How do I teach my friend how to play this?

My friend wants to learn how to play CVS2. He has no prior experience to fighting games so it’s like a blank slate. He’s been playing for a few weeks now and he’s not bad for a beginner. But I was wondering if anyone else here has taught their friend how to play CVS2? I’m not really sure how I should go about this. So far I taught him to use links into super (like cr.short x 2 into lvl 2 shoryureppa), not to jump and how to use special moves. Maybe I should go by the systems and comboes guide by JChen to teach him?

Oh and he really likes using Rock but I told him he should hold off on him until he gets better in general and in K groove since imo Rock is a hard character to use and takes a shit load of skill (like Guile). I think he has potential because apparently he already learned shoshosho CC in one hour :wow:
It took me a hell lot longer to figure it out so this shocked me a lot. But of course I think my other friend showed him how to do it so maybe that’s why.

rape him constantly and then let him know how and why he lost. but don’t be all condescending and act like a dick because it might just piss him off. pointing out flaws in someones game while acting like an ass seems to be an srk specialty.

don’t overwhelm him with counterhit set ups or anything deep just yet. hit him with one and then explain. he’ll catch on at his own pace. it’s pretty impressive how much better scrubs can get with just a little bit of coaching from a more experienced player.

what are counterhit set ups? and can you give some examples of them?

Do something with bad recovery, over and over and over again untill he learns to punish that EVERY SINGLE TIME. Or try to fight him with nothing but jump ins and have him punish it everytime.

use A-blanka R4 and rc elec all day. and post his reaction.

Lol. Well I used A Bison and he got hit by and then I activated and painted him to death. Then he’s like “…that…is so gay.” After a few more matches, he’s like “Ahhh I don’t want to play this anymore” lol. Oh and yeah and is it just me or do beginners NEVER block? It’s just a weird thing I noticed.

Oh and random super I kind of did that unintentionally and he got pissed lol. Must be because of going on SRK too much haha. But now…I’m just going to let him win the matches but try to give him pointers. But I don’t know if I should teach him kind of like a “curriculum” or whenever anything comes up.

Mike, bring him to CF on Sat. I’ll show him basics.

Actually I can’t Saturday. I’m going to volunteer. Or maybe I’ll volunteer Sunday. But if I can’t bring him, I can tell him to go. Oh and I need help too haha. What time should he come?

Hoenstly the best way to teach them is to abuse one thing at a time yourself. If you play to properly and overwhelm them, the just give up cuase it’s too much. They get the impression the game is unbalanced and not about a culmination of skills.

For instance I ‘abused’ jump in comboes with Ryu against a friend. Becuase I was consistently doing it (and hitting him) he quickly learned to AA ALL THE BLOODY TIME. He now probably AA me more often thatn I AA him lol. Then I started to use P/K groove and option selected my jump in’s, again abusing them as the only way to attack. He started to mixup his AA’s and learned the use of the different ones.

Shit like this is an ongoing process, but it works really well. Last time said friend and I played he beat me, and I was trying properly. (He got lucky and it was one game, but serious props he downright beat me.)

Most important thing is to just not overwhelm them. Another friend of mine wanted to learn CC’s before he could properly buffer s.hp>hadouken. Needless to say this guy was overwhelmed and gave up way to early.

No no no. R4 S-Blanka. Cheapest shit ever.

No, no…

Why are you telling him not to use Rock? No… Rock can do d.LK, 360 or d.LK, counter hit d.LK, d.HK combo. What’s so hard about that? qcb+LP, JD, then sweep people in their move recovery. d.MK xx qcb+LP on the counter hits. One button anti-air with s.HK. If not, then j.MK stops everything else.

I don’t know what your opinion of skill is, but execution and strategy/mixup wise, I don’t feel rock is very hard at all. Yeah, if you want to be a fanboy and copy exactly all the things you saw in a Japanese video. But to learn the basics, I think Rock is braindead simple. Let your friend play whoever he wants.

Only if he picked like P-groove, King, Kyosuke, Nakoruru, or S-groove would I ask him if he might want to reconsider his character choice.

You’re teaching the new guy backwards in my opinion. You need to be an expert level player in order to use the A-scrub team and RCing properly. I call that team A-scrub for a reason. It’s because so many scrubs play that team and think they’re good. If you’re telling him to use A-Sakura (and he really is totally new), I don’t care if he’s getting Nick T tips or not. He’s going to suck, be easy to beat, get discouraged, and not want to play anymore. Unless you want to train for your friend into being another tourney fish, then let him play whoever he wants. Only learn the things an opponent’s A-Sakura will do to you (like cross up j.MK after a punch throw) and practice running through countering those kind of scenerios in training mode for now.

Iori, Rock, and Sagat are hands down the three best characters for a beginner to learn the basics of CvS2 with in my opinion. Once he’s decent with these characters, he’ll move on to a character like Vega or Blanka and realize how stupidly easy it is to win with cheese tactics.

Guile and Rock? No way these two should even be compared. They’re on totally opposite ends of the spectrum if you ask me.

I’d never tell a beginner to start off with A groove.

Probably start off with Guile. Due to the frame advantage that Guile gets on a basic blockstring, he could pickup how basic gameplay is. Really depends, I would have to see him play.

No Guile. He’s too difficult to win with even at competitive levels. If a beginner uses him, he’s going throw sonic booms at the wrong times, get jumped on, block all day, and get guard broken.

Just look at Guile’s anti-air requirement. He has like five different things he has to choose from perfectly or he loses. Plus risk/reward isn’t even worth it half the time the other guy does jump.

If beginner Guile wins, I bet money that it will be because he spammed [roll, somersault], random supered, and mashed on normals. Pick somebody else, like C-Cammy even.

A beginner’s first concern is learning the game, not winning. You should know this.

About Rock…don’t you have to learn all those mix ups with the 360 in the corner? I thought that was what made Rock good?

About the CC, no, I didn’t teach him the CC at all. A friend of mine taught it to him. I wasn’t going to teach him that until waaaaaaaay later. I agree; A groove is definetly not for beginners.
Ok now, explain why Iori, Rock and Sagat are good beginner characters. And when should I teach him how to use top tier teams (like I don’t know…C Ken, Chun, Sagat)?

Wouldn’t CBS be the best team for a begginner? They all have good pokes, and are easy to play. Cammy has to be the easiest character to learn basic footsies with.

Its hard to teach people when you aren’t the best. Thats why I don’t teach anyone, but I try to help people out by pointing out things to them. If I were teaching someone I’d just grind the basics into their heads. Don’t even bother with the technical stuff like JChen’s guide, thats for later.

Tell them that you dont have to attack all the time. Antiairing is essential, and basic stuff like what movea are safe and what isnt.

When I started off, I had noone to really teach me anything, you have to play alot to get better. You learn your characters by playing alot with them, you learn “Oh I should this when blah blah” and that “blah and blah” is good as an antiair/poke/meaty.

I didn’t even start to learn combos until NOW, why do you think I have the frame data on me all the time. I’ve been playing for 2 years and I’m learning basic Sagat combos like c.short s.jab s.jab c.forward now. Before then, I’ve been working on basic c.forward super, c. fierce super.

But seriously, I won’t even make them try to do combos until they get a basic idea of what to do. Teach them how to punish, how to antiair, and how to poke.

And experimenting is good, don’t tell him not to play Rock. Haha, I remember my first team was C-Ryu, Iori, Rock r2. I learned basics by playing against people, like stop rolling cuz you get thrown everytime by good players. Stop jumping in cuz you get antiaired. When I switched to K, that was my biggest problem, I tried to JD everything, when you learn more of how the game works, you understand that you dont need to JD everything.

Good luck in teaching them how to play.

tell your friend to walk away while he still has a life…seriously.

haha :clap: so true. I don’t know…he may or may not become as devoted to this as me.

I don’t think you have to be extrememly good in order to teach the basics…anyone who has had at least a year or two of experience can teach a beginner. But a lot of the stuff you pointed out (rolling too much, jumping too much, anti-airing etc), that’s what I already mentioned. Oh and he also asked me “What separates the good players from the bad?” What should I say lol? I’m not entirely sure myself because if I knew, I’d be a better player. i gave him an answer like " Uh…good execution, reaction, experience,". Dunno if that’s really what it is but that’s all I could think of.

I swear CBS was the beginner team…in any groove. Maybe not so much Blanka…but Cammy and Sagat…they’re so easy to learn, just hard to master. People are competitive all the time because they spam hk and hp all day with those two.