How do you escape Stun gun Headbutt

I can’t get out of it all. I thought standing jab would knock alex out of it right before he grabs you but it doesn’t seem to work. And I know you can’t jump out of it or dash out of it. so what am I supposed to do.

Um… Are you asking about escaping after you commit to a move on the ground? If so, then maybe Akuma’s teleport can get you out of it before he grabs you. Also, using a super with Invincibility Frames may get you out of it.

If he activates it while you’re on the ground, jump straight up (or back) and stick out a kick or something to maybe dish out a bit of damage. It is escapable if you aren’t doing anything pre-SAIII.

It might help if you tell us who you use. The basic principle, however, is to time your attack so that it hits Alex as he’s coming down (so some attacks obviously work better than others).

And who the hell uses Stun-gun?

i’m GUESSING that it’s elbow xx stungun.

Yeah, elbow xx stungun or even standing close mk xx stungun. Anything that puts me in block stun I guess. And I play pretty much everyone, so I guess it’s just in general.

Hold up. Unless he hits Strong or Fierce Slash, then Hold Up

Hold up won’t do jack for elbow cancelled into stun gun.

Depends on what character you use. Blocking down/back will get you crunched quickly, as it increases your block stun, and a lot of moves that you previously used won’t be timed right do the stun increase.

Ken - standing fierce / uppercut
Other shotos - uppercut
Urien - standing medium
Chun - standing forward
Hugo - jab (requires a little more timing than just tapping out urien/chuns, but since his jab hits higher, you have a better perspective)

Uppercut characters (elena, dudley, shotos) will have a field day on him. Slower poke characters have a little more difficulty, but once you find the right move & timing, it gets a lot easier. If someone does it to me, I just rapidly drum the medium button and 9 times out of 10 I’ll walk away from it. Be careful of blocking it low though, cause in a situation like that, uppercut or jab is your only option, and they can be annoying to time properly. There’s nothing really “universal” with the exception of one thing, so I’ll stop going on with the above before it turns into everyone-vs-alex thread.

Universal get-out-of-stun-free card: Parry the elbow. You can walk out of it, dash out of it, jump out of it, etc, etc.

Not all uppercuts beat Stun Gun. There was proof of this in Nebraska vs Japan footage when the Alex grabs Ryu out of an uppercut. Stungun has strange properties so don’t expect all the theory examples to work. There are setups that make it very hard for a lot of characters to escape, especially under pressure. And since his bar is so short, you can fuck em up if you are aggressive and build that meter quickly.

I see… Well, I still pick SAI, mainly SAII over SAIII.

okay, so far I’ve got block the elbow standing up so there’s less blockstun and then try to poke alex out of it on the way down or just parry the elbow and pretty much do whatever you want.

Can stungun grab people out of the air something? I swear I hit someone out the air with an elbow one time and cancelled into stungun. I don’t know maybe the other guy reset and landed on his feet and then I grabbed him. I can’t remember and I was wasn’t paying too much attention.

I think it does alittle bit in the air. I don’t know

My stungun stuff was I’d say – 70-90% working in my personal experience. If you hold up after blocking a stungun, you will see your character leave the ground, but up to an inch and a bit, you’re still going to get grabbed. That being said, it will grab you out of the air (technically :p) … If the Elbow hits, it will knock the opponent into the air, and should also grab them before they hit the ground. If it hits the opponent midair, in my experience, they’ve been safe.

As (THE) Geese pointed out, nothings 100%, with the exception of parrying the elbow. Most of the stuff I posted will beat it but under a lot of pressure I mess it up a little more. I caught one of the Shoto’s out of an uppercut but I assumed that was because it was still in it’s beginning frames, as I blocked low and did it a bit slow. If you block high and uppercut early, I’ve seen it hit Alex out of it at a very high rate, but as stated, it’s a wieeerd super.

Jab works wonders with most characters and has easy timing.

Anyway, SGH can be used to counter Denjin, it’s quite effective at that, Alex wins the stun battle

On thing Hugo can also do is d+hp. It has a big hitting window, so you don’t have to be as precise with timing.

Twelve can do instant SA2. Jab should work too.

Why be fancy, jab works with every single character. Hell, just to make sure I wasn’t making shit up in my mind, I fired up 3s and checked it out for both (crouching)blocked mp.slapXXmp stungun and (crouching)blocked hk.elbowXXmp stungun. Every single character jabs him out of it on the way down. Didn’t get Oro on the first try, but hell, he can hk him on the way down, even better.

Just a little tip, Hugo can LP shootdown backbreaker alex out of the SGHB. He can even do it if he’s hit by the elbow, but the backbreaker has to be reversaltimed. And just dash back works with most characters.

I used to do that. It worked a few times but then the Denjin player resorted to using it in combos. 2 hit denjins deal ridiculous stun.

To avoid it, dash under (I don’t know if it would work with Hugo or Q, seeing as how tall / slow their dashes are) I’ve only happened to get caught by it once trying to dash under, but I was playing Alex and I think it had to do with bad timing on the dash because he dashed and got stuck on the other Alex’s foot and stayed on the front side of the SG. Anyway, it’s what I’ve found works the best for me.

or dash under…

i got ex fukiage to work ONCE (ehe, i think it really should work, but my execution is crap)

I noticed someone posted how you can escape rh elbow xx strong Stungun. Try jabbing or dashing out of a blocked rh elbow xx jab Stungun. Theory fighter starts failing real quick.

5 minutes go by
This just in, every single character in the game can jab alex out of (crouching)blocked rh elbow xx jab Stungun. Was there a point to this?
edit: huh, that last statement sounds kind of snide, eh? I really do want to know, though. I mean, is it supposed to change the timing or anything? Never tried it before and popped him out of the air with everyone first try . . . 'cept yun. I’ll admit that yun took me 2 tries.