How many good matchups do you think Hawk has?

The titel says it.
Don’t forget to say who his good matchups are.
Fire away people.
Imo not many.
But I just wanna hear it from you guys.

T.Hawk does not have much matchups that are what I would say “In his favor” He has quite a few of 5-5s 5.5/4.5s… IMO these are his matchups that are either even, or in his favor…

Evil Ryu

I understand why players like F.Champ, and Momochi say Hawk-Sim is in Hawks favor.


I don’t know anything about match-ups, but I rarely, if ever, lose to Makoto.

Ill explain it in the matchup tread rather than here

Wait, what? Joe lewis are you serious?
Fighting sagat is in hawks favor, how?
All that sagat has to do is tiger whole day and st hk if you wanna get in.

Ryu, Ken, Sagat. Goodbye credibility. >_>

Dudley, Ibuki, Gen, Dan, Abel, Makoto, Hakan, Zangief and Adon imo

I get Sagat, because we discussed this in another topic. I’m still not sharing your opinion, but at least I can undertand your POV.

Why the hell are Ryu and Ken not even matchups, seriously you need to tell me, because I want to know.

With all due respect, hasn’t this question been asked to death so many times already in the T.Hawk Forums?

It’s as if we’re trying to reinforce the idea that he’s always going to suck when he really doesn’t…o_O

You mean besides the fact that their standard game is a direct counter to Hawk’s (i.e. zoning and keeping it mid-range, where they beat Hawk vs Hawk trying to get past everything to get inside, which is the only place he has any real advantage)? And if you still think Sagat is even, that’s your problem. People are judging match-ups too much on the quality of players they face rather than the actual character vs character analysis.

Go ahead and tell me.

The Sagat matchup is not even. Clearly, Hawk has to work harder then Sagat does in this matchup because Hawk has a harder time getting in then Sagat does keeping Hawk out. If Hawk has to work harder then Sagat does, that right there is a clear indication that Sagat is better at forcing Hawk to play his game, and therefore Sagat has the advantage. This matchup is not one of Hawk’s worst matchups, but it definitely is not even and definitely in Sagat’s favor.

That post did. In fact, you quoted the answer right there.

Do you people even know how to play this game

Hawk - Sagat even? What the actual fuck

Imo at high level play Ken, Ryu, and especially Sagat are at an advantage against Hawk. If you’re saying that Hawk is even with Sagat then you’re playing some really pathetic Sagats, I’m sorry.

I’m beginning to wonder myself.

Adon, Ibuki, Dudley, Abel, Zangeif, and Gen are all pretty established as good matchups for the Hawkmeister, but I have some oddball personal opinions about some matchups I personally think THawk does well in that I’d like to go into further detail about.

Oni: One of my friends I practice with plays Oni and complained every time we played that he thought THawk beat Oni, and I honestly didn’t even consider it until I played a few matches with Chris Hu and I either would do very well, or we had very tight matches with his Oni. Then I started thinking about Oni’s gameplay options and how THawk can deal with them. The one way Oni can really keep you out is with his fireballs, both of which are easily punishable by Condor dive, especially the one he has to charge to increase damage on, since he has to let go in reaction to your jump, giving you much more time to punish. If he tries to cross you up with a demon slash and you block it you get a free SPD, hell you can react to the startup of the move and grab him out of it if he’s close enough. Blocked ground pounds are a free SPD too, a lot of his mixup options are extraordinarily unsafe against Hawk, it really seems like a frustrating match for the Oni.

Makoto: Similar situation with Oni, although much less so in her case, you can punish many of her moves with SPD, and crouching forward seems like a very effective poke in this match, unless she can get that knockdown and start her pressure she doesn’t have a lot to work with. She can still be scary but I don’t think she’s nearly as frightening to T.Hawk as she can be for other characters

El Fuerte: I would say this matchup is pretty even if it weren’t for Ultra 2 shutting down a lot of Elf’s wakeup pressure. If he goes for a crossup tostata and you have Ultra 2 it lands because it catches his legs, one of the few times I’m reliably able to land it on a crossup is against Fuerte. This not only obliterates Fuerte’s momentum, but it also makes him susceptible to your wakeup pressure, which he doesn’t have too many ways out of. Without that advantage I’d say the match goes to whoever can get the first knockdown, with Ultra 2 I’d say it’s about 5.5 - 4.5 in Hawk’s favor.

I also don’t see how Yang is considered a good matchup for Hawk, seems about even to me.

So in fact you don’t know why? Okay.

Because you appear to be either blind or trolling, I will take View’s post and turn it into an easy to read list of reasons why:
[*]They are better at keeping Hawk out than Hawk is at getting/staying in.
Hope that helps.

I got that and it doesn’t help. I’d like to know WHY you think they can keep Hawk out so easily. What moves make you think they can, because I don’t see it, sorry.

Call me a troll all day, I don’t care. Just stop using words you don’t know the meaning of.