How can human beings be this stupid?

Anyone who doesn’t like rollback netcode has no idea about what they’re saying.

Most people have no idea how to optimize their connection. I bet if you asked people you play online about port forwarding they’ll be straight lost. Also don’t under sell visual perception of lag as being more memorable than smooth frames with input lag.

Well the majority thinks that the SF4 is decent and playable. If you fight against someone with a good connection, you can react to everything pretty easy.
Of course it could always be better, like TTT2 and SC5 netcode, but most of my matches in SF4 were playable. It’s on the same level like the SFxT netcode imo. In fact, I had more laggy matches in SFxT than in SF4 so far.

I was talking about this in the sfxt IRC chat when they were announcing Ultra during EVO. We all agreed that if USF4 is going to port anything from sfxt, it should be sfxt’s netcode.

Part of the reason I don’t play SF4 online that much anymore is that when I’m learning/practicing timings in training mode and try to hop online, everything I was working on becomes useless and I then have to try to adjust to the delay which is always different from match to match. It feels like the game is switching from turbo 3 to turbo 1, even with green bars.

IMO, sfxt’s netcode does a better job at persevering your button presses, and keeping any frame delay constant.

Both have their downsides. No amount of “good” netcode will save a terrible connection.

If you’re going to update SF4 again(and charge $ for it), you might as well update it’s 5 year old netcode.

I don’t like AE’s or SFxT’s netcode. The main reason i dont like sfxt’s netcode is because sometimes you can’t tell if you’re opponent dropped their combo or not. Sometimes the character will hit the ground but in actuality they’re still being comboed on and i don’t like that.

but what about the people who like SFxT’s netcode?

High latency =/= Bad netcode

The netcode is pretty awesome.

Spoiler: I live in Japan.

looks like not many people know what netcode means and are merely using it as a buzzword.

Bad internet? “omg netcode sucks gg capcom”

That’s proof the game doesn’t have a bad netcode as long as you have great latency to reach your opponent, you can only do so much to overcome lag when playing against someone with 100-150ms+ ping … !

The only negative experiences I have online here in Japan have been when I played people in the US or Europe. Locally, almost anywhere is fine here. In more than several hundred games I’ve only had one or two laggy local connections and while annoying, they weren’t unplayable.

i have that same question in my head every time i read something on this site.

It’s common sense not to fight someone half way across the world. If you play against someone in the same region as you then it should be fine. Even with the best netcode and internet in the world, fighting someone on the other side of the globe will always be laggy.

Both are shitty, offline is the way to go. How good you rank up online depends on your ability to adjust to the lag, the highest ranked players are those who know how to adapt to various conditions.

The biggest problem in my eyes is truly understanding what shitty internet is. I personally only went by download and upload speed. Both of mine were great. It is only recently that I also found out about ping, of which mine wasn’t so great. But I’m 26 years old and I just found out about this. Not everyone is internet savvy, actually it’s most likely the opposite. If everyone had awesome internet connections, SF4 would most likely have an awesome online to it.


Internet speed barely has anything to do with SF4 online quality, a 1 Mbps connection is MORE than enough for this game. Even a Million Gbps won’t do shit if the ping is high.

These are much more important:

  • You must have a low latency connection in the first place from your internet to your local servers in your region. e.g your ISP server. A satellite internet for example is completely useless for online gaming because of how long it takes for packets to travel.
  • Stability of the internet connection, lost packets or fluctuations in the time they’re sent/received will cause major lag
  • Latency (Ping) between you and your opponent must be low (preferably under 30ms for a sensitive game like SF), this is highly effected by the geographical distance between you two and the route the packets are taking between your ISPs.
  • Wired > wireless, it’ll simply be always more stable.
  • If you’re sharing the internet connection in your home network, you have to make sure that the other computers/devices aren’t using stuff such as downloading torrents/YouTube streaming…etc while you’re gaming online, because those can lead to lag spikes which are very nasty

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Everybody doesn’t have the best internet, and it doesn’t matter how good your connection is; if the opponent’s connection is crap, it’s gonna lag. With rollback, the problem is more noticeable. Characters skip frames like a PS1 port. They get hit one frame and block the next. There’s no real fix on where the opponent is on the screen. For most people, that’s more of a hindrance than button delay and hiccups.

I don’t see what’s stupid about a preference.

SFXT’s netcode used to be better at launch when it didn’t give a shit about sound IMO.