How do I gain weight?

Umm, I’m underweight by about 10-20 pounds.
But, I have a hard time gaining weight from my metabolism :B.
Any ideas?

Weightlifting and nutrition thread

Eat more.

Go on an all-McDonald’s diet for a bit.

I dunno last time I did years ago, I was sick for weeks.

Just stop doing cardio and drizzle olive oil all over your food.

C’mon son, read the damn nutrition thread…

But short answer: Drink protein shakes(ask for recipes in the thread) or increase the amount of meals you eat(exercise gets your appetite up), or say fuck all of that and get on that GOMAD(Gallon of milk a day) but that one is for people that throwing up mad weight…

Maybe half a gallon a milk a day?(But even that takes building up tolerance to lactose, just work your way up)…

Gaining weight is common sense, knowing what to do is easy, but if you’re not willing to go through with it, then call it a day…

Unless you’re willing to take action, reading will do nothing for you…

Maybe there is an underlying health problem. You should consult a professional doctor/nutritionist about it.

Accept it, buy skinny jeans and enjoy your adolescence by banging out as many Scene Girls as you possibly can.

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Get married.

You just love food.

Frontin’ ass 'Rican… :lol:

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ez i once weighed 130 now im 170

the main core of your exercises will consist of:

military press

those are the bulk building exercises. just make sure you do them at least once a week. since you are a noob you dont have to worry about shit like how many reps how many sets and all that ish because youll see tons of gains at the start no matter what

the diet is important too. when i first bulked up, i found that mcdonalds big breakfasts, big macs, whoppers, steaks, fried chicken, and other fatty foods with tons of protein were great. dont worry you wont get fat cuz youre metabolism can take the punishment. punish it moar with tons of carbs like beer and french fries and pasta

youre welcome

don’t take weight gainer. its all carbs and will only serve to make you fat around the gut.

You could have Ciliac. At earlier stages I’m pretty sure if you eat food with Gluten it stunts weight gain (Im underweight)

Lower your activity levels while increasing your calories.
Try to avoid foods that aren’t fried or breaded, try not to get into social situations that will involve you leaving the house. You want to conserve energy, start marathoning TV shows you have wanted to watch, drink lots of soda and eats plenty of chips. Fruit is your enemy, if you must have some, drink juice and lots of it. It can be good to say, once and hour eat a spoonful of sugar. Delivery pizza is great because you really don’t have to do much, and once you have a good relationship with the store, they will bring it right to you on the couch. Avoid naturally colored green and orange foods. Oh and consider investing in a hand held massager, it is really easy to burn a lot of calories unnecessarily when you masturbate, all you need is some elastics, a tube sock and a bottle of oil and you can expend an absolute minimum amount of effort pleasuring yourself.
Finally, you have to remember it is something you want, you have to work for it. When you are full, just try your best to get another mouthful in. If you really feel like you can’t go on, wait a couple minutes, and get back to it, the human stomach has amazing potential, you just need to strive for excellence. You pretty much want to always be eating, a bag of smarties or chocolate covered almonds can be left open for you to mindlessly eat, which is what you want to do. Getting hung up on “meals” and nutrition is the fastest way to fail.

I’ll take the ideas into consideration,
But um, would a Guy really want to marry a girl who’s stomach looks like a hungry child?

An all liquid protein diet.

I am sure the guys here can help you procure a steady supply.

Play video games, eat Pringles, fap (with Pringles crumbs on hands)

walks away

rice, rice is how i got fat,but i live in hawaii and we eat rice with every meal, most actors for roles to put on weight have a few krispy creme donuts a day to put on weight, bad for your health after a while on that…Your whats called a hard gainer, usually you can eat all the food you want and still be skinny as a rail? You would have died during winter and starved if one of the tribe did not just club you and decide to eat you them selves