How angry do you get with yourself when you lose?

“Show me a good and gracious loser, and I’ll give you a failure.”
– Knute Rockne

So how much do you want to win? How angry with yourself do you get when you lose? Any stories of sticks getting broken in a fit of rage?

Currently my arcade stick has a section where the front plate has dislodged slightly after a particularly hard bang following a loss.

What kind of player are you?

I don’t get mad enough to break something thats worth about 150$
But hey, Im not a fucking retard so to each their own

I usually don’t get too upset, mostly because I can reflect on the reasons why I lost.

i definitely get frustrated after a loss. especially when it was against someone i know i could have beaten. but i try to learn as much as i can from it regardless.

The loser by definition fails… whether he or she is gracious about it or not. What a stupid quote.

Anyway, there are time when I kick myself, but it usually doesn’t last long. Lasts long enough for a next match. However, most of the time I don’t get mad at all. Simply move on to the next thing.

I get frustrated with myself when I lose as a result of me playing poorly or unintelligently, such as rushing recklessly after someone who’s turtling or playing ‘keep away’, but it’s never anything more than a ’ oh fuck me… ’ or something

There has been so far one time I got pissed when I lost. When I was vsing someone’s dudley, who’s ONLY attack was fierce and nearly perfected me. Never happened again but yeah. Other then that the only time im pissed is if the match is laggy, but havent had that problem yet.

I am hard on myself even when i win. There are times when i play sloppy or my execution is off. And yeah, i’m very critical of myself. But i dont break anything. I think the worst i have ever gotten was slamming my fist down on the desk next to me. But that’s it. I would NEVER break my stick=x.

With you except fist to the floor. Never would break something that costed more than $50 bucks. Its the recession ya know!

I play the game angry.

Nuff said.->:[

I just hate losing but at the same time I can’t really say its that competitive if people turtle only to win and if its an offense type match there is no useful real counter that a overpowered move can’t break.

lolol not got that emotionally attached to the game lololol

quote for you: …

“Your best?.. Losers always whine about their best. The Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.” Sean Connery from the movie The Rock lolol

Yo the rock was epic.

The second I realize I’m getting angry over a video game is when I stop playing and start doing something else. Clears my mind, and the next time I go back to play and confront whatever it was that made me mad, I know what to expect and know how to counter it.

When I lose at this game, I usually don’t get all that angry, but I frequently throw controllers when I play other games and lose badly. I don’t use a controller when I play this game, though, so maybe that’s not a fair comparison. I think this game doesn’t bother me as much because not as much time is invested per game. A normal game of SF4 only lasts like a minute and a half.


If I lose because I’m completely off my game then I get frustrated, not enough to break a controller, but I’ll punch my couch if I play really dumb.

If I lose because of lag it does not bother me, I just kind of accept that playing online you are going to inevitably lose some matches because of lag.

If I lose because I was outplayed I send a gg message and figure out what I can do better to not lose next time.

I generally don’t mind losing at all. Even moreso when it’s to a character I don’t fight often. But I hate losing to flowchart Kens and Juris and other scrubby players that I know I should have beaten.

Depends on the loss

Eh. My mood swings.

Sometimes I talk to myself out loud.
“Teching’s not working. TECHING’S not working. TECHING IS NOT WORKING!”

Sometimes I am calm and cool.
breathe, look down at floor, look up and keep trying

Sometimes I curse up a storm.
“It’s not… It’s not ******* working! Bull****! ******** **** is that?!? ****!”

Sometimes it’s being understanding and a good sport.
“He/she was just the better player! Nice playing!”

Sometimes a controller breaks.
I know you never get angry enough to break your stuff, jwillenn. Madcatz made me crazy, baby. I know you’re frustrated with the loss, so allow me to get a little angry and break myself!
Yeah, I was fortunate to get an exchange at Gamestop this week…

*Rarely ever. It’s usually taking mental notes on what I lost too and the slightly different things I could have done differently. The maddest I get is when my execution is just having one of those “lol you fail” days where even the simplest bnb isn’t coming out properly and even then I don’t get that mad. I end up saying “fuck it, to hell with this game” and go do something else. *