How do you escape Stun gun Headbutt

It doesn’t have to do with timing…it has to do with spacing…blocked rh Elbow xx jab SGH grabs outside of Ken’s far jab range (using him as an example) at the right distance. I tested it after I posted that comment cause I had forgotten what I had tested few days ago, and actually I wasn’t sure what I had posted…lol, but yeah it’s a spacing issue. Test it for yourself from different ranges and you’ll figure it out.

I jabbed Alex of a blocked rh elbow xx jab stungun with Makoto first try. :xeye:

However, I don’t use makoto (much) or recommend jab (much). Use what works best for you. I’ve seen many people jab out of it, many people strong out of it, many people fill in your recommendation out of it. Personally I like Urien’s strong, but that’s cause it works well for me, and I play Urien. This thread is full of things that work (and some stuff that doesn’t very well. Dash BACK?), try stuff out, and if it works well (ie, 70-90%), keep doing it. :tup:

It’s cause ppl dont test shit that makes it near impossible to get out of Stun gun. Ppl keep blabbing about the same generic shit that was mentioned years ago. 3S has a very complex engine, and spacing moves differently can drastically change the outcome. For example, Alex’s trip has lots of lag, but spacing it one way makes it un-Shippuable, while doing it a few pixels closer makes it extremely Shippuable. Same concept with Stungun. Of course some characters can get out of it, but ppl should use different and more specific test cases instead of the “jab it” or “dash back” or blah blah uselessness they been using to hate on Stungun for the last 3 years.

No one is ‘hating’ on stungun, hell, I’m an alex player and I’d love for there to be some guarenteed setups for it, but the fact of the matter is, the 3 year old advice is still good advice. I’ve been fooling around with different ranges, trying to find the point at which alex grabs ken out of a jab, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t been able to find it. Half step intervals from absolute full screen 'till past mid screen and I still jab him out of it every single time. Now, I’m not saying that such a range doesn’t exist, but even if it does, most of the time when someone whips out an elbowXXstungun, it’s not going to be at that range, it’s going to be at a range that anyone can jab alex out of. Original poster asked how to get out of stungun. He didn’t give a specific character. So, if the entire cast can just follow the simple matra of ‘jab him out of it’ what’s wrong with telling him that?

I’ll post specific examples tomorrow afternoon.

alex can grab hugo out of the air quite often… the safest way is still to jab alex out of sa3…

or pick hammer frenzy vs alex… if you activate hammer right after the flash then alex would land and take all 5 hits… and they won’t ever pick sa3 again vs you…

Yep. Cept Hugo’s short airgrab takes Alex out of Stungun 100% of the time. Jab is much riskier. The thing about Hammer Frenzy is true. It has the same teleport property as Q’s SA1 (to a lesser degree).

Don’t you need precise timing to air grab out of Stun-Gun? I know I can’t do it, so I just use the more lenient (with timing) d.hp.

c. fierce should never work against a good Stungun setup. It’s waaaay too slow. But I will test it just for kicks. And airgrab is instant otg iirc. So no matter when you do it, as long as it comes out, you should get Alex.

Thats not 100% true.From my own testing It depends on what Punch alex uses to start the stun gun.

A jab stun gun beats hugo flat out.Beats anti air specials and supers art 2.I have saved files of this over and over again.

Doesn’t matter what strength the Stun Gun is. He grabs the same. But again, I’ll test just for kicks.

Preliminary test results:

Character specific was to get out of Stun Gun off a blocked rh Elbow:

Alex - Can’t without a super
Akuma - Any uppercut
Chun Li - EX SBK
Dudley - EX uppercut only
Elena - Any uppercut
Hugo - Jump back against Jab, Clothesline against Strong
Ibuki - EX uppercut only
Ken - Any uppercut
Makoto - Can’t without a super
Necro - Jab Electricity
Oro - Strong uppercut
Q - Can’t without a super
Remy - EX Flashkick only
Ryu - Any uppercut
Sean - EX uppercut only
Twelve - Jab Twistyhands
Urien - Can’t without a super
Yang - Short Rollkick
Yun - Can’t without a super

These results were for when Stungun is done at default position. No spacing trickery involved. I’ll post the more specific results later today.

hugo can jump back vs stun gun? dude are you sure?

hugo can hop back if hes not in the corner.

Yep surprised me too. I was like wtf? But it’s in Alex’s favor cause Hugo has to guess which version Alex is doing. If he jumps back against the strong one, he will get caught.

by any chance has anyone tried stun gun vs stun gun?
that is soon alex activated say jab sg then the other alex activates who wins? cos alex1 would be in the air and should grab alex2 but doesnt it have invincibility frames or something? also the fact that you are using the same super aswell.

Stungun has startup invincibility so one would beat the other. If they both land at the same time, I have no idea what would happen. Most likely the one who lands first would get caught.

Just making sure, we’re talking blocked RH elbow into lp stungun, no special circumstances, right? If so, might want to add these to the alex list.
no meter:
-mp (and thus, mpXXex knee)
-lk/mk knee (couldn’t get hk to work)
-hk (looks funny)
All of them, 'cept for THE BOOT, work for mp stungun too. You can also use ex-elbow to escape if you want. If your opponent throws out RH-elbowXXmp stungun at anywhere up to a little before 3/4 screen away, you can hit mk as they’re coming down and the animation will move you behind them. Not useful, but fun.

None of those work. They’re all theory. Read what I posted before about spacing the Stungun. Stungun grabs out of the air, so none of the EX’s would even stand a chance. I tested the EX Knee cause I thought it had some startup invincibility and not even that works.

EDIT: But just for kicks, I will test them.

EDIT2: Yeah, OK, I can’t show the ways I’m testing this without a video, but I know why you’re getting those results. The best way I can explain is this. Use Ken as an example, and create setups where the jumping jab animation is slightly infront of Ken’s head. This is just the example which I used before which shows that creating a setup which creates this spacing makes his jab useless, but in most other situations, the jab would have hit. Same applies to Alex and any other character. 3S is a very detailed game, and you can tell a lot of work went into it, so that’s why there’s all these little specifics which need a LOT of testing to figure out.

PS. If you’re using DC, don’t use Parrying Training to see if you can get out of the Stungun. Because the dummy is set to auto-parry, the Stungun comes out later then normal, and so the block stun is decreased.

Reaaaally . . . huh, I wonder how that works. I mean, it’s not like I know how the recording function works, but one would think that it wouldn’t allow for illegal outputs. Meh, interesting though, guess I’ll have to rustle up another DC controller before chiming in again.