How Many Arcade Sticks Do You Own

I’m considering buying my 3rd arcade stick. I think its kinda silly to own more than one arcade stick, but I just can’t help myself. I just want to collect the best looking arcade sticks. How many fightsticks/arcade sticks do you own? Which one is your favorite? I personally like the Mad Catz Pro stick because of the arm rests.


2 Eightarc Fusion Ebony sticks

  • These are my personal Favorite to use at home. They’re big, spacious and dont shift around to much on me.

2 StreetFighter 4 Madcatz Fightstick SE (that i customized with SkullGirls artwork

  • I still need to finish dual-modding these as my summer project.
  • I mainly use these at work when i play during lunch breaks. They’re small and portable compared to the Fusions
  1. hrap3, hrap 3 sa , and a madcatz sfxt pro. Right now I’m diggin the pro. Feels closest to the vewlix cab compared to my hraps.

3 also. HRAP EX-SE, HRAP EX (modded all sanwa, JLF w, cherry switches and ls 55 sping) and Hori SCV w/ LS-58. I am sure this is nothing compared to the collections of several people on this sight though. Apparently mark man has 99% of all sticks in creation and the rest of us are the 1%

wow those skullgirls sticks look sick!

I have 7. 3 Madcatz and 4 Hori
2 Modded T5 sticks [1 dual modded psx/360and other PS3]
1 HRAP T6 switched out with EX-SE panel [Was a dreamcast stick, just the case]
1 HRAP VX-SA [Dual modded w/chimp]
2 TEs [1 PSX and other Dual modded with MC cthulhu]
1 TVC stick [Dual modded with honcam pcb]

I like using the T5s and the VX-SA because the size and the looks. The TE’s are for people who don’t like using the Horis.
I bought most of my sticks used and just fixed them or repainted them. I only bought 4 new sticks all TVC and my first SE. But sold most of them =(.

Lost count, sold a couple of my sticks recently and in the past, off the top of my head, I got:

  1. Custom metal stick
  2. Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX
  3. Real Arcade Pro V custom
  4. Real Arcade Pro V3
  5. TE stick
  6. Real Arcade Pro.EX Mushihimesama edition
  7. Sega Virtua Stick High Grade
  8. Fighting Stick VX
  9. Sawed off Sega Blast City CP(empty)
  10. Innovations plexi case(empty)
  11. Fighting Stick V3(empty)
  12. Exar USB Stick(empty)

Had a Qanba Q3, Q4 S3, FightStick Pro, SE Stick and a TE rd 2.

Right now:

2 x B15 Xbox / PS3 / Supergun sticks
1x VLX dual modded.
Hrap 1 PS1.

Getting rid of the VLX right now and as soon as I make a project box for the B15 I’ll be selling that. Definetly not trying to be a collector.

i have all these sticks, i don’t really play fighting games much, so i guess i’m just a collector…lol

2 round 1 Xbox 360 TEs
1 PS3 TE-S
1 Xbox 360 SE
1 SF15 Anniversary stick
1 MK9 PDP stick
2 customs made by me
2 customs made by nitewalker
1 2 player custom stick on the way

i think i should stop getting sticks soon…lol.

x1 Xbox 360 Round 2 TE Dual modded
x1 Xbox 360 SFxT Pro Stick Dual modded
x1 Xbox 360 SFxT V.S. Stick (Gonna be dual modded soon)

1x 2-player custom Happ stick set
2x custom Happ stick
2x custom Sanwa/Seimitsu stick (4716/MCC/Imp2)
2x TvC stick, modded with Paewang
1x Hori Fighting Stick VX, modded with a ChImpSMD
1x PS3 Mad Catz TE Round 1 (given to me when my cousin sold his PS3)
1x Wii Intec Combat Stick

I’m down to two TMO customs. I used to have a couple homemade happ sticks, but sold them off years ago.

7 now, but I recently sold 3 others so that would have been 10.

Still have:
1 custom wireless ps3 made by me
1 Blazblue TE
1 Chun TES
1 Hori VX-SA
1 Madcatz VS

3 Sold were
Sanwa modded T5 Hori
Round 1 TE
Japan TE

Something tells me you like the dual modding.

Twenty Two Sticks so far:

2 TVC Sticks - One Stock, One fitted with sanwa JLF/Buttons
1 Rd 1 TE
1 Rd 2 TE
2 TE S - White/Black
1 TE S Chun Li
1 SDCC Tiger Stick
1 Femme Fatale Stick
1 MVC 2 Stick
1 MVC 3 Stick
1 SFXT LE Red Stick
2 Fight Stick Pro’s - Cross/Line
1 V.S.
1 Brawl Stick
1 Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX.Pro.3 Premium
1 Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA
1 Eightarc Pearl
1 Eightarc Synthesis
1 Fightstick Pro EVO12
1 Blazblue Continuum Shift TE
1 Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX Pro. 3 Premium Diamond Edition

Ultimately I blame my parents for my Arcade stick addiction, they used to take me to arcades when I could barely walk to play SF, I had to stand on a stool to even reach the sticks to play, pretty sad even then I was beating guys three times my age ahhahahaha. Classic

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Not enough.

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Sold most everything off after buying a couple of cabs. I’m down to:

1 Sega HSS-0130 w/PS-14-G buttons and Sanwa Meshballs
2 Namco PSX - Both stock
2 Battlestation II - One with iL and Happ parts
1 Hori Wii stick w/Genesis/SNES PCB and JLF and Sanwa buttons
1 Tekken 5 stock

Have a couple more misc/junk sticks out in storage.

I’m with d3v; no such thing as too many.

After MLG was using PS3 and I didn’t notice (I’m a 360 user), I have all the sticks I buy become retrofitted with either a ChimpSMD or the TEKitty.