How come Daigo doesn't play Guilty Gear, KoF 13 or Blazblue?

I remember him playing Guilty Gear X2 with Sol Badguy, but as soon as they removed his dust loop he stopped playing.

I thought “maybe he likes just the slower paced fighters”, but then I remembered him playing MvC3 not that long ago. He doesn’t even play Kof 13. Is he under contract with Mad Catz to not play non-Capcom games or something? I’ve heard of things going on like that with sponsorships. It’s strange because before being sponsored, he played all kinds of games; Now it’s strictly Capcom games.

As far as my understanding of it goes without reading anything into it Daigo likes the slower paced and footsie type games. It’s his bread and butter as far as him playing MVC3 he didn’t even play that for long.

but isn’t he playing umvc3 at evo this year? also what about kof 13? it’s very similar to sf4…kinda.

sure he can enter the tourney. my mom can enter the tourney. doesnt mean she actually plays the game either tho

Daigo is Hollywood now. That’s why he doesn’t even play ST anymore.

Daigo really fucking loves Street Fighter, from what I’ve seen.

what about UMEHARA GA?

seriously? wow I never thought I’d hear that. isn’t ST his FAVORITE game?

That shit was back at Midnight Carnival. He hasn’t touched the game since Reload, which was at least 7 years ago.

For those who don’t know what he’s talking about.

He played a lot of GGXX but was unable to reach the top. Perhaps the only game where he failed to do so.

Also, today he will play whatever his sponsorship dictates.

He likes slower games and is more of a fan of capcom.
He did play Guilty Gear for a while.
Apparently, he isn’t a fan of Tekken for some reason.

For all we know he could be playing XIII, GG all the time or maybe he plays casually here and there.
Maybe he feels he isn’t good enough in the game to say "Yeah, I can enter tourneys now and can keep up w/ the rest"
Whatever though, he plays what he wants, so who cares.
Ya got old clips of him playing GG and you got Poongko messing w/ KOF to hold folks over.

But, really what it boils down to is:
"Why aren’t YOU playing GG or KOF XIII?!?!?"

I found it odd how he never played Guilty Gear.

Almost as odd is as wondering… what if Zelda was a girl?

What does it matter if he doesn’t play “so-and-so” game. Can’t a guy play only the shizz he likes?

…should we care?


Why doesn’t Daigo play Mv…OH, WAIT

why would you assume he or any player would necessarily just play every fighting game that is out?

This post kinda bugs me. Poongko has been beasting at KoF for AGES and you make it sound like it’s his side game.