How angry do you get with yourself when you lose?

I dont get to angry but I guess I start saying profane things but I dont scream them anymore, not since I was a kid but now it is like a toned whisper, but my friend was playing and he lost and he has punched so many holes in his walls and even broke his couch, controllers, tables, everything, one time, he was at my house and punched a hole in MY wall, he then ran from me and drove away, he denied ever doing it even though I saw him do it, but he eventually paid me like $100 for it. But still, what a bitch.

I have real anger management issues:

Impartial. I’m very competitive but I don’t understand all this bitchy getting angry shit is about.

It depends on how I lost. If there is a really good dudes who just mops the floor with me, then that’s alright; if I lose because I was doing stupid stuff or can’t react to things I KNOW are coming(hi throws), then I get really really irritated.

The only times I get mad at myself is when I lose and its not really my fault (lag, relaxed inputs, etc.) or if I know I can do better.

I get angry depending on who I play
If it’s someone who is obviously a way better player than me then I don’t mind it, just try to learn from them

If they are terrible and I lost to them, I’ll get really frustrated and curse out loud, and throw my controller at the couch. That’s the worst thing I’ve done, nothing broken yet though.

^ This. Oh sweet ninja zombie Jesus, THIS.

You know I think like you sometimes. Then I try to remind myself, if they were so ‘terrible’… why did I lose? Taking lag out of the picture, since a laggy loss is nothing. If I knew I lost due to my own mistakes to a player I found ‘lacking’… what does that make me? Who am I really mad at? How is he ‘terrible’, when what he did… the choices he made… ‘random’ as they were, were the precise choices necessary to hit me. That ‘random’ jump back HK, was the exact counter needed to smack me. That out of nowhere sweep, if it hit me, meant I wasn’t blocking low. It was exactly what was needed, to hit me.

So in the end, who is terrible? Who is on the ground and who is standing? How can I be mad? Why am I so angry? Why am I so steamed?

I try to tell myself this.

Doesn’t always work. But it’s the truth~ sometimes, we need to look at our own qualities, before labeling the performance of those that defeat us as ‘terrible’.

It also depends on who I’m fighting, if I lose to someone that is genuinly good I don’t mind. I normally watch the replay and see what I could of done better and crack on with the next one. If I lose to some Ken that flukes out mashing his sweep and srk’s cos I’m being dumb as fuck then that frustrates me. I mainly get angry when that happens a few times. I do cheer myself up watching replays with said mashers inputs on, that normally works!

I’m a really sore loser. If i lose a game generally i have to take a break for atleast a few minutes.

I tend to make mental notes of what I screwed up on, generally follow up with watching a replay to go “Aha! So that’s where I’m fucking up. Got it.”

Other than that. Nah. I think I only get annoyed when doing trials and for some reason that’s helped :lol:
“Dammit Vega, I can do this, I do this damned thing in an actual fight how hard is it to add a light punch to yo-does it Ah, better, well done my little narcissist” (Yes, I talk to the character XD often with a “And I hate you too. laughs” when I input for something and it doesn’t come out.)

When I lose to a really bad player, which happens occasionally, I just get angry and want to slap someone’s momma.

After I’ve lost, I think about how I’ve lost and try to learn from my mistakes. That’s all I can do. I lose to extremely horrible players at times in Ranked Matches but I won’t go into detail because I’m just ashamed of myself.

It’s weird how playing against a scrub is completely different from playing against someone who actually knows how to play the game. It’s not my fault that I fall for scrub tactics like random Shoryuken’s and wake-up Ultra Combos. I’m just not used to it. Who does that shit, lol. It catches me off-guard, so call me a bad player all you want. The thing is, if I actually get used to beating scrubs online and then I play against real people, it messes me up. If only there was a “rematch” option in ranked…

Playing with real people (a.k.a. friends) always makes me feel a lot better though.

SSF4 is not hyper fighting. You are going to lose to players of lesser skill all the time. You are also going to win matches against players better than you.

Yes, the truth hurts. If I get beat by someone I know was way better then me I dont get mad even if I get completely steam rolled, if it happens say 2 or 3 times in a row I still don’t get mad, just depressed and pull a face palm. I do go apeshit if I lose to a lesser player or lose my composure and fuck up, I had a match last night where I made a comeback and had the guy stunned in the corner, all I had to do was land my Ultra to win it. Easy right ?, but instead of hitting him with Climax Beat I ended doing jumping fierce over him and cornering myself for him when he came out of dizzy, great :shake:.

I try to tell myself “online doesn’t count” or blame it on the lag, it might have been that or maybe I got too excited and didn’t charge enough, its times like that I wonder “should I go back into training mode ?” or “Fuck this I’m gonna go back to Final Fantasy 13” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, the rage.

I only get mad when i´m playing udnerwater connections and the dude is jumping like a crazy bunny around.

Who do you main ?, do they have a decent anti Air ?, if he’s jumping around like a mad man in slow mo you should be able to AA the beJesus out of him.

Without fail it has always been the case that the angrier I get, the worse I play, and it becomes a vicious spiral. If I start getting in a fit I know it’s time for a break.

i could care less if i lose. in fact i prefer losing. if im winning %100 of the time, then that just means im not learning anything new. hell i might as well play versus mode alone with player two absent. ill get the same result…

I main Bison it isn´t hard to punish him but it gets anoying when the match is in matrix mode and it takes for ever to end.

Ah yea, grinding out a laggy win = not fun