How do you use MAME?

I dled the MAME 0.9, and replaced my old MAME 0.78 files with it, but I don’t know how to run it. It says something about Command Prompt, but I STILL don’t understand how to run it.
Also I was wondering what version of MAME runs Rage of the Dragons & Matrimelee.
NOTE: If this is not to be asked in the forums PM me with the replay, thanks.

Depending on what OS you are using, you get to the command prompt via:

Windows 98 - start->run->type “command” (without quotes)->press enter
Win2k/XP - start->run->type “cmd” (without quotes)->press enter

Depending on where your mame folder is located, you will need to navigate to it. If you’re like me, and it’s on your c: drive, then once you’re at the command prompt, 1) type “cd…”->press enter, 2)type “cd…”->press enter, 3) type “cd mame”->press enter. To start a game (assuming you have ROMs in your roms folder; do not ask where to get them), type “mame gamename” (where gamename is the name of the rom). I.E. if you want to play Street Fighter 2, type “mame sf2”. If you downloaded the Pentium Pro version of mame, then you would type “mamepp sf2”.

Or you could avoid doing all that and just download mame32k 0.64 from This is the version used for playing on most US servers, any doesn’t require and command prompt stuff.

What Emil said.
I don’t know what the hell obscure version of MAME you’re trying to use, but just get:
Mame32k 0.64 from or

These versions also allow netplay, and they will run Rage of the Dragons, but not Matrimelee. Very few people play RotD online though.

This just in: Users of outdated, hacked MAME say official version obscure. More on this, and other stories, at 11.

OK thanks guys I’ll try those & thanks NoAffinity!

Yeah, I’m sick of using 0.64 too, but what can you do?
People won’t switch.

I’ve seen .90 floating around, but can’t seem to find it anywhere for d/l. I’d be interested to test it out. BTW, I was just razzin’ ya, but seriously, I’d be willing to bet that the majority of MAME users (which is to say, as online players, we are indeed a minority among the emu community) do use the official version. The mamedev team actually frowns on online-capable builds of their work.

OK they’re running, but whenever I try to play a game it says that these files are missing:

If anyone can PM me or tell me what the heck’s going on, plz do thanks in advance.

You need a Neo Geo bios to play Neo Geo games.
You can probably google it pretty easily.

Google “Neo Geo unibios” or “Neo Geo universal bios”. Once you have it, place it in your MAME rom directory (just like with games, you can leave it in zipped format).

Cool, everything works now! I still got a few problems anyone know where I can ask for help other than here? (Don’t want to annoy/bore you with more questions ^_^;;:wink:

As long as they’re not specifically asking where to find ROMs, then ask away. :karate:

There is a version of Matrimelee ROM that will run on .64 MAME. I have it.

Hey people, I have a question about MAME too.

I’m getting a HRAP2 soon, but how exactly can I set this up for use in MAME? It’s easy in Kawaks, but so far I can’t see how I could set up each button in MAME?

Also, what are the best video options? I always leave them default, but put triple buffering on…any more options which make it more fluent/better animation?

Start a game, and press tab. Depending on the version, you’ll either get a “by player” setup option, or a “diagnostic menu” type interface. If it’s by player, then obviously set up 1 player controls. If it’s the diagnostic style, then you can either do the universal control setup or just for that particular game.

Yeah, just go to the tab menu in game and go to (Input this game).
Also make sure “Enable Joystick” is checked in the default options menu.

Ah, yeah, it works. If I want to have the same input for every game, I just go to “general input” right?

That’s it. After I get home in a couple hours, I’mma go ahead and make my beginners guide to MAME that I’ve long promised.

In my experience with MAME, it acts very gay when it comes to Neo Geo.