How do you get your girlfriend to play 3S?

I’ve been trying… Near impossible… We’re quite the competitive couple. Why not try to strengthen/burden our relation by playing 3S together.
Anyway, this pointless thread is committed to getting the opposite sex (assuming most of this board is of the y-chromosome) to play, or at least try, this marvelous game. Anyone have any ideas?

my gf has played vs flare on versus city cab using elena.

everyone was shocked when she blocked a crossup.

you can’t force someone to like something. if she doesn’t really dig it enough to ask to play it, it’s not going to happen.

This is a question for Rockafeller.

personally, id never want my gf to play 3rd strike.

when i play 3rd strike that is the time to chill with homies and smork 100 ciggs.

if youre girlfriend loved to play i guarantee youd get over it.

You can’t.

yes. it’d really irk me but that’s also how i am.
its best for some thing to be separate.

Just show it to her and share some basic knowledge. If she wants to play then great if not I guess you could join the cigar crowd here.

oh no a boys club oh god no what will we dOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

withhold dickings until she does

the fighting game community is so sexist let’s write articles about them

No, you’re supposed to beat the guy whose girlfriend is sitting next to him.

Tell her learning how to Genei Jin will improve her sandwich making skills.

lol she should be a pro on joy stick now.

ya imo its not worth the effort. I had a gf who played 3s and attended arcades with me regularly, but a girls interest will never match yours. 3s is for men.

of course single girls are welcome to play

have her be chun li, and never play as chun, yun, ryu, ken, akuma, or hugo until shes hooked

getting a girl to like fighting games is like getting her to like you, or getting good at fighting games yourself

its a long process that begins with deceit from both sides and ends with two forces changing and shaping eachother (or giving up)

you have to want it bad enough to go through the deep end of some shit

also, youre gonna have to put a lot of work into hiding the ugly parts at first, and setting up chances for her to feel cool/special (your gonna have to get over that youre gonna know waaaaaaay more than her at first and thats gonna feel super frustrating)

also, you gotta let her change you too,

more specifically, you have to get (from your current perspective) worse, and then get better with her

really it comes down to whats more important, being as good as you can at FGs, or having her as your FG partner

as someone who spends every day (for years) smoking weed and paying all FGs with my girlfriend,and who has gotten in arguments about her chunli being cheap and beating me, its very possible (easier than relationships)

ill never be very good, and ill never gain any respect or validation for my playing from srk people, but i sure as hell dont regret it, all i want is to have someone to play/talk about fighters with

If she doesnt feel like learning it wont happen , don’t bother man.

i like boobs

what if you don’t have a gf ;_;

Bad idea. 3S is something for you. Trust me there are things in this world you do not want to share with your gal and 3S is one of them.

Please, get your girlfriend to play. Get her to go to a tournament and sit there with you during your matches. I love beating guys who bring their girl with them.