How many infinites are there?

How many infinites has Magneto?

counting variations, a lot

other wise…

rom - sj, lk, lk, addf, lk, lk and it’s variations
jump - j, lp, d+lk, lp, (lk on big characters)
slide - clk, chk, xx sj, addb, hp whiff, land repeat
tri jump - sj, addf, lk, hk, or sj, d+lk, addf, lk, lk
sent only jumping -, lk, hk, and all it’s variations


He also has one on Sent using unfly mode… =P

since unfly is limited usage, can you really count that one? (or does it have a lk, hp sequence in it?)

it’s not five… i don’tknow how many but i think its more than five…
you miss the one afetr the lauch, hk, addf, lk, lk, tri jump lk, lk…

that counts as a rom variation.


actually that isn’t a rom variation, you are completely right, it is a different infinite. Rom involves, super jumping doing attacks, then dashing down or down forward doing attacks. Tri dashing over and over isn’t ROM sorry. Also he has the Rainbow infinite, which is Launch, Jab, D.Short, Strong…D.Shot, addf d.short, strong, forward, repeat. Also he has, roundhouse XX tri dash jab, dash forward jab, repeat. And he has, on blackheart in corner: hypergrav, dash, fierce repeat.

edit: oh and he has (in corner) fierce, xx tridash, short, strong, repeat. So in reality he has closer to prolly 10 infinites.

all but one useless :karate:

i thought i was right… heheheh…
i can pull off only two of his infinites…the rom and all its variations, and the normal jump… all the other infiinites are as hard as hell to pull off…

the thing that makes the ROM work is the after the addf. it still involves an addf and super jumping, thus it’s technically the same thing. it still has the same effect on the character, and it can only be used as a variation. after a few reps, your opponent will get too low. it will probably work on megaman or roll forever, but most characters will eventually get too low. so if you want to classify OUTSIDE of a ROM variation, then it’s not an infinite because they get too low


if you want to count all those rediculously hard infinites, then you forgot another one


shp, xx sj, adf, d+lk, lk, land, repeat

[ (1 hit), xx sj cancel, ad/d (whiff) hp, land]
fly, [f.lp lp]

what about standing infs? I think I just found a variation on bigs which is (sj, ad df, lk, lk hk)…I think it’s only in the corner though.
I was doing this on Juggs:

hp throw, standing inf (3 times),,, tri jump ad df, lk, lk, hk, land,,, ad df… or you can end with a grav tempest

standing infinites are the same thing as tri jump infinites, except for one like, sentinel where you can jump and do it… for juggs you’re tri jumping. same concept as sj, addf, lk, hk, repeat.

thats not an infinite son, that doesnt even connect for 2 hits

Man I really wanna flame you, but I don’t know if you are posting in an argumentative manor, or if you are just discussing (you didn’t use too many charged words in your post). But uhh, allthough the thing that makes the rom work is the d.short, fact is rom is super jump attack dash down attack, therefore to tri-dash it isn’t a rom variation. Forget about what ever attacks he’s using, cuz I’ve seen, superjump jab, dash down jab, connect twice, and its definitely a rom variation. Also that infinite can be repeated for ever, delay the second short, and they will get higher, also, you could do short, strong forward to keep them higher.

Also I didn’t forget that post, I put it in there at the edited section where it says Fierce, tri-dash (super jump, dash down) short, strong, u just posted a variation of the infinite I posted.

then if you want to look at it that way, i mentioned the tri jump infinites and it’s variations. there ya go. i mentioned the sj, addf, lk, lk, infinite

i wasn’t going to sit there and type in every single variation of every infinite. however you want to classify it, i’ve covered the empty rom or the sj, addf, lk, lk, infinite

peace out

PS: you like getting technical. the infinite i posted requires you to air dash forwards.the one you said says tri dash… which i’m assuming you mean tri jump, but i’ll forgive you on that, and that requires you to addf… not forwards. different infinites :slight_smile:

well i when i posted on gamefaqs i asked if that was even an infinite, everyone (including you, mixah!) was like “OMFG MIKE U SUCK WTFBBQ DUR THATS AN INFINITE” etc etc

btw, how come it isn’t? shouldn’t they be high enough er watever?

ohhh, i think at the time, i thought you meant the suki cancel infinite that ekin did in his video. my bads. that’s not an infinite


the only people on gamefaqs worth listening to is:

xjapan (taiji)
tolerance 0
philopia (whereever he may be)
me (on the rare occassion)
fullmetal daywalker (xecutioner)
slim shadow (infinite)
deraj (muster)
can’t think of anybody else really…

TMO is awesome (demise, the dude that did that 50 hit corner combo with sentinel on collossus)… that’s about all i can think of… pinoy is good too. his anakaris is awesome…

so if those people who were calling you a scrub wren’t any of those, then i wouldn’t even listen to it. jagnashi is knowledgable too… but sorry. i probably misunderstood.

there is not enough hit stun from the