How did you all choose a main?

I am currently lacking inspiration when it comes to the character select screen, it feels like I am in an ice cream store and the only flavor they have is vanilla. What I mean to say is I feel no strong inclination to any character and I was looking to hear some other user’s stories about how they choose their main.

For example do you play Ryu because he is the main protagonist?

Or did you play Akuma because he looked like a complete badass?

Or maybe you were given a main by the same friend who introduced you to street fighter saying, ‘T Hawk is a major character, all the cool kids are playing him.’

Either way it is time to don your reading classes poor a healthy glass of mulled wine as we all sit around the fire ears perked listening intently to your aged lips telling tales of your youth…

I played Bison in ST and Yang in 3s so I just stuck to them in IV I guess.

I spent a very long time seeking a character, I went through so many characters in super. I went through Ryu, Ken, Rose, Makoto, Ibuki, Juri, Cody, Chun and 1 or 2 more and I ended up seeing Sakura being played at an convention and I thought she looked fun, so I tried her out in training mode and it just clicked. Sakura is now my main with no intentions of dropping. I alt Makoto and Rose.

i look for the cheapest shit in the game

this man knows how it works.

  • To answer the OP.

Pick a character that fights how you want to fight.

I picked Zangief because I love punishing people when they do stupid shit, I also love getting hate messages from people who keep failing the Salty runback.

me when hearing about SF4: “sakura is going to be in Street Fighter 4 when it comes to console? Cool, I’ll play her then.”

Been that way ever since.

I’ve tried a few times to pick up other characters, but I end up just trying to play them like I play sakura, doing her combos and such, and it just doesn’t work, so I go back to sakura. I guess I’m incapable of having an alt.

I’m going with this for the next game. Sakura is fun, but I wanna try being a tier whore for a change. Sounds like even more fun.

I used Chun because I thought her Alt costume 2 was hot in a YouTube video.

Lol strangely, I didnt even like SF4. I just saw her costume and I was like OMG HOT and I bought the game just to see her in that outfit, then I discovered that her gameplay was really sick

I haven’t really had SSF4 very long, but I have gone through some motions. I tried my best to main Juri, but she didn’t suit my style of play. Much the same for T-Hawk and Cammy, I love them to death, but gameplay wise they are not my thing. Then I found a groove with Chun-Li and Cody. Chun-Li fits my style rather nicely and I find playing Cody so much fun. Certainly doesn’t hurt that Chun is a knock out and Cody is the dirtiest fighter I can imagine in an SF game, which I find amusing.

Tried playing Yang and Bison as well, since I played them in 3rd Strike/Vanilla but again, didn’t pan out for me.

I picked Chun for my main in SFIV because of how she played, not because I was sexually aroused by her.

looks around thread

walks out of thread, hanging head in shame

you are more likely to play the game winning with a character you like. No one likes to loose but hey, I always said the same thing. I hate loosing but Im not going to pick a character I hate. Eventually, when I get better, it will pay off. I mained Juri since super and jumped to cody but kept juri at bay. Now look at the changes to both my mains. It paid off. And I stuck with them because I liked them and they suited my play style. I have always liked to main tricky characters so that’s my style. Choose what you like. But remember, you can play all characters but you will only be REALLY good with your mains

I play Sakura because shes like a girl version of ryu. Real talk.

i hate every other character

I ended up with Ryu because my Dad always played him so when I started playing I was like I’ll play him! lol


I saw this before I ever played 3rd Strike or SF4. Eventually I messed around with 3rd Strike, and I loved Makoto. Having skipped SF4, I bought SSF4 because it had Makoto in it, and I was pretty terrible with her. Eventually I played so much with her that I came to know her pretty decently.

In 3rd Strike, after 10,000 matches of SSF4’s Makoto, I had to stick with her … even if I like AE Makoto better.

I usually choose characters based on how interesting I think their abilities are. (In SSF4, I play Juri mainly because of her unique fireball mechanic and Feng Shui Engine ultra.) Sometimes I also go by mobility options, usually choosing characters that have fast ‘burst’ movement (like dashes and such) even if their basic movement may not be good.

Took me like forever to find mine but i play arcade mode with everyone and whoever i liked i used in training mode. It came down to Chun Li and Cody. I pick Chun cuz of course she’s sexy and because I like her playstyle…I like her poking game too. I really dont like that she is a charge character though I must say.

Seth: Well the rest of the cast is boring as shit, and I play on PC therefore I won’t get Super SF4. Eh, I’ll just play Seth.
Cody: Awesome, now I can play AE! Cody looks cool, I’ve always liked his character design.

Exactly zero tier lists were looked at involving my decisions on my mains lol

I like Vega. I like being annoying and poking people to death.

Saw a guy playing Fuerte in Vanilla. He was annoying. Zipping around all over the place till he guessed wrong and got ultra’d by Gief.

I like Gief. So I picked him.

Fuerte looked like fun to get timeouts. Picked up fuerte.

Fuck tiers.

Come, friends. Let’s all join hands and sing kumbaya.

I couldn’t find anyone I clicked with until I played Cody. I don’t know what it is about him but he just makes sense when I play him.