How do you think Capcom should use future SF5 resources?

Specifically in relation to characters themselves. Let me clarify and set up this hypothetical scenario. Let’s presume Street Fighter 5 has a finite amount of resources given to it annually. Capcom has to choose between using these resources to create more characters or to finetune and beef up the existing roster. Which would you prefer they go for?

In other words, Capcom can either add 6 completely new characters in 2017 or give the entire existing (22 by then) new visuals and animations that could include but are not limited to: 1 new CA each, 1 new special each, new normals/command normals, new target combos, new taunts/winposes, etc. and all that jazz for everyone.

Which do you prefer? Not from a business standpoint obviously because the new characters will cost you while the latter update is systemic therefore will be free. To cover the costs of the latter update, everyone will get 1 new costume (that can only be bought with money).

I have a strong preference for smaller casts like pretty much every SF game but SF4. So I want less but much more robust and rich characters in my game. Plus I personally think that the first 22 characters in SF5 are arguably the best first generation roster of any SF game ever. I’d be happy with them for a long time.

Improving the servers and making SURE that there won’t be any issues with neither multiplayer nor CFN

That wasn’t one of the options!!! You didn’t read the thread ermagawd!

Technically you said “for example” and set up hypothetical scenarios, implying that the title of “How do you think capcom should use future resources” was an open question. At least, that was the impression I got as well.

capcom should use all the money to hire a guy who goes on the internet and talks down to anyone who makes if-you-worked-at-capcom fantasy threads

Spend all the money making everyone’s hands and feet as large as technology allows.

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Overpriced costumes for existing roster pls.

What makes you think they won’t charge you for new CA etc? Anyway, I think I’d prefer the beefed up characters over the new characters. Or perhaps they could do a mix of both (3 new characters a year and all the extra stuff you mentioned).

Capcom said that gameplay updates will be free.

I just want whatever visual/gameplay mods pc users are able to have.

Just test the ones made throughout the year and buy the most stable ones made online. This could be super cheap for Capcom. Instead of paying someone in their company to be creative they could just buy the mod and pay people to convert for ps4 and test it.

This could extend to even gameplay. They should allow the code to be free to mess with and let modders have it. The most tasteful ones will be favored by the player base and Capcom could then alter it to make sure it’s to their standard for tourney.

This is besides the point of the thread. Alpha 3 doesn’t even break 40 characters and that’s even if we count the GBA characters that were added later (Ingrid, Eagle, Maki, and Yun) and Shin Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Final Bison. ONE game out of all the Street Fighter games released during the golden age doesn’t really lend itself to the statement “so older games had big rosters too”.

Oops my bad i didn’t change my message on purpose I was still thinking about the overall goal I wanted more directly. Very bad example my apologies please consider my most recent post.

Because both of your points are obviously coming down the line.

  1. There will be new critical arts and poses/taunts. Doing new animations is just a waste of time, and if they wanted to give characters new specials - they would so during the development of the game, it doesn’t have anything to do with resources Capcom has
  2. we’re getting new DLC characters in 2017 as well, Capcom isn’t going to miss out on such an opportunity

If SFV is gonna be a staple FG game for this generation, then Capcom should have plenty of time to provide the players with new characters and improved gameplay. For me, an ideal roster would be between 25-35 characters. With the initial 16 we have now, plus the additional 6 we’re gonna get in the first season, Capcom is building to what i consider to be a good roster size. Personally, I prefer to add new characters. And I chose that answer solely from a casual player’s perception. For one, i love new characters. It makes me excited to see how they’re gonna play, their animations, specials, and super moves. Also, more characters means more depth for the on-going story mode that Ono has planed. If he wants to flush out the story, adding more (but well developed) characters will be able to do that.

I would like for the existing characters to have new animations (win, taunts, moving, attacking, etc), new visuals (and when the time comes), new moves. I think that will happen later down the road after all the characters have been released. i feel every update, we’ll get something very small, like either a character will get a new costume or a new animation. And maybe they’ll go the “Omega SFIV” route and give everyone new moves and target combos on the last season.

I want more characters. The bigger the roster, the greater the chance that my favorite characters Rose, C viper, Poison and Maki makes it into the game.

bigger roster, greater the chance I catch someone slipping with a freak character no one uses and I don’t go 0-2

I’d rather improve the balance of the game. But if I had to choose between those two options only, i will choose the second one: more characters.

I want additional types of systems added like parry and custom combos. Make it VARIABLE but balanced. A trade off. So not just new characters but new ways to play the current cast.

Interesting, I didn’t know that. If we get DLC characters every year I would be HIGHLY disappointed if at least a few of them aren’t new characters.