How are you passing the time until SFV comes out?

SF wise I’ve been playing USF4 and just practicing link combos, have always managed to play characters where I can get away with not needing to use them and just rely on shananigans, so back to basics, only playing Ryu and working on fundamentals and execution so I’ll be a better player when SFV lands =)

Also, catching up on WoW, gearing up for Heroic + raids to get the fancy mount. Teaching myself 3DS Max and looking out for new jobs.

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Ive been playing a lot of SF3. I cant stand SF4 anymore.

Here is one of my latest matches,


Your background is the same as my desktop wallpaper!

By trying to read through every GD lounge thread comments.

Catching up on animes: just started watching Ghost in the shell for the first time. @JokeeBoi I now know that avatar you have is the Laughing Man.

Being terrible at Xrd.

rule 34 Laura/Mika

Probably spending too much time at work browsing these forums.

My cousin and I are doing a farewell to SF4 over the course of this month, first to 20 sets, each set is made of of 5 wins, 3 rounds each. The winner will be crowned SF4 champion. We have been playing the game on and off since release and neither of has really incorporated focus attacks into the game so each evening I am practising combos and sets up that utilise this.

He will be unbearable swarmy git if he wins.

Playing alittle of usf4 and watching streams. The game can’t come soon enough lol.

Being disappointed in fallout 4

Messing around with Alex in 3S.
More sleep.

I’m playing Blade and Soul, actually pretty fun.

Trying to work on fundamentals and footsies in Ultra and absolutely hating it.

I have gotten a decent Sagat in the last month.

Xenoblade Chronicles X and cracked beta.

I’m taking banjo lessons.

Might try and run a MGS marathon, an finsh my uncharted marathon, play some more evolve (kala comes out next wendesday), and play some classic ps1/ps2 most likely. And maybe some more destiny.

Evolve is 10 bucks new at GameStop, how is the player base? Is it easy to find a match?

Working out. Gave up all booze until I get my six pack.
Graduating and worrying about real life shit.
Learning how to DJ.
Writing my action movie script.
Leveling up in XRD with Ram Chan.

Ehhhhh it depends. It’s still glitchy. And I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend a premade team if you go hunter. If going monster then solo all day. But like I said if you can’t stand the glitching/crashing then I don’t recommend evolve at all.

scratchin muh balls

Learning about history, the arts, and science. Perhaps you should all try to better yourselves god bless.

Should add Japanese.
MKX platinum was a piece of cake.