How many days in a row can you wear the same jeans before it becomes unsanitary?

Assuming that you wear underpants underneath them that you change every day? What about if you didn’t wear underpants?

You’ve asked a similar question before but regarding underpants



At least your stories are consistant

I rarely ever wash my jeans. In fact, I think the last time I washed my jeans was 5-6 months ago. Keep that color in, bro.

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Depends how often you shit yourself, really.
I’d probably say oh…2, 3 days tops.

I don’t really buy expensive jeans these days because Levi’s makes the most comfortable skinny jeans, IMO. And at $40 a pair, they are just at the price where I’ll buy a few. I think I have about 8 pairs currently but only really wear 3-4 of them regularly. During winter I’ll whip the others out.

Anyway, there is a strong case for not washing your jeans. They will fade, for one. You want that deep indigo color? Best not to wash it. And if you google techniques for killing bacteria in jeans without washing, there are A LOT of them, including freezing your jeans or letting them air out in the sun. Salvaged denim wearers know this pain all too well as a pair of jeans can cost a few hundred dollars.

So I mean, it’s legit to not wash your jeans. It’s just a degree of how much you care about them.

I tought it was common knowledge to any person who ever lived alone that pants don’t need washing, ever.

But, please, always use underwear.

Man you motherfuckers probably be stinking up the joint at tournaments.

There is a such thing as sweat and I’m pretty sure that absorbs into pants. If you aren’t washing your clothes, you probably smell like it.

*Levi’s CEO Explains Why Not To Wash Your Jeans
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No doubt those of you who wear selvedge denim will already be familiar with the concept of never washing your jeans, but now the CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, has come forward to promote the various benefits of keeping your denim away from the washing machine.

In a post on LinkedIn called “The Dirty Jeans Manifesto,” Bergh explains both the environmental and durability benefits of never washing your jeans. “We learned that an average pair of jeans consumes roughly 3,500 liters of water – and that is after only two years of use, washing the jeans once a week,” Bergh writes. “Nearly half of the total water consumption, or 1,600 liters, is the consumer throwing the jeans in the washing machine. That’s equivalent to 6,700 glasses of drinking water!” He adds that not washing them also helps them to last longer.

So, what does he do when they get dirty? He spot cleans them with a washcloth or, if they’re a total mess, hand washes and hang dries them. So far he hasn’t washed his pair in over a year. An added top tip from the HUH. HQ - if they start to smell, put them in the freezer overnight, it’ll kill off all the smelly bacteria. *

So there’s that. Jeans are also more comfortable after they’ve been worn a few days. If you’re not a slob and you don’t smoke you can probably handle washing your jeans less.

Learn something new every day.

Yeah, but I’m a slob.

canadian asians solved this riddle ages ago

truth be told, i have worn the same jeans for like 3 or 4 days in a row, just giving zero fucks. Not my nice jeans, mind you. Unless I get stains, I don’t give no fucks.

Bacteria doesn’t make clothes smell bad exclusively, they create smelly chemicals that aren’t magically eradicated because you threw them in the freezer.

You niggas just want justification for being gross.

I don’t think I know any one who rocks jeans a few days in a row. I assumed people maybe wear a pair maybe once a week before washing like I do. But it depends. If I was out sweating or etc I would wash. But for example If I got dressed just to go eat and came back then I wouldn’t consider that bad to wear them again a few days later.

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Are you female?

Women’s pants are tight so they can only wear then once.

Men’s jeans are good usually at least 3 days in a row, possibly 4 or more in winter or if lightly used.

If you ever get a professional job and have to wear a suit, you wash those things maybe once a year. Otherwise you just alternate them and let them air dry. If you had to dry clean a suit after wearing it once a week it would quickly wear out and be extremely inconvenient. Theoretically steaming is all you need, and that should work for jeans as well.

For those that never wash the jeans, doesn’t it smell like ass/nuts after a while?

Did you fail middle-school science?

Bacteria is a living thing that cannot survive harsh environments like high heat and frigid cold. You can freeze them to death or have the sun rays heat them to the point where they die off. These methods won’t clean stains, but they will do damage to bacteria like a fully loaded ultra.

from my link:

That’s right. Canadian Universities prove magic exists.

No im a dude. Im saying I don’t wash a pair unless I was doing some dirty or if it was hot and I was sweating hella below the waist. This wasn’t in regards to work clothes if I wasn’t clear. With works pants and etc its diff for me