"How did you lose when the game was blocking for you?"

This is a message I send to people I beat who had been using the auto-block gems. Perhaps you would like to send the message as well. Perhaps you will receive the message.

Regards fighters,
Abe Rystwyth


You lose as soon as you’re playing SFxTekken.

Gracious winner, aren’t you? Seriously man, you won the match against the guy and there’s no need to gloat. So what if he used those gems? I don’t myself but some people are more casual than you. How the hell are they going to learn to play when some utter twat is sending hate mail?

I think there’s a misconception that autoblock triggers any time people get hit. It cannot trigger during attack animation.

This is better than my standard “you’re a fucking fraud” message to assist gem users. Might pick it up.

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Depends on context. If it’s someone B+ or higher using auto-block, they clearly take the game seriously enough to know they’re cheating and deserve to be hated on.

As for newer players, there are better ways to learn than to play with training wheels like an infant. There is not a single positive thing to be said about assist gems.

how is that cheating? it’s in the game and not a glitch. the gems are doing what it’s suppose too.

Shit talk is part of the game. What do you wanna do man? Red card for shit talking while playing?
" whistle Unsportsmanlike conduct! Red Card! No blocking in the next round. Play w/ honor!"

There is no debate about whether auto-block/tech bequeaths an unfair advantage to the user or not. It’s completely and utterly broken. The developers’ to date lack of action to remedy the situation doesn’t make it ok. As far as I, and, I’d wager, a large portion of the community are concerned, the use of assist gems by competitive players qualifies as abuse. In SF2, you couldn’t win with Akuma and claim your victory was deserved, regardless of the fact his existence was intentional. Same concept here.

Instead, make posts about how you hate the game. This is insta-win

Couldn’t have put it better, honestly. Those assist gems (especially the paid auto-gems) are broken, don’t help teach anything, and have quite frankly made online - at the very least ranked - a mess.

You should gain zero points for winning with auto-gems equipped. Hell, IMO you should lose points.

No there is a difference between 1/6 auto block gems promoting disrespect of your opponent and playing to being able to beat it. people would rather give up or talk shit about how cheap it is then actually try to fight against to see if your the better player in general.

I’m not defending the BS auto gems, i’m just saying it how it is…They have weaknesses too. from personal experience every 7 out of 10 players who used a auto gem did not respect me so high defensive play was a legit way in beating the gem. players who where overly defensive with it were sitting ducks just burning away their meter, either way I focus on baiting jabs for counter hit and go from there as I have 1 chance to do as much damage as possible.

one thing people forget is, it only blocks when they are able to block. it doesn’t magically stop their attack animation and forces a block. jabs can be alpha countered or moves with invulnerability can be mashed out, I even use frame traps against them if they are turtleling up to get them to press a button(and it works). Still with all that I still lose against the gem too, but it’s w/e I know it’ll get nerf in a patch down the line…wishful thinking I guess.

I love seeing likes under a anti SFxT post. It makes me chuckle…

It doesn’t make them angry until the message is filled with typos/misspellings.

Like when I lose/win in APB and I still get money anyways I message publicly:

“thx 4 da lonch mony chumps”


“we goin ta sizlers 2nite, all u can eat crableg”

I usually get the entire server’s attention after that.

Thank you OP; I will be using that line.

I never quite thought of it that way. When you look it like that, learning to beat those kind of players is actually good for you.

Then again, you can hold forward and advance on your opponent and still be able to block without halt, and you can’t mix them up no matter how good you are, so it’s not very rewarding:P Frame traps works though.

These are my biggest gripes with it. Yes, in general it will block only when they’re able to block… And when they’re just marching forward. Until recently it wasn’t a huge deal, but after playing a ton of auto-gem users who have the amazing ability to make my overheads, cross ups etc. pretty much null and void, it is extremely unrewarding. It can pretty much force you to a very narrow, predictable game plan.

A bunch of B+ ranked players seem to be using them if only to troll. :-/

Not to praise any of the auto gems but at least the original set had a severe enough penalty that relying on them was detrimental. These newer auto gems do nothing of the sort.!