How important is a good engagement ring?

A question for both genders. Guys, do you feel the need to go all out and spend thousands on an engagement ring to please the girl? Ladies, does the ring or amount spend actually increase how much love you feel for your man? do you care about size of the ring?
I don’t think size is an issue, as long as it fits your finger, right? But my gf doesn’t think so. The other day, I boughtthis ringfor her. Who knows, she said it not big enough. And she even implied the size is sort of matters… If I don’t get a good ring- then what does that say for the rest of the relationship or marriage… It predicts bad things! I’m so confused now. So, what’s your opinion?

is this a troll thread?

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If you’re skimping on the ring, you should at least be saving up on a down payment for a new home. She wants you locked in for the long haul, and a more expensive ring would make it harder for you to walk away at the first sign of trouble in the marriage.

That, or she wants to make sure she gets a lot of coin back from it when she runs off with the cabana boy and leaves you with the kids.

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Not even a troll answer. The question you need to ask yourself is “Why is it so important that I spend so much money on this ring? Should I put this money towards something more important?”

Now onto something we think you’ll really consider doing:

“Don’t marry gold-digging whores.”

I’d give her a black eye before I spent more than $20.

In all seriousness though, that ring sucks dude.

scrap my last idea,

Damnnit, Ecko Zero Cool, you stole my shameless meme swipe. Oh well, at least I ain’t married. Oh, wait.

women generally don’t know what they want

but they do know for certain what they want in a ring

she wants something high-class so she can show it off to her friends and brag about it as though she actually did something to earn it or contributed to paying its monetary cost


Wel lafter you by and engaugement ring, you either buy a new ring for the ceremony or an additional ring to wear with/sodder on to the enaugement ring, so the idea of spending a uck ton of money o nthe first ring? Meh. If you want to go for it, but there is IMO not a good reason for ‘me’ to spend excess money on a piece of jewelry unless its something she specifically picked out…because she genuinely liked the look - not the cost or size. For how expensive the whole process is…you just have to mindful and not dumb. I watch some of the folks on TV who spend a family Sedan on a single day not including the used car on her finger, then they are stuck living with their parents afterwards and I just facepalm.

Buy a ring thats within your means and truly expresses how you feel. If the ring doesn’t line up with both of those ‘ideals’, then don’t get it. don’t spend out of your financial range and don’t get ‘just because’, get it because either she likes it or you like it.

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To reiterate on my previous post, the desire for a bigger rock dates back to olden times when women didn’t usually hold down jobs, and the ring was basically a form of insurance should the marriage fall through for whatever reason. Now that both husband and wife both hold down jobs, the money should go towards more practical uses (house, car, etc). If your woman has a decent job of her own and still bitches about ring size, she’s not worth 30+ years of misery imo.

I guess being one of the few females on this site I’ll answer this.

I actually like that ring you got her it’s pretty. However as far as your question goes it depends on the women. There are some Bridezillas out there who eat up that shit, and there’s others (like myself) who could careless about the ring. Personally I wouldn’t want a guy to spend a lot on a tiny ring. He could give me a lifesaver candy as a ring and I would be happy. Save money on important things imo.


some women will be greatful for any present or gift they recive and for some others, some aint good enough

dunno what you did to make this chick so gassed , shes prob been going round telling her friends that shes got a $5000 dollar ring and the weddings gonna be all…

I will just throw out there not to go by the “three months salary” rule that I’ve heard (thankfully not from my wife).

i took my girl out for her birthday where we met up with her friends…and this topic was brought up by the females at the table. one of the girls at the table was making a big deal out of what her bf BETTER do for her when it comes to the ring, the wedding, etc.

my gf was one of the only sensible ones at the table (thank God). she told the bitch look, its better to save for a house and/or to not spend as much to pay off any bills than to spend ridiculous amounts on a ring and a wedding that you really can’t afford which could (and probably would) cause friction in the marriage when the bills that you can’t afford come in. unless you have story book money then you need to be realistic. if that female is acting like that then drop her and find somebody that has their head on their shoulders and not up their own ass.

It’s the thought that counts, not the price!