How are you passing the time until SFV comes out?

I’m going for the platinum trophy in USF4. I could have done this years ago but I’ve left it until the last month and now trying to grind it out. I’m also watching some anime and Narcos on Netflix with the girlfriend. Working out, browsing forums, looking for new artwork of SFV characters and watching SFV youtube videos and listening to some OSTs. Trying to take as much time off of work as possible.
How about you guys?

Platinum trophies in fighting games are retarded hard

Taking a dump

I’m here.

learning how to play footsies
also college

Learning Blazblue. And sucking at it.

[] Playing FFVII on PS4 and waiting on the remake.
] Continuing to work at my job, that I might have enough funds to buy all the shit I want.
[] Eating
] Going for a jog every now and then.
[*] Typing “Laura+R.Mika+ naked” into the google machine to see if cool shit pops up.


Cool things do pop up. :smiley:

I wish I could look at cool things at work.

Work. Hearthstone.

Trying to plot out this SRK league, only games I’m really playing now are this war of mine, Attila total war and MKX.

I freaking love Blazblue, though it’s VERY different from SF.

Playing Guilty Gear and a little bit of Killer Instinct

Making a gameplay mod for Age of Empires II: The African Kingdoms.

The corner pressure strings makes my head spin. Kokonoe and Ragna are very fun though.

Ive been playing a lot of SF3. I cant stand SF4 anymore.

Here is one of my latest matches,

I have a timer until game release I watch while I sit around eating ice cream and crying.

I am spending the month long run up to sf5 being ass at streetfighter.

I do not anticipate significantly changing my strategy when the game drops~

Other than that I’m writing a stupid paper on alcoholism, doing some music and teaching aww yee

GGXrd training mode, and playing Yun in 3rd Strike.

Man, 3S Yun is so fucking stupid. <3

Just one? That sounds like quite the dump.