How long could you play the same Fighter with no updates or patches?

Just curious as to how long people can play a Fighter with no updates or patches? And what’s you’re take on what a fighter needs to last years, competitively, without change?


l you need is other people playing the game seriously as well. As as long as you have that, stuff like new tech and competition will come naturally.

I’ve been playing Big Bang Beat Revolve for almost 2 years now and it hasn’t been patched in about a year, never really had online, and hasn’t has a community ever. I have been the sole person continually finding tech for the game. I just love that game so much.

this summer it will be 8 years.

the idea of playing a frequently patched/updated game is really offputting to me. there’s nothing really exciting to me to think of someone blowing through a tournament with new tech he discovered a few days earlier so no one has had a chance to figure it out yet*

the longevity of a game I think rests most heavily on a passionate community. on either end of the balance spectrum, or brokenness spectrum, theres an example of some game thats been played competitively for a long time. I’ve found the guys supporting those games though tend to be specifically fans of their game, and not so much fighting game fans.

*HOWEVER, minor discoveries in new tech can be really wild when they come out years after a games release. Koshun (CH) beat #1 3s player MOV (CH) in this years Coop Cup with a trick he said he had been holding onto for 7 years!! hardly game-breaking, or even meta-game altering, but it made the difference that day.


Hey i still play too.

My gut is telling me that this is a joke thread.

You could play a game (especially a competitive one) for as long as it’s still available. Chess originated in the 6th century and it’s still played.

1 week, 2 days, 5 hours, and 33 seconds or until I come across something I don’t feel like beating lulz

Honestly, I think what pretty much everyone has said so far: 1.) Love/Passion for the game and 2.) Other people playing it.

Personally, I think the ability to update and patch over the internet is a true blessing, however: mishandled, it can be a curse. And it’s been abused as a curse since its debut, by most.

damn, thats awesome @pherai

i mean, the OP has to be more specific, because different genres require a different desire to what would allow me to play it for so long, but lemme use xvsf as an example, because im tipsy and want to say a lot more, but im tired from a long day also. lol

i still play xvsf to this day. no im not looking for new tech, since most of it is out there, but because out of all the Vs games, it offers me one of the most perfect balances in a Vs game ever, regardless of its infinites, guard breaks, and other general hard shit to deal with. why?

  1. character diversity. short of ken and bison, everyone in that game can get it in vs anyone else in the game. yes, high tier magneto/storm players are a fuckin problem(non keyboard players), but even still it can be dealt with, and if you want you can still play ken and bison, you just wont be able to benefit off of loops and infinites as much, but bison has an interesting tic throw game.

  2. all kinds of characters play style wise exist in that game. i have my tri dashers, i have my box dasher, i have my HEAVY footsie characters, and i have my super armor, lariat bullshit characters. so if all that execution shit isnt your cup of tea, you can play juggs/ryu, be the best at it, and get GREAT results. msh, mvsf, mvc1, and mvc2 did not offer us that great mixture of play styles. umvc3 does, but the game is just so fucked up, it negates all the other greatness that is in that game.

  3. even the broken shit in the game, outside of guard breaks, are easily regulated by just locking down infinites to a certain amount of loops that start when your feet hit the ground. simple as that. yeah damage could be slightly adjusted, but whatever. you make the game 3/5, no infinites, loops are limited to 4 reps. yeah there are ground loops for some characters like rogue, so she could abuse the rule, but thats how shit be sometimes, especially considering her breaking that rule doesnt negate her weaknesses that are easily exploitable.

  4. 2v2, no assist, so its like playing a Vs game with an og sf2 state of mind too, because spacing and footsies are still heavily prevalent.

i can make a few more to that list, but yeah, games have gotten worst over time. its not a new thing. cota, was great, but not great in hindsight. msh was totally awesome but in hindsight had ugh flaws, xvsf was just so dope, but had to even go through different updates to fix some of the more ridiculous shit. mvsf was atrocious. mvc1 is just so limited in its fun. mvc2 learned no lessons and just happened to do it right by accident imo. mvc3 series, well if you dont know, figure it out.

the unfortunate thing is producers and directors behind these games just arent fighting game fans, or players. going back and really fooling around with the Vs series in 2k8, i had my nostalgia goggles blown off my face. if the mvc3 series producers and director just sat down and played those games or observed good players play through those old games and take note of their criticism and obvious flaws, then balanced out player bias with good creative work, mvc3 series wouldnt be as competitively atrocous as it is.

its a clear lack in understanding fighting games, and the series. not to get into an umvc3 rant, but xf and tac’s are just the beginning of the problems for that game. those are the obvious OD flaws. which is crazy considering how much good work was done when it comes to characters specials, supers, and normals.


For most, 1 week.

That’s how long it took for people to beg for patches to nerf Sagat, Zangief, Ryu, Sentinel, Yun, Cammy, Seth, Akuma, Ibuki, Sentinel, Phoenix, Arakune, Jin, Rachel, and Raiden.


Don’t forget, now people wanna update MVC3 so they can spade and neuter Morrigan and Doom. And to this day, folks still wanna fuck over 3S and MVC2.

Alpha 2 is still fun to play

Where’s the old ST people or the HF people still saying Supers ruined SF2?

Special mention to KoF98

I think a lot of patches actually hurt the competitive spirit in the long run. There’s simply no reason to learn and abuse techniques and glitches with high execution barriers if a patch looms over head. Especially with characters that are considered low-tier by the current metagame. This in turn hurts not only the development of the metagame itself, but the merit of “balancing” a game at all. If a section of the roster remains unexplored at high-to-top level, any changes to that section are essentially educated guesses.

That said, patches are a necessity for fixing bugs and glitches in this age that is apparently beyond comprehensive play-tests. So for me, I’d say it’s more dependent on flaws with the game play than flaws with character balance that determine the need for a patch.

only lames care to nerf doom and or hidden missles, and morrigan definitely has deserved that nerf to astral vision since vanilla. no one should gain meter in power up modes period. they clearly havent learned from their past.

Sure. But that doesn’t change anything I said.

cvs2 didnt have patches n updates and all that shit

people played and still play to this day

Technically, it had one with EO, players just told Capcom to fuck that shit and continued to play the arcade/dc/ps2 version.

Lets see still playing

Kof 98/98UM
Kof 2000
kof 2k2/2k2UM
SamSho 5SP

And countless others.

If I like it, eternity.

if it starts off well designed and enjoyable to play, no patching is required.

if it’s something like SFxT no amount of patching is gonna save it.

I discovered ST around 2000, A2 around 99, and CvS2 around 2002 or `03 (competitevely), so…
11 years?

Also, discovered Karnov a year ago, and it has never been patched up, so add that, and SFEX@ 6 years ago, and SFEX3 5 years ago, and…