen before) … Something like 15 frame per seconds… The guy picked Zangief and the first 15 sec he spammed Lariat( Lariat would take 1 minutes to finish) … i left the match (It’s was a finals) …

I shitlisted him …
The end …

There’s nothing wrong with that.i paid for a new computer to be able to play new video game.If they can’t afford it … i’m not gonna pay the price for them.
i also experienced Hadouken Lag hack … WOW … The second you jump to dodge the fireball … the game start to lag like hell lol

I’ve never had a game in which I had to put so many people on avoid. These are the reasons I will put people on avoid:

  1. You’re a complainer. The moment you send me hatemail at the end of a session, I will put you on avoid.

  2. If you keep entering the lobby despite me kicking you (or leaving). This happens alot. I kick people due to a bad connection (or due to being horrible) and yet they keep coming back.

  3. General douchebaggery. This includes excessive trash talking and/or taunting, singing into the mic (I have no clue why so many people do this), and whining while fighting.

If “Unable to play” is a result of being avoided then a whole fucking lot. Some of these ppl I haven’t even seen their names before and I can’t play them even though they still come up if I refresh the search.

67% avoided for unsportsmanly conduct as well.

LOLZ at the gamers of today.

I’m down to 72%.

50% avoid me. Most of them say I’m unsportsmanlike. I remember checking my rep around the time HDR came out. I think around 15% avoided me then.

how do you check your percentage…

54% avoided. most under “unsporting”. None of it came from SFIV AFAIK. Hyper Fighting was another story. Apparently throwing more than one fireball in HF is unsporting. The Xbox rep system is just a way for butt hurt losers to feel better about their horrid play. I like my high unsporting rep, it lets me know im not complete garbage.

before sf4 I had 0% avoided…now i have 60% avoided…huge chunk of that was because I was aggressive?!? isnt that what your suppose to do? attack the other guy?!? and another chunk said bad language …funny thing is I dont have a mic…lol

I dont know the exact %, but i know its over 50, with the majority under unsportsmanlike conduct.
I attribute this to the fact that i main Vega.
People hate losing to Vega

I was avoided by 87% for a while, my negative review is 25%. Mine has never been good, I played a lot of Halo 3 and back before SFIV, it was like 65%. SFIV players get enraged when I beat them and then they get their revenge by giving me a bad rep…kinda like what happens here on SRK.