How do I beat scrub Guiles?

I main Ryu(yes I guess it’s ironic that I’m calling these Guiles scrubby) and I consider myself to be ok at the game. I can do some combos and I know about footsies and whatnot, but for some reason whenever I play a Guile on XBL I get totally destroyed. Well maybe not destroyed but it’s usually an uphill battle for me. They always just jump grab/hk and then Then they jump backwards and throw sonic booms until I come close and if I ever try to jump over their sonic booms I get flash kicked in the face. And even when I knock them down, when I go for the cross up, I usually eat a flash kick. The main thing is the, I know you can do a move in between, but for some reason my moves never come out (I usually go for a sweep or DP) and I get hit for a counter hit, knocking me down and taking quite a bit of my health. So does anyone have any tips for a noob Ryu on how to beat generic XBL Guiles?

Don’t stress. Playing shit like that online will just frustrate you. I got smoked playing against an Abel as Fuerte because I couldn’t do a single thing on reaction due to lag. A lot of players know about the lag and abuse the shit out of it. Even 5 bars is nowhere near offline play.

Also you can focus the second sweep for big big savings. Empty jump early enough for flash kick to be blocked and then punish. Make them come to you by neutral jumping Sonic Booms. XBL players get bored after about 3 neutral jumps.

Remember online play != offline play, especially when quick reactions are an issue.

Mash DP as soon as you block a guile sweep. Just mash it out, every time. Eventually they’ll stop, and then you might get to play a Guile who learns.

Learn about Guiles charge system, when he sonic booms and when he stands, he can’t flash kick you. Also if he moves forward he can’t sonic boom or flashkick unless he jumps and lands, so you have more of a chance to land on him then, since he’s probably trying to get in on you if he’s actually moving forward.

Secondly learn your fireball distances, he’s outzoning you and jumping in, guile also has a super fast recovery on fireballs so you aren’t able to jump in him like he’s doing to you. It’s really hard to outpoke guile with CR.HK or any other attack since he’s able to sonic boom + has fast and good pokes, a fireball war is safer than doing that.

Guile has the same tools as you but his are alot safer if he has a charge and faster recovery, except flash kick. Ryu has more mobility, way more damage, and stronger fireballs so it’s in his advantage, fireball when safe, don’t fireball where he can jump in and be ready to anti or if he does.

Just block the cr.rh and retaliate with your own poke or srk. You can focus dash through the sonic booms or neutral jump. Don’t jump towards him too much since being in the air isn’t the safest place to be with guile with his flash kicks and airgrabs. Just don’t blindly dash into a flash kick. Online Guiles are generally FK happy, so it shouldn’t be hard to use a jab or two to bait and punish.

bait the flash kick on wakeup, free throw.

Try not to let him jump because that’s when thing get random with empty jump grab or trip. once he’s ground he will trip that when you DP the sht out of him. if he get defensive just creep up while down blocking

Crouching roundhouse is slow as shit, but you did say this was online… I can do a reaction super to it… and what the guy said above about mashing srk because I do not believe the first hit from his sweep keep you in block stun long enough for the second one to hit… if it hits FADC into Ultra.

What I have learned when I’m playing Guile’s are to out-turtle them. Learn to zone him out more. Throw J.Hado’s to bait them out. If they jump over a Jab Hadoken, you have a better chance of recovering from that Hadoken, where as, if you throw out Fierce Hadokens, you have almost no time to get out a DP if the Hadoken is jumped over. Guile also likes to bait people to jump from a jab Sonic to get a grab in the air. Guile’s Air Grab has crazy range and priority, so don’t jump as much as you can.

Actually, that’s not particularly bad Guile(s) you’re playing - except for those who use They just happen to be zoning you (somewhat) properly. If you’re crossing them up on wake up and you eat flashkick, you’re not crossing them up properly. I would know. I’m a Guile user and when people crossme up on wakeup properly, there’s nothing I can do but block and guess. You need to cross them up deep and RIGHT on their wake up. That way, when they Flash on wakeup, it will whiff and you can go in for the punish.

In addition to DPing in between the sweeps, you can even Ultra (sure, trade with the, or level 1 focus. But with lag being a factor, any of these solutions may be… unideal for online play. You being Ryu should be able to out fireball Guiles already. Just chuck em. Just not close otherwise you’ll get a face full of fist.

Stop jumping. Just block and walk forward.

Guile should be easy for Ryu. You know hes going to throw lots of sonic booms, but hadokens are faster. You can easily out fireball any charge character. So, if he wants to sit back and shoot, then sit back and shoot as well. You’ll win. Might take a while, but you’ll win.

You cannot punish guiles sweep with a sweep, but you can with a lvl 1 focus or a dp. Make sure you use the fierce dp. The light and medium can get counter hit if you do it too slow. lvl focus, then dash to pressure if you are worried about the timing in the dp.

Next, don’t jump against guile. He can flash kick you, c.hp, or air grab. Stay grounded, shove fireballs in his face, and try to bait some flash kicks. Guiles defense might be tough to crack, but Ryu has all the tools to wear him down, whereas, Guile has no offense that he can generate against Ryu. All Guile can really do against Ryu is zone, but Ryu can out zone him. Just work that on,

Don’t get used to throwing as your primary punish. Its a bad habit and doesn’t win games for you. If you bait anything that makes your opponent go flying into the air, make him pay. Don’t just sweep or throw, that is trash. Give him your hardest combo every time.

I would recommend not throwing after a baited flash kick. A simple BnB will net so much more in terms of both damage and stun. If you have ultra or super it can be a simple training mode moment where you get 40% damage. You have all damn day to waltz up to Guile while he is recovering from a whiffed flashkick.

Throw a million fireballs. I’m not even kidding.

I’d say two million, just to be sure :slight_smile:

-get in carefully and slowly if you have to…FA absorb some fireballs if needed…make them come to you sometimes. Do like you would against any projectile characters
-most guiles, decent or not, will try to hit you with ex sonic boom. So when they have meter, watch out/wait for them to throw it out, block it, and continue on getting in on him carefully. Only pro Guile players will know the right moment to throw EX sonic booms, but that is a different discussion altogether.
-from at least 4/5 screen away, you can match his non ex sonic booms with hadoken on reaction since you are ryu
-use safe jump pressure on their wakeup all of the time since they are so called ‘‘scrubs’’
-good players don’t throw out random c HK’s so you MUST punish a blocked or whiffed c HK
-reactions are crucial in this matchup…especially online because of the lag

As for his low roundhouse: it might well be the worst normal in the game. A lot of characters can ultra it on reaction. Take it training mode and learn how to punish it. That should be free damage for you.

With his sweep, you have time, if next to them, to run between the two kicks and throw. With Guiles like that it’s generally just a case of baiting. Which if you like to play aggressive is an epic test of patience and will grate on you. But then when it pays off and you beat them, you can sit back, smile and go “Well fuck aye, I’m awesome.”

You can FA in between hits of the sweep.