How do I gain weight?


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You need to increase your calorie intake. My guess is that you are only eating around 1400 calories per day which is near below average of what the average person gets (2000-2700). Whatever calories you are burning off isn’t helping you gain weight either, so what you need to do is eat a lot of fatty foods. Try potatos, steak, rice, fast food, something like that…

All those weight gain products is a waste of time IMO.

Recently I’ve been drinking a shake each day made of about a 1.5 cups strawberry, 1.5 cup yogurt, a cup of raspberry/cranberry juice, and two bananas (I estimated the amounts but it should be close). It should help a little and it tastes good and is good for you.

Other than that, since I’m far from an expert on weight gain, see post #2.

On a serious note, just eat more.

This is absolutely untrue. Weight gainer protein supplements are not any different than regular protein supplements - they are just much higher in calorie (as well as protein) per serving. People get fat because they eat whatever the fuck they feel like, and assume that ‘going to the gym’ and ‘working out’ somehow automatically make them healthy. Your overall diet needs to be clean and strictly regulated, even when you bulk.

On a related note, average adult male can’t gain more than 6 - 10 lbs of muscle a year from solid training program, clean diet and proper rest. Unless with help of performance enhancing drugs.

Like I already said, don’t go crazy and eat whatever the fuck you want and assume you gained 10 lbs of muscles when you step on the scale 3 months later, because most of that is gonna be fat.

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Eat lots of protein as well as fatty foods, this gives you body what it needs to hold in the weight you are putting in it.

Does OP lift weights?


just wait and eventually you’ll be fat just like everyone

trust me there is no reason for anyone to try gaining weight

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I wouldn’t worry about what men want.

I just realized you’re a girl. What does your tummy look like?

Edit: fit girls are hot. Do lots of squats, deadlifts, olympic lifts, train your abs, o and eat lots of meat

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Op is a girl?

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We have a nutrition and a body thread. Use those.